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    Ancient Mysteries of Egypt

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    Who was Pharaoh Akhenaten and his Queen Neferiti and how did he change Egypt's old religion? What are the mysteries buried beneath the sands of Egypt--The Hall of Records talked about by the late mystic Edgar Cayce? Kristen Ann takes us on an incredible journey of ancient Egypt where she explored and investigated ancient mysteries of Egypt through the years, included in her new book, Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest.
    Learn about Omm Sety, a woman who devoted sixty-five years of her life in Egypt which began with a NDE (near death experience) as a child in London. After her NDE Omm Sety, aka Dorothy Eady, began to talk about another life in ancient Egypt and her love for a Pharoah that cost her life in that era. This is one of the greatest love stories of our time and one of the best documented stories of reincarnation.
    Kristen has spent a lifetime studying spirituality and metaphysics. A near-death experience as a child later sent her on a quest to learn spiritual truths in the 1960s. In the mid '70s she studied Anthroposophy, which is the science and findings of Rudolf Steiner from 1974-76. Website: www.exploringsacredspace.com

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    Leaning into Your Pain

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    Talking about my 2014 OMM (Ophelia's Meditative Message) that I have been sensing in prayer and meditation.  To get to where we need to be - 2014 is about leaning into your pain - we can't ingore it any longer - we need to gently lean into it...

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    Sacred Egypt with Author Rosemary Clark

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    Take a trip to Ancient Egypt and its mysteries on Jan. 15 at 1PM MST with special guest Rosemary Clark, writer and lecturer on the esoteric tradition of ancient Egypt and its religious, philosophical, and metaphysical legacy in modern times. Rosemary has a thirty-year background in historical research, travel throughout the Middle East, and writing about ancient Egyptian ceremony and rituals. She has been a featured speaker on several tours of Egypt, and has acted as coordinator for on-site devotional temple activities. Ms. Clark served as exhibit leader for the Tutankhamun tour when it came to Chicago in 1977, and illustrated The Traveler’s Key to Ancient Egypt. Also, she appeared on NBC television in a feature broadcast on her work as founder of Temple Harakhte, devoted to the religious practices of Egypt’s Old Kingdom. Above and beyond offering a thorough knowledge of Egyptian history and mythology, Clark is well versed in the hieroglyphic script, its transliteration and the translation of ancient texts, and in the nuances of Hermetic philosophy and Sacred Science.

    Rosemary learned firsthand in 1976 that love is endless and reincarnation exists when she meet the legendary Dorothy Eady, who later became known as Omm Sety. Omm Sety's remarkable life was made into a movie and recounted in the book, THE SEARCH FOR OMM SETY c1987, the true story of eternal love and Omm Sety's voyage to be reunited with her soulmate, 19th Dynasty Pharaoh Sety I. AUTHOR ROSEMARY CLARK & OMM SETY 1976

    WEBSITE: www.templeharakhte.org

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    Setting Goals for 2012- Angel Link- The Voice Of Humanity

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    DEBRA WYLDE, our resident Spirit in Business Mentor is here for her regular monthly spot. Debra will assist us to set personal goals for 2012. WHAT do YOU want to achieve?

    Annette and Susie SPARKLE will delight as they share Christmas happenings, Susie is also available for readings......YAY!!!!! Thanks Susie for this extra gift- opportunity for our Listeners this Christmas.
    we welcome YOUR stories too...in the Chatroom and on 714 583 6858

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    How To Develop Your Natural Intuition What Is The Distinction Between Intuitive&Psychic? Segment #3.

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    How To Develop Your Natural Intuition. What Is The Distinction, Between Intuitive and Psychic? Segment # 3. Omi's Featured book from the Book Corner, "The Search For Omm Sety". by Jonathan Cott

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    It is amazing when one looks back and sees a series of events from that perspective as opposed when one is going through those same events.

    Having recently survived several potentially discouraging events, as I look back I see it all from a different perspective. My attitude was not the best through some of these, but God showed me what was needed, I repented, gave it up, and He took over. That's when I began to see these things in a different, more positive light and I learned a great deal.

    Specialists can be rather obnoxious or very kind. I met one of each in NYC. The lack of care for a dying man and his wife I found repulsive. Advocates are needed! Alternative medicine such as massage and OMM are very much under rated. I met a rheumi who advertised falsely. On the hunt for a surgeon for a very rare disorder - not an easy task.

    Listen and I will try to follow this proverb as best as I can - "Kind words are like honey - enjoyable and healthful." Proverbs 16:24

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    OMM (Oh Mama Mia) the Dark Knight is here

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    Nananananananana Batman, Batman, Batman!
    Ooooh Mama Mia! Here I go again!

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