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    THE CREATIVE ME - With Cheryl & Craig

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    The Creative Me With: Cheryl and Craig


    We will explore the possibilities together, what, where, how, why and when. Really things are limitless if we let them be, don't let the weight of your injury keep you for flying high living your dreams.


    Hoping To have 2 special guest


    Scott from from the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs who will be joining us talking about his new upcoming veterans show.


    Brandon a creative soul out of Portland who will hopefully be joining this show in future episodes sharing his creative juices with the hope spreading hope and inspiration


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  • 5 YEARS OF BRAIN INJURY RADIO - WOW - join in the party

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    It’s my birthday and I can talk if I want to, Can you believe it 5 years over 1500 live shows, and over 1500 on-demand episodes.  Hosted by over 100 hosts with brain injury with thousands of guests and professionals serving those with brain injury.  On just about every topic you can imagine.  As incredible as this all is we continue to lead the information highway with cutting edge programs all about brain injury and disability.  

    As we continue providing important live support, combined with informational resources we know the most important thing we offer is there is someone you can listen to, talk to, and share with every day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.  Our message is you are not alone, and together we can change our world to a better more inclusive place for all those living with a brain injury and other disabilities.  As well as entertain you in a way no one else can, every day.

    We want to thank you our over 200,000 listenership for your support for your participation in what is the world’s largest support group, and allowing us into your lives, into your homes.  Together we can find hope today.


  • Having The Ultimate Support System

    in Relationships

    Join us as we welcome Tina and Roy Greer to our show to discuss the importance of having a strong support system.  Roy and Tina are the parents of 2 beautiful daughters, ages 17 and 20.  Tina has had her own business, Greer Business Solutions, for the past 7 years.  Together they have learned how to master work-life balance.  After 22 years of marriage, Tina and Roy know what it means to love unconditionally, trust one another and support each other in ways that have elevated them both personally and professionally. It is the foundation their family is built on. You don't want to miss this candid conversation with the Greers!

  • Are you an Angel or a Ninja? Find out more from Online Coach Support Founder

    in Self Help

    Colleen Roberts is owner of two websites – onlinecoachsupport.com and colleenscoachingcorner.com.  She is passionate about promoting and supporting other life, biz and wellness coaches that may feel overwhelmed with all the different tech and marketing aspects of running a business by providing a safe place that they can share and learn with likeminded people.  She provides training sessions and soon to be hosting busy bee workshops to ensure the practical steps get done.  She also provides a teleseminar training platform – using Instant Teleseminar that members can use for free.  They can gain confidence with a resource without having to pay for another service they may not be quite ready for.  Training and co piloting is also provided if required.  She is also a Certified Life Coach and currently studying marketing, soon to be a Content Marketing Strategist.  Colleen lives in Perth Western Australia, also works full time, mother of five children and one grandchild.


    Colleen is putting together her new course specifically for members – The Honeycomb Effect.  She loves the analogy of the honeybees.

    For more information you can visit: http://www.onlinecoachsupport.com/



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    We All Need Support And Drive!

    in Entertainment

    Support and drive are important. Some things my sisters knows about. My oldest sister is so passionate and proud of what I do; that sometimes she forgets of certain plans. I discuss of this, as well as my YouTube channel, in between songs today.

    It's Dancing Monday yet again, everyone. Romantic songs are mixed in with some swing and sass. Are you ready for this? Put on your dancing shoes, grab a water bottle, and get your boogie on. It's partying time!

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    Money: Make Money Online Pt. 3

    in Entrepreneur

    Many people are living a comfortable life of their dreams by making money online.

    There are many ways to make money online to supplement your income.  Whether you work partime, fulltime, or as an entrepreneur or small business. Making money online is one of the best ways to get started in business with zero start-up cost and zero overhead. 

    When starting, the only thing needed to get you on your way is your personal computer and the desire to make money online using your gifts & talents, following your dream or passion, or simply sharing your information. 

    On todays show...we will discuss the different ways of making money online...so tune in to learn how. 

    Call In: (929) 477-1390, Subscribe or Comment.

    Connect with me on: 

    YouTube: TheTVShow4U, Twitter: TheTVShow4U

    FB: Chellerina Thaxton, LinkIn: Chellerina Thaxton 

    Website: www.TheTVShow4U.com, Philagrants.org

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    FUNDS FOR LEARNING presents iNACOL's Allison Powell, VP of New learning Models. Blended Learning is where it's at. Learn about this wonderful event.


    in Christianity

    Come and Join Brethren in Christ as They Gather Together in Jesus Blessed Name,Led by The Holy Spirit of God around the Word of God to Worship God The Father In Spirit and in Truth!!! You Are Invited To Join The Broadcast Sunday Evening from 5:00pmEST------7:00pmEST---Join Us For Prayers , Praise and Worship Hymns & Music, A Time of Testimony,and a Preaching Service Where Jesus Christ Is Magnified & Exalted and Declared Crucified,Risen,and Coming Again!!!  In These Last Days and End Times, Come and Hear a Biblical Sermon Message Extending the Gospel of the Kingdom to the Lost and Backslidden!!!  You Are Joyfully Invited to Tune In and Listen & Participate in an Online Church Service!!!

  • Where is the Support for the Plus Size Designers?

    in Entertainment

    Where would Designers be without models to showcase their designs? More importantly, where would models be without Designers? In this industry there is a huge lack of support for one another. Tonight we are going to focus on the Desingers becasue they are the ones that make us look GOOD; in fashions shows, in our photos, at parties, etc. So I ask, where is the support for our designers? Before you go shopping at Macy's and spend your money on the "established" brands; contact your favorite independent designer and support them. Let's Talk About It. 


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