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    One on One with A. L. Cooper featuring Author Tabitha Matthews

    in Entertainment

    Born the fourth of five children Tabitha Matthews has been there done that and wrote a book
    about it. Raised in the fear and reverence of God this young woman strayed and experienced
    life in the fast lane. After being a wayward teen and misguided youth she gave her life to Christ
    in 1998. Her life’s experiences have afforded her the opportunity to minster to women of all
    walks of life. She has overcome many obstacles, which have allowed her experiences to
    enhance her ministry. With compassion, courage, and commitment she shares with women
    biblical fundamentals and personal examples to be successful in life by reminding women who
    and whose they are.

    Educated by life she is a professional woman that holds good stewardship sacred. This woman
    of God sees mentorship and example as two of the ways God is going to deliver young women
    from today's plague that is among them. God has placed a special anointing on her life to care
    for hurting people and minister to their need. This humble servant has faced rejection by being
    told "You won't make it", "You're not good enough", only to grow stronger in her faith in God.
    She has proved him for results. Her phrase for life is..."Tinogona" Shona (African) for "It is
    Achievable"! Author, Visionary, Mother, Wife and humble servant Tabitha believes that there is
    nothing that is impossible. She teaches determination and faith while she imparts a "Never
    Quit" attitude among all who meet her.

    To learn more about Tabitha Matthews visit:

    Web Address: www.tabithamatthews.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoletoPulpit

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    One on One with A. L. Cooper featuring Keith Andrew Host of Uncensored

    in Current Events

    I amd Keith Andrew the creator of Uncensored and KeithAndrewNetWork. I wanted to do something that would get people talking and came up with my idea of creating my own Talk Show in title Uncensored. For the longest time I had been using my learning disable to hurt myself and let it hold me back however this past year I wanted to try something a little different and I created this talk show platform and knock on wood everything is going really well.The whole point is to show  people that even with having a learning disable I can still amount to something and at the same time turn myself into an example for people who are deaf, blind, or in a wheel chair.  I want to to see how they should never give up, label themselves and prove people wrong. I want them to always reach for there dreams no matter what!!!

    For more information about my show, visit www.keithandrewnetwork.com

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    One on One with A. L. Cooper: special guest Oliver "Coach Credit" Adams

    in Current Events

    Oliver Adams is CEO of www.BuyersCreditCoach.com a virtual coaching system which helps people take direct action to restore and fix their credit report. Operating in an on line environment, the "Credit Coaching System" contains instructions, resources and step by step actions required to address issues. Widely known as "Coach Credit" I help people fix their credit, to better Lifestyles, generate Wealth and encourage Home Ownership. For more information about Oliver "Coach Credit" Admas visit twitter: @coachcredit  facebook: www.facebook.com/coachcredit  www.Coach-Credit.info for Public www.BuyersCreditCoach.com for Business Owners


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    One on One with A. L. Cooper featuring Nicole Steele Founder of DITR

    in Women

    Mentor, mother, motivator, and messenger of hope to girls of all ages, Nicole Steele is the founder and Executive Director of Diamond In The Rough Youth Development Program, Inc., an award-winning, faith-based, non-profit mentoring and leadership program for girls.  She is also the President of Gem Makers LLC, which provides program development, business consulting, workshop training and resources to parents and youth workers.

    As a visionary, facilitator, speaker, life-coach, and youth advocate, Steele has committed her life to empowering girls around the world emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, physically and financially. She has published works and been featured in various magazines and newspapers and has made numerous appearances on television and radio programs.  She was featured in the 2012 People You Need To Know Magazine and received the 2012 Superstar Business Award for Mentoring and Girls Empowerment.

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    One on One with A L Cooper: Showcase Group, a nonprofit dedicated at-risk youth

    in Current Events

    Showcase Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk youth, announces the first annual Showcase Awards fundraising event Sunday, November 2, 2014 at the Georgia State University Ballroom, 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Open to the public for $25 per ticket, the event will recognize ten recipients across five categories: Prevention, Community Engagement, Inspiration, Facing Our Future and Self-Actualization. The event will seek to raise donations to fund a future group home slated to open next year.

    "We are pleased to take a moment to honor these men and women who have demonstrated their support for at-risk youth in key areas that align with the mission of Showcase Group," said John Kennebrew, Showcase Group Executive Director and Mental Health Lead at the Center for Children and Young Adults. "Their efforts and examples have improved the lives of many youths struggling through disadvantageous family situations, abuse and often incarceration," said Kennebrew.

    Honorees in the five categories include Dar'shun Kendrick, Georgia State Representative, Vince Thompson, CEO, MELT Marketing, Louis Negron of the United Way of Greater Atlanta, motivational speaker Les Brown and 6 other local and national leaders who have contributed to elevating the futures of at-risk youth. One outstanding high school senior from Tri-Cities High School and one from Tucker High School will also be honored.

    The Showcase Awards will feature a reception, awards ceremony and musical and dramatic performances. For information, list of honorees, and tickets, visit https://showcaseawards.eventbrite.com. Complimentary media passes available.

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    One on One w|Omx:IC Ladder Match Interview Pt 1:BtZ

    in Entertainment

    Btz joins omx in a one on one EXCLUSIVE

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    One on One with A L Cooper: Special Guest Author Shondrae' Knight

    in Current Events

    Shondrae' Knight is a   dynamic woman, in her own way. Ms. Knight holds a Bachelor of Art in English, and she is an incredible writer and orator.  Shondrae’ was the past President of the Legacy Owls Toastmasters, located in Kennesaw, Georgia, for the 2011-2012 year. Unbeknownst to her, Shondrae’ was nominated for the Presidents’ position and she had only been a member for one month. She was runner up for CNN's Confident Speaker Competition and she was the recipient of the Confident Communicator Award in 2011. She is the owner of the Non-Profit organization; "Don't Forget About Me, Inc." an organization focusing on mentoring and literacy.  She volunteered with the “Atlanta Women’s Shelter” in Atlanta, Georgia.  Among all this talent that Ms. Knight possesses, she has over ten years of experience in property management.

    In February 2013, Shondrae’ decided to take her career to the next level and utilize her talent in public speaking, training and consulting.  She began to get involved in more public speaking organizations, and events. She also began to write and speak about business etiquette and the lack thereof in the corporate world.  In her spare time, Shondrae’ works on new ideas and concepts for her Non-Profit Organization and she mentors a group of young girls.  Shondrae’ enjoys reading, writing, and researching and she is writing a book titled “Mean Girls-Mean Women; You Are Just Too Old For That!” She is constantly searching for new endeavors and or challenges to fulfill her love of people and offer her experience and expertise for the current and the next generation to come.

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    One on One with A. L. Cooper featuring Marc Hyden National Advocacy Coordinator

    in Politics Conservative

    Marc Hyden is the National Advocacy Coordinator with Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty, a Project of EJUSA. He comes most recently from the National Rifle Association (NRA) where he served as a Campaign Field Representative in the State of Florida. Prior to his service with the NRA, he was the Campaign Manager of a Republican Congressional race in Western North Carolina. Marc has additionally served as the Legislative Liaison/Public Affairs Specialist with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security and as the Legislative Aide to the Georgia Senate President Pro Tempore.

    Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty is on…

    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CCATDP

    Twitter @CCATDP

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    One On One Hip Hop Interview With Scratchylus

    in Hip Hop Music

    One On One Hip Hop Interview With Scratchylus hosted by LilDee@Rapmonster


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    One on One with A. L. Cooper: Special Guest Hip Hop Artist Nateski225

    in Current Events

    Rapping the jams from New York to Los Angeles, Nateski currently pumps them
    out of Fontana, CA. Nateski born and raised in New York City, is a serious rapper, lyricist, and write that writes lyrics that bares a deep message within them. Nateski is bent on educating the youth with lyrics that teaches real life experiences, that the youth may be confronted with.Nateski uses his lyrics to prepare the way to for the youth to prepare them for the real world. Although Nateski is a serious rapper his music still has a grove that makes the body move. With extensive stage experience he has establish a solid reputation coast to coast. In the past this “Hip Hop Teacher” has performed at prestigious locations such as the Palace in Hollywood and the Shrine Auditorium; and to add to that he’s performed at Hollywood’s hottest clubs such as Danceteria, Hollywood Live and Club Spice. On October 10, 2010 Nateski was invited to appear on "Wings Of Healing” “KCWG 103.7 The Truth". A Saturday show, that comes on over internet radio, to discuss his new debut “Jesus is the Answer “. From the moment the beat is played the crowed knew that “Nateski is in the house”. This accomplished lyricist has the rare ability to finely dice a rap phrase into a thousand funky fragments. His grooves excites a crowd of young “Hip Hoppers” to “mature thirty something party-goers”. His music keeps them all bobbing their heads. Nateski makes it seem almost easy. His beats are easy on the ear, easy to like, easy to move to, easy to understand – but not easy to match. The music of Nateski has a message of life, fueled with hope and driven by love and pounded into a fierce beat.

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