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    The Magi Star Talk Radio Show Astrology, UKRAINE October 2014 with Oleg Sunko

    in Spirituality

    The Magi Star Talk Radio Show Astrology, historical firsts in American journalism, TOPIC UKRAINE October 2014.


    The Magi Star Astrology Show - Astrology, Magick, and historical firsts with journalism with intuitve astrologer Rev. Dr. Michael R. Vanderpool, using magi astrology, and other astrologies looking ahead.  A lot of personal discussion about my personal journey.  Guest and personal friend Ukrainian Oleg Sunko, owner telecommunications business and tech expert in New York city, USA, born and raised in the Ukraine.

    Ukraine Art Curator Nina Burnevich Youtube Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyZTDUKpLONcPxFtnsLc7VNi3d1xn2HmF

    All Rights Reserved.  I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC – For Entertainment Purposes Only - Intro music by Ruslana - Dance with the wolves, – Outgoing music by  Svyatoslav Vokarchuk “Everything Will Be Fine” (Thanks to Yana Pustovoit of ZARADANCE, Ukraine, for suggesting it) - Intermission music by - National Anthem of Ukraine - Rock version by Nicky Rubchenko  &   Okean Elzy at the Lviv Arena: thousands sing national anthem at Ukrainian Independence.

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    Understanding Business Special Guest: Professional Photographer Rick Gerrity

    in Legal

    Join us when we talk with professional photographer Rick Gerrity about the business of photography including contracts, getting paid, dealing with criticism, liability, protecting your intellectual property and the importance of loving what you do. 

    Rick Gerrity has been a professional photographer based in the NY/NJ metro area for over twenty-five years. He specializes in people, product and location photography throughout the United States and Canada. Clients include BMW, Canon USA, IBM, Panasonic, NYK Lines, Sony, Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group, Olympus, Tamron, Bausch and Lomb, Oleg Cassini and Becton Dickinson. Rick has a passion for transforming seemingly ordinary, everyday moments into extraordinary images. Rick has also had the pleasure of photographing Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Sylvester Stallone, Danica Patrick, Kevin Smith, Oliver Stone, Charlie Sheen, Bruce Willis, and many more iconic celebrities.


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    The Americans “The Deal” – Season 2 Episode 5 – TV Recap

    in Entertainment

    In this week’s episode, the Jennings are assigned a new handler, one younger and less experienced than Granny. Will she be an ally or an inconvenience? Philip works to clean up the mess from the last operation, while Elizabeth, posing as Clark's sister Jennifer, steps in to smooth things over with Martha. As Stan searches for a missing scientist, Oleg and Arkady continue to argue over how best to handle the situation on their side, leaving Nina once again caught between the FBI and KGB. Join Lucia (@HeroineTV), and Tash (@80sRebelGirl) as they discuss the latest episode of FX’s The Americans at 6pm ET on Sunday, March 30, 2014!

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    Squared Circle Cafe: Nefarious Nordic Warrior

    in Entertainment

    On this weeknight edition of the SCC, we welcome a very special and unique guest. From Chikara and Wrestling Is, we have Oleg The Usurper! Find out how this Viking found his way into the squared circle, why he can't seem to follow the rules, and why was Jervis Cottonbelly inviting him to tea. 

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    The Americans “The Walk In” & “A Little Night Music”–S 2 EP 3 & 4–TV Recap

    in Entertainment

    In “The Walk In,” Philip and Elizabeth complete their next mission—there are wigs and implied threats against innocent children! Meanwhile, Stan tracks the KGB walk-in, leading to the possibility of a medal, but also a deepening attachment to Nina. Complicating matters further, Paige snoops into her moms family background, making a surprise visit to “Aunt Helen.”

    In “A Little Night Music,” an old friend returns to complicate things for Philip and Elizabeth. They must balance a mission to intercept a target valuable to the Soviets, with an rogue mission enacted without Centre support. It's hard work being a spy! Inside the Rezindentura, divisions deepen between Oleg and Arkady. And at the FBI, there’s an upheaval involving Agent Gaad. Meanwhile, could Philip's cover with Martha finally be blown?

    Join Lucia (@HeroineTV), and Tash (@80sRebelGirl) as they discuss the last 2 episodes of The Americans at 6pm ET on Sunday, March 23, 2014!

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    Episode #107 - Don Wilson, Swayze Valentine & Oleg Taktarov

    in MMA

    Every week this Illinois based show gets worldwide recognition as it features host, Dave "The Butcher" Clifford, alongside co-host Paul "The Polar Bear" Varelans to bring you their perspective on the current happenings around the world of MMA.

    This week we start the show off with a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 11-time World Kickboxing Champ and actor in several films, Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Second we have a "The Queen of Cuts", Swayze Valentine, who's hard work has made her an amazing cutwoman in premier organizations such as Bellator, WSOF, KOTC and most recently to the UFC. Lastly, we catch up with one of the founding fathers of UFC, the UFC 6 tournament champion, and also a man who has played various roles in blockbuster movies such as Bad Boys II, National Treasure & Miami Vice, Oleg Taktarov

    All guests scheduled by producer "The Network" Chris Maltsburger. -- Show sponsored by Patino Diet.com, official diet plan for Team Alpha Male

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    Classics -Bluesy Jazz with PapaBlues & Old Time TV/Movie Buff Author JM Harrison

    in Entertainment

    Meet Oleg Zolotnitskiy, better known as Papa Blues – singer, musician, jazz and blues composer. His velvety baritone perfectly combines with a special style of execution.  The discerning listener is offered a sparkling cocktail of jazz, blues, swing, rock and roll and pop music. Roll together the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, BBKing, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker and Ray Charles and you might get an inkling of PapaBlues unique style. Oleg’s richness of voice and soulful sound sparkled with a unique romantic style make any PapaBlues performance an unforgettable event.

    At the age of sixteen, Oleg discovered The Blues. In 2014, the now 25-year-old artist came to live in Israel, relocating from the Ukraine.  He graduated from The Pedagogical University and was a professional wrestler before dedicating himself fulltime to music.  Papa Blues is now performing original songs he wrote in collaboration with his brother. To find out more, check out his web site @ www.papablues.ua

    J.M. Harrison is a 1987 graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma.  Since then, he's worked in the family business at the Oklahoma National Stockyards and various positions in retail.  Along the way, he's operated a church library for nearly thirty years and been a triple medical pioneer.  All the while, J.M. has been a film historian of sorts, and has finally decided to do some writing, much to the relief of everyone who's been telling him to do so for the past twenty-five years.  He enjoys classic movies, old time baseball, his family, reading, and the company of his cat Cricket.  Check out J.M.’s books at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/J.M.-Harrison/e/B005O7JDMU/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0


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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW with Oleg Atbashian

    in Politics Conservative

    Former Soviet agitprop artist/illustrator Oleg Atbashian is from the Ukraine.  He recently wrote at his site "The People's Cube":

    "Ukrainian revolution has won today and it's very emotional for me, since that is where I was born and raised. 82 protesters are dead, the president is running, government thieves are being hunted down and brought to justice, communist party headquarters ransacked, and all remaining statues of Lenin and other communist leaders torn down all over Ukraine."

    Tonight Oleg joins us with his thoughts and feelings on what is happening in his birth country.


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    Charlie Z Talks About Beating All His enemies jason, mike, hartley the kuds

    in Sports

    urbisci ( i tkod him with 6 hooks to the head) 

    lyubarsky ( i knocked him out with a brutal 1-2 to the jaw left-right combo

    andrew hartley ( you all saw me 1 shot hartley with a right hook) 

    oleg kud ( i knocked him out cold with 3 hooks 2 to the jaw 1 to the shoulder rapid) 

    chris kud ( I beat him on video quite easily hitting him with rapid hooks to the jaw and head and jabbing him to the body easy win for the Champ ) 


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