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    What is in the Spirit realm!!!!

    in Spirituality

    This show Kepha will be joined by Prophet Lance Green of Thomasville, North Carolina and they will be talking abou the simple voice of the spirit that controls us everyday of the week. The things we do have to have a reason behind it Kepha will be in his nomal hit it where it hurts attitude and bringing reality to the forefront HalleluYah!!!!!

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    Goddess of Liberty and Micah Angel of Unity and Oneness

    in Spirituality

    Goddess of Liberty and Micah Angel of Unity and Oneness lead us through a meditiation of the Heart and resonate on the Oneness above and below of the Heart and the Causal Body of lIght and how to effectively work through issues in life while being in the Onness of the light above and below.
    We will spend durations of sacred space raising each other to higher dimensions of Being through resonation heart to heart. Have you traversed the fields of love that empower you to the illumination within? Have you set your course for the stars and come to realize that you're the ultimate destiny? Do you find that there is a unique aspect of you, that you long to share? Have you always been a mystic at heart? Then come and share the hearth fires of the heart where God rises as the flaming phoenix within all as One.

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    Website: hiddengospel.com
    In these latter-days of preparation for the coming Day of Judgment and Salvation, we are witnessing an escalating frequency of catastophic events intent to compel the hearts of men to question WHY!  YAH is NOT PLEASED!    These be the days of preparation wherein YAH is bringing to fruition a people who will in PURE PERFECT HOLINESS must be delivered consecrated WHOLLY unto HIMSELF!   Yet HIS PEOPLE are prevented against ONENESS amidst MANY OBSTACLES, the ABUNDANCE of their DIVERSE RULERS among NATIONS wherein they are deceivedly scattered.  The SPIRIT of YAH is ONE to make the PEOPLE ONE!   Yet led to doubtfual ndecisivenesss midst this  CARNALLY conflicted MULTITUDE, it is as if they had NO SHEPHERD!   They do not discern that being MISLED by the FLESH, they are FALLEN from the COMMON ABSOLUTION of a COVENANT, CONFUSED and FALLEN from FAITH! (Hosea 11:5-6) (Isaiah 42:22-43:6) (Romans 8)
    What is the real difference between walking CARNALLY after the FLESH and abiding FAITHFULLY in the SPIRIT?   Carnal mind is not sensitive unto what must become the spiritual onness of a holy people! (Jeremiah 31:33 .. 1Cor.3:3-4) ) The time is come to take a close look at what it means to REVIVE what must become the COMMON TRIBAL INSTINCTS of the SONS and the DAUGHTERS of ISRAEL!   It is time to RESTORE the COMMON SPIRITUAL ATUNEMENT that the CHILDREN of ISRAEL once discerned they must collectively walk in to a level unprecedented in all of history unto the GLORY of the ONE YAH! (Zephaniah 3:13, Revelation 14, Isaiah 40:27-43:17, 49:1-52:7).
    The PEOPLE of the MOST HOLY will be CALLED, BID unto HIM by the BECKONING SHOUT of a SUMMONING MESSAGE, WHO beyond CONFUSION will DISCERN the TRUMPET in its TIME! (Micah 6:9)