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    K.S. Oliver....Diamante Publications

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's show touches home for our family.  Come be empowered this evening, as Lady V gets up close and personal with K.S. Oliver.  These two ladies share something that many will never understand....Lupus.  Diagnosed with Lupus in 2010, K.S. Oliver was determined not to allow it to control her, but to control it.  Using her life story to inspire others, she pinned Still Standing and Affectionately 360; which she was awarded poet of the year.  Not stopping there, she went on to release her first novel Flatlined: Almost Doesn't Count. K.S. Oliver is more than just a Lupus survivor.  She is an author, poet, public speaker, model, business owner, but most of all she's a great mom.  Come hangout, as K.S. Oliver share her testimony with us.

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    Introducing 2016 with Dr. CR Oliver

    in Religion

    This week on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval we are joined by Dr. CR Oliver. In this broadcast Dr. Oliver breaks down what he feels the Lord has spoken to him about 2016 from the books of 1 and 2 Timothy. He lays down foundational instruction that serves to guide the type of mindsets that will be necessary as we proceed into 2016. As always, Dr. Oliver will bring a deep and profound perspective to the subjects he will be tackling with 80 years of wisdom and experience. You will definitely want to hear this program!

    You can visit Dr. Oliver at www.zadokpublications.com.

    Be sure to check us out at www.bridemovement.com!

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    Emerald Tablet- Crystal's &Within the Chaos- Oliver Keene

    in Paranormal

    Emerald Tablet Radio 9pm Et. - Listen in as Tara and Holly discuss Crystals and their Metaphysical properties.


    Within the Chaos- Listen in as Rodney Shortridge and his Host Robyn Dalton Interview Oliver Keene local political activist and organizer.
    former candidate for democratic nomination
    for house of delegates
    one of the Youngest Vice Chairs
    in the Virginia Democratic Party history.

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    Voices of Hope sits with Dr. Oliver T Reid

    in Self Help

    Join “The Morning Glory International Voices of Hope family & friends this Saturday @ 9amEST with guest Dr. Oliver Reid “I Am A Solution” . Dr. Reid will bring understanding to YOU being the solution to every problem, situation, circumstance occurring in your life. It's time to take the necessary jounrey to achieve your Destiny!!

    Call 347-857-1295 to join our conversation. You can also chat with us online at Facebook.com/themorninggloryIVOHOPE

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    Everything with Kathy B, Chef Oliver, Dr. Julissa, Gregg & Lenika Scott

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for Healthy Cooking & Living.

    Up first at 6 is Healthy Cooking With Chef Oliver.  Tune in as Chef Oliver prepares another budget friendly delicious meal. What's on the menu you ask? Trio Bruschetta. At 6:15, be on the lookout for the slide show with Chef Oliver giving step by step instructions on how to make this simple meal.

    At 7, Our Naturopathic Physician, Dr Julissa is back in the studio with Kathy to discuss a very important topic, Endometriosis: It's Painful And Attacks Other Organs. Tune in as Dr. Julissa shares with Kathy the percentage of American women who suffer, symptoms, causes and how to overcome this severe inflammation.

    At 7:30 Join us for  Total Life Changes with Kathy B as Kathy welcomes Executive Ambassadors, Gregg and Lenika Scott into the studio to share their amazing journey with Total Life Changes and how they are helping others to have the same experience.

    Call in to ask questions at 619-924-0933. You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    Everything w/Kathy B, Chef Oliver, Dr. Julissa, Karyn Satterfield

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!  Join us tonight for another amazing segment of Healthy Cooking & Living.

    At 6:15, Chef Oliver is back at it again! Join him in the kitchen as he prepares, not only a nutritious and budget friendly meal, but also kid friendly. What's on the menu? Pizza with caramelized onions, mushrooms, basil, mozzarella and fresh tomato sauce. You definitely want to tune in. Be sure to follow the slide show at 6:15 for step by step instructions on making this delicious dish.

    At 7, join us for Healthy Living with Dr. Julissa  as she and Kathy continue Part 2 of the topic, What are The Benefits of Cleanses, Should We Do Them & Are They Safe Enough For Our Children?

    At 7:45 join us for Total Life Changes with Kathy B as she welcomes, another phenomenal guest into the student.  Tonight's guest is O'Dale Karyn Satterfield .

    Karyn earned her Master’s in Physical Therapy and practiced 9 years prior to being called to her current and toughest position of Work-at-home homeschool mom. Karyn is blessed and highly favored and wants to see others have the same grace positioning. She believes that everyone’s life is special and unique and worthy of investment toward being their best selves.

    Tune in tonight to hear karyn's amazing story of how Total Life Changes has positively impacted her life. 

    Call in and be a part of the conversation at 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    How To Study The Right Way As A Trader

    in Finance

    Oliver Velez has been known for saying, You cannot study your way to success as a trader. He has preached this tune for nearly two decades and he still firmly believes most traders waste inordinate amounts of time studying, when they should be trading, acting, doing and making assessments from those actions.  

    However, this is not to say that studying has zero value. If done correctly, proper study can help a trader make small gains toward being better when the time comes to actually trade. But what is proper studying? What actually is to be studied? How long should one study? How frequently should you study?  When should you study, during market hours or after? These and many other questions Oliver takes on during this broadcast. If you take trading seriously, you will not want to miss this episode. 

    Follow Oliver's Live trading on Periscope.tv/olvelez007

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    Trading Drills That Will Soon Have You Trading Like A Pro!

    in Finance

    Drills are used as an invaluable training tool by virtually every technical industry in existence. Ever activity that requires precision and pinpoint accuracy without thought is fostered via drills. Every professional area from the military, to airplane pilots, to athletes, to even school children preparing for a fire or earthquake uses drills to make proper action amidst the heat of real life situations automatic. Trading is no different. The developing trader can practice certain, well defined drills that will make him/her sharper, more precise, more exacting and alert when real market moments call for it. In this broadcast, Oliver Velez will divulge a number of the drills he uses to train some of his most elite traders.

    If you are serious about trading, you will not want to miss this broadcast which is scheduled Wednesday, December 23, 2015. Learn precisely what you can practice doing to make you a better, sharper trader, and ultimately a better, sharper everything.

    Follow Oliver Velez and his trading activities on:






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    Dalton Oliver, QB, Kentucky Wesleyan 2016 NFL Draft Prospect - College2Pro.com

    in Football

    #7 Dalton Oliver

    Position: Quarterback
    Height: 6-3
    Weight: 190
    Class: Senior
    Hometown: Central City, KY
    High School: Muhlenberg County


    Tuck away at Kentucky Wesleyan is a very bright and productive 2016 NFL Draft Prospect named Dalton Oliver. The quarterback played his final season, amassing 3,108 passing yards for 31 touchdowns and an average over 310 passing yards per game.

    His previous season he set a school record with 3,510 his junior season and played in 11 games, compared to the 10 his senior season.

    Go one-on-one with Dalton Oliver who discusses Kentucky Wesleyan football and his thoughts on a career playing professionally when his collegiate time ends.

    Oliver will share his strengths and ability to our audience of listeners around the globe who crave the unique setting made available by College2Pro.com who strive to enhance the progress of any college athlete with hops of one day playing professional football. 

    College2Pro.com bringing the hardcore NFL enthusiasts the absolute most detailed interviewed and analysis of NFL Draft Prospects. 

    Join host Bo Marchionte and special guest Dalton Oliver on the C2P podcast powered by football lovers everywhere. 

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    A conversation with Sean Oliver

    in Sports

    In another segment on the Sportsology channel, The FDH Lounge speaks with Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commmentaries.

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    No More Stop Orders Allowed On The NYSE? About Time!

    in Finance

    The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) recently announced that it would be joining the NASDAQ by disallowing protective stop orders. "Good-till-canceled" order types will no longer be allowed as well. This change goes into effect on February 26, 2016. As soon as this news was released, scores of traders sent in questions and various communications to Oliver Velez, seeking his view on the change. Most were distraught and believed this move to be yet another blow against the small or regular, independent trader. The NYSE claims its move is to help prevent excessive volatility during big downward moves in the market, which Oliver Velez does not believe is true. In fact, Mr. Velez believes this move is a blessing for traders and is long overdue.

    In this broadcast, listen to Oliver Velez explain why he could not be happier that the protective stop order, as it has become to be known, is finally dying the death it should have experienced a long time ago. Not only will he explain why it should never have existed, he will delve into the hidden reasons why it lasted so long and how stops were actually used to take advantage of the small investors and trader.

    If you are an avid trader or take your market play seriously, this is one broadcast you will not want to miss. This will also be a show during which Oliver Velez will expect a lot of live engagement. So make sure you call in live with any questions you may have or send them in advance to radio@ifundtraders.com. 

    To trade with Oliver Velez and his trading team, with full and complete funding, email journey@ifundtraders.com. It will auto respond with information.

    To Follow Oliver Velez' trading live, follow him on Periscope: @olvelez007. 

    to view many of his educational trading video, go to www.youtube.com/olvelez007