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    Tonight's broadcast is live on blog talk radio.com as well as simulcasting live on Mixlr.com; the chat room for tonight's broadcast is always will be the Mixlr chat room.

    The rules of this broadcaster simple:

    No personal attacks, threats or hate speech will be tolerated in the chat room at any time, if you commit to these acts you will be blocked in the chat room and your chat deleted.

    And if you commit to these acts while on the phone lines you will be removed; bare in mind no blocked numbers, no unknown Skype names and no banned phone numbers will be taken.

    FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ is a production of is a production of FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Productions; any rebroadcast and/or transcript in whole or in part without the express written permission of FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ productions and it's owner George Sinzer is expressly forbidden ©2015 all rights reserved.

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    Hi everyone,

    Please join me, Jorianne The Coffee Psychic , Trance Channeler and Psychic Medium , tonight... at www.blogTalkRadio.com/JorianneTheCoffeePsychic streamed  live Wednesday October 7th, 2015 at 8:00 PM  CST

    NEW STARTING IN JUNE... Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month I am doing ONE FREE QUESTION for each caller who calls in. Please keep in mind the phone lines fill up quickly so in order to be courteous to each caller, please ask your question clearly and once. I will answer each question by using my famous method of coffee reading by pouring the cream in the coffee for each person, and please remember that I have many other callers who also have a burning question , so I have to limit each caller to 3-4 minute intervals.

    If you like me as a reader and you'd like a more in depth reading,  call me at

    1-219-940-9292 to book your personal session!   

    Feel free to call in tonight to the show with any questions or stories at 1-347-633-9404

    Remember ,call 1-219-940-9292 to schedule your next appointment  with Jorianne The Coffee Psychic or check me out at www.CoffeePsychic.com

    And remember... GET A FREE READING by hosting your very own PSYCHIC HOUSE PARTY!






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    Ivory LaNoue, known as Ivory Angelic, is a medium, intuitive, spiritual counselor, and healer. She is based in Sedona, Arizona. Her clients come to see her from all over the world. Ivory has been a professional psychic for over 20 years, and mentored with Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium, for mediumship. What sets Ivory apart is her exceptional bond with angelic guides and spirit. They are around her during every reading she does. When you call in to her show, spirit emphasizes the importance of a message Ivory gives you by surrounding her with high energy. Angelic guides will even answer questions using a highly accurate system of communication Ivory has devised with them over the years. Ivory is a Gigong energy healer, and also offers tapping and sound healing. She has been healing people around the globe for 17 years with astonishing results. 

    Ivory started a spiritual circle in Prescott, Arizona. The focus of this group was energy healing, with classes on other metaphysical topics. When she moved to the Phoenix area, she eventually began another circle in Cave Creek, Arizona. This group did energy healing on each other, visitors, distance healing, and Earth healing. She understood how important it is for lightworkers to support each other at this time.

    The topic this week will be Angelic Guides. How they are around us all the time, communicating with us in an attempt to avoid danger, and have a more harmonious life. People can call in to ask a specific question, including yes/no, which will be answered by their Angelic guides.



    Email: ivoryangelic@outlook.com


    Phone: 928-202-3328


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    The psychic Tena Marie show

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    Psychic Tena Marie is Today's Psychic for Today's World and Florida’s Number One Psychic & Medium.  Tena broadcast from the panhandle of the Emerald Coast.  Surrounding towns include Cross City,Gainesville, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, Panama City, Niceville and the area military bases including Pensacola NAS, Eglin AFB and Hurburt Air Field.

    Psychic Tena Marie is a gifted Psychic and Psychic Medium broadcasting on Blog Talk Radio to give back to those in need for a psychic reading and also so give an example of her work.  Tune in or call in to listen for free psychic readings.

    Tena is internationally recognized for both her Psychic & Paranormal abilities. Tena has volunteered countless hours by assisting the law enforcement, the community and many others who requested her skills. 

    Tena Marie has accurate psychic reading over the phone so visit her website to view psychic reading specials.  Reach her on her website www.misstena.com

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    Adrianna's Psychic Sampler

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    We are  all psychic we are all connected, it is our right as sentient beings to connect with each other and spirit. Adrianna will be discussing various ways to communicate with the other side, guides and angels.She will also be answering one question from lucky callers. Listeners will learn how to properly use a pendulum, crystal ball, oracle cards etc.

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  • Free Psychic Readings Sundays with Lennis & Ms. Nina @3-4pm PST, 646-727-2914

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    Psychic Readings Sunday at 3-4:30pm PST, on Blogtalkradio.com/Lennis
    Phone # - 646-727-2914. One question per caller.
    Hosts: Lennis & Ms. Nina Chat room is open, Thank you!

    Welcome everyone to the show, from all around the world, on the phone, or in the chat room.  We are so glad that you are joining me and  Ms. Nina today.  Lennis is a 40yr Psychic, Tarot Read, Angel, Past Life reader.  She also connects with love ones that passed on.  Ms. Nina is a Rekki Master,  Teacher, and Psychic and about 50 other things, lol lol

    If you desire a more in depth reading from Lennis or Ms. NIna, they can be reach on Facebook at "The Essence of Success Network".  or website:  www.theessenceofsuccess.com   Website readings are Monday - Friday 11am to 7pm PST.

    Beginning of every show is annoucement and prayers, then we begin our readings.  If you would like something announced on the show, Wedding, Anniverary, Graduation, Birth send us note on Facebook message.  We will announce it on the following Sunday show.

    Thank you for supporting us and the show.

  • Spirit Chat with Laura DiPrete and Donna DiPietro - Less chat more readings!

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    Please join us for a night of free readings! Less talk and more readings with Laura and Donna!

    If you are looking for messages from loved ones who have crossed over please call us! Psychic mediums  Donna DiPietro and Laura DiPrete are here to help. 

    Donna documents her psychic studies on her blog at: www.psychicstudy.blogspot.com. She can be reached at:  donnagroverdipietro@gmail.com.

    Laura can be reached at: lauradiprete@gmail.com or facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/laura.diprete.5 

    Music by Wayde Brown and bands:Crime Scene  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/crimescene 
    Rice Cracker Project: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ricecrackerproject 
    The Santairs https://thesantairs.bandcamp.com/

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    Welcome to “SPIRIT MEDIUM LAURA MEDIUMSHIP & MESSAGES!” Focus on Mediumship (otherside connections) for 1st 30 minutes. Mix of healing, mediumship, messages after that.   GET READINGS:  Call (347) 945-5849.

    Website for this show is http://SpiritMediumTV.com.  There you can:

    WIN a PRIVATE PSYCHIC SESSION.  Join mailing list there.

    RECENT TESTIMONIAL:  Eileen Jason, Mediumship, “I had a great reading with Laura! The only bad thing I can say about the reading is that it was not long enough :-). Laura is very gifted and compassionate!”

    PREPARE for READINGS:  Uncross arms & legs. Breathe deeply from abdominal area. Now ask your loved ones to come in or for spirit to answer your question for highest good of all in highest love and light. 

    ABOUT: Spirit Medium Laura provides EXCEPTIONAL, EVIDENTIAL & ETHICAL MENDING WITH MEDIUMSHIP, MESSAGES, MANIFESTING, MENTORING & MEDICAL INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE. Channeling Spirit 30+ Years, Research Medium "AfterLifeData," Featured "100 Top Psychics," Author, Host

    Spirit Medium Laura

    tags: spiritual healer, psychic medium readings; mediumship readings, channeling and mediumship; clairvoyant readings; law of attraction expert; psychic readings on blogtalkradio;

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    Ascension Soul Wisdom W/Rev. James Ellis _ Free Readings Monday

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    Welcome to Ascension Soul Wisdom - We all know things cannot stay the way they are. We need to step up and become world changers. I am here to help. I have done readings for many many years. Call in early to get a free reading.





    Disclosure Policy:

    This is done for entertainment purposes,

    It is very important that you do not live your life from a reading or channeling .

     A reading or channeling  is to assist you to determine choices, that you feel are in your best and highest interest.

    I have the right to provide a service to a client or not.  

    No psychic is 100%  accurate- I have a high accuracy rate, but only God is perfect.

    I am not a doctor and you should never cease medical treatment except if you are medically released . 

    I do not diagnose illness. I do I do not claim to cure illness.

    All psychic work offered on this website falls under this disclosure policy and is for entertainment purposes only. Obtaining services I offer releases me from all responsibilities from the choices you make based on your readings, healings, and channelings.

    All  clients  must be 18 years of age or over. By calling in it is deemed that you verify you are 18 years of age or older. 

    If you do not understand and need clarification on any of the disclosure policy, you may submit your requests in writing.  

    Be Love Always

    Rev James 

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    Make Money: Ways to Make Money Online Pt. 2

    in Entrepreneur

    Many people are living a comfortable life of their dreams by making money online.

    There are many ways to make money online to supplement your income.  Whether you work partime, fulltime, or as an entrepreneur or small business. Making money online is one of the best ways to get started in business with zero start-up cost and zero overhead. 

    When starting, the only thing needed to get you on your way is your personal computer and the desire to make money online using your gifts & talents, following your dream or passion, or simply sharing your information. 

    On todays show...we will discuss the different ways of making money online...so tune in to learn how. 

    Call In: (929) 477-1390

    Connect with me on: 

    Websites: Philagrants.org, www.TheTVShow4U.com

    FB: Chellerina Thaxton

    LinkIn: Chellerina Thaxton