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    Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements 380.503(a)&(b)&(d)

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    Our last show talked about 380.503(c) Driver Wellness.  In this show we will be discussing Driver Qualifications Requirements, Hours of Service, and Wistleblower Protection as they pertain to entry-level driver driver training requirements.  Please join us for part 2 of Entry -Level Driver Training Requirements.

    DISCLAIMER:  We do not pretend to have all the answers nor know all the regulations, rules and rights.  Remember states have the right to adopt all or some of the Federal Regulations so you must know your state laws as well as the Federal laws.  We offer an arena to discuss both our and your experiences and best practices.  Please keep in mind our goal is to improve the safety of our highways and byways across our great nation.  We humbly defer to the regulatory agencies both state and federal to help all of us be the safest we can be. 

    We encourage everyone to contact the appropriate regulatory agency directly, however if you are not comfortable doing that please contact the Safetymentor, the email address is safetymentor1856@gmail.com IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU KEEP THIS EMAIL ADDRESS FOR OUR FUTURE CONTESTS,  you can also contact our  office at 970-858-4445 (cell 970-216-2523).

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    Assertiveness Training

    in Spirituality

    Join Dick and his wife, Roberta as they discuss Dick's Assertiviness Training Course. Using actual techniques to teach you how to successfully ask for what you want. Learn to say NO when you want to without guilt and YES when you want to say yes.  Includes: A Philosophy to Live By, The 9 Manipulation Traps, Positive Assertion Techniques and much more. 

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    Creating opportunity besides a 9 to 5 job this FEBRUARY

    in Lifestyle

    a job is not necassary today can u believe this 

    #opportunity is something you need to keep on the front of your mind 

    Something that you can't continue to live close minded because life is changing

    #change is effective now not later 

    Change is doing things now not when you get around to it 

    Most days times I don't feel life it but change is coming so don't wait long 

    This opportunity can help u financially but you just got too understand the change in times because the miracle is not a mile a way it's close by 


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    Seven Things That Come Before Job Search Success

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    Thank you for your understanding on my last show. Work for Life is a job readiness show. Job readiness is essential to finding and keeping a job. This show is most important because it will give you enough in this one show to go out with confidence and get hired. My job is to help working class people prosper. I think this show is the best of me and if I do say so myself, I'm good at job readiness motivation and material. Please read my Feb 23rd showpage  for the introduction to todays show.  2015 Military Friendly Employers list.  Veterans Re-Employment websites.

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    What Are You Training For Everyday?

    in Motivation

    Go to: www.UltimateLife360.com

    You’ll also be able to watch a short video on how you can reprogram your habits of thinking for happiness and success.


    Inspiration of the Day

    “That which we persist in doing becomes easier,
    not that the task itself has become easier,
    but that our ability to perform it has improved.”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    author and poet, 1803 – 1882 The Essential Writings


    So Now What?

    So what are you training for everyday in order that it may become easier?

    Anger, sadness, frustration, disappointment, anxiety?

    Or love, happiness, forgiveness, joy, and gratitude?

    It’s up to you…it’s totally up to you.

    Stay Amazing!!!


    To Receive Mojo Wisdom by email CLICK HERE

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    Baltimore Sports Talk - Spring Training - 1

    in Sports

    Cohosts, Rob McQuay and Geoff Cowles talk Orioles' news and whatever YOU want to talk about. Adrian Peterson is back in the news and the Ravens have made an interesting move. 

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    Leadership Training Collaboration In Business, Ministry & Life

    in Women

    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Lisa Alexander, you'll discover:

    Ways individuals, ministries and businesses use collaboration to reach heights they would have only dreamt of independently.
    Why another business or ministry could hold the key to your success and how to decide if collaboration is right for you.
    How to choose the right collaboration partners and when you must say “No!”
    How to keep egos in check during collaborative efforts.
    What to do when a project goes bad.
    When a lawyer is needed.
    What to do before you enter into any joint venture projects.

    Known as The Marketing Stylist™, Lisa N. Alexander is a speaker, marketing consultant and author. She and her husband of over 20 years have served in ministry as senior pastors and music ministers.www.ThisWomanKnows.com

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    Seven Things That Come Before Job Search Success

    in Work

    Millions of company managers hire all kinds of employees every day. Listen in and gather names of companies where your chances of being hired are great. 300 CEOS agreed to hire long term unemployed. You have to ask, seek and know to get a job. These seven things things will get you hired. 1.Make a list of your skills and personal abilities. 2. List your education. 3. List your trainings and certifications. 4. List your work history. 5. List your means of travel to and from work. 6. List shifts you are available to work. 7. List challenges you have when it comes to employment and how you assuree those challenges will not interrupt your ability to be the best person for the job. These seven things makes or breaks a successful job search. Keep your passion on the list. Update your job title. Find Military to Civilian transition help. Companies to seek jobs: Govt agencies; Non profits; Private sector.

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    Work for Life is a Career Starter for Eager Doers Who Want More Money

    in Entrepreneur

    Work for Life is all about making money in the career of your dream. We believe in the concept of "You working for money and money working for you". Work for Life encourages people to take risk and gain successes. Work for Life helps people seeking work and are having a difficult time. Work for Life helps people start and expand home based businesses. Earning money is a skill. We instill the need to think money, growth and career, not just jobs. Job readiness covers about 50% of our services basically because most people do not have the skills to get a job and more people seek to be employees than employers. Fact is most Americans are the best employees money can buy but job search is not what they could make a living doing. Work for Life has been doing job readiness, how to invest in stocks, how to start your own business since 1996. Work for Life encourages people to go for that dream career. That's how to earn a comfortable living and be financially able to put back savings for a great retirement

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    black rain

    in Movies

    going talk about one of my favorite movies that micheal douglas did with ridley scott. movie call black rain. two new york cops take a big time japan mob boss back to japan. but when they get there let say anything that could wrong does. the guy get away and the japan police are pointing the fingers at the new york cops. but later on micheal douglas want revenge when japan mob kills his partner in front of him. there more to the story but u got rent it watch it and enjoy it. it is awesome movie. ridley scott did a good job on the movie.

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    in Radio

    Inspire and uplift your listeners with this fun, upbeat guest interview which will bring to your radio program encouragement wrapped in humor, and provide practical tips to KNOCK OUT FEAR that discourages us, robs us of hope, and keeps us from taking the next step.  Fear is a dream killer.

    I’d love the opportunity to work together with you to encourage others.   I'm an Author, Speaker, Inspirational Humorist, Christian Comedian and Ovarian Cancer Survivor who shares the story of challenging her battle with fear using humor, positive attitude and faith to inspire others to never give up. 

    ( JANA FLAIG cancer experience establishes my credibility for knowing fear, and the experience through which I learned to Fight Fear. Cancer was mychallenge, but others Fight Fear that comes with divorce, job loss, empty nest, foreclosure, etc.  The focus is not which hardship your listeners experienced; the focus is learning practical tips to knock out the fear that comes with any life challenge. 

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