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    The Uncle Mike And Tom Show #176 w/ Freelance Wrestling Owner Matt Knicks

    in Wrestling

    This week on the show our guest is Freelance Wrestling owner Matt Knicks, we talk this Fridays Big Freelance show in chicago, the beginnings of the promotion, running The Abby, and now the Bottom Lounge and all things Freelance, we also talk Matt Knicks career and the different places he has worked. We also have a full Shine 32 review. finally share our thoughts on the Evolve weekend. Plus 30 minutes of Indie Wrestling News, and a preview of this weekends Biggest shows. Its Your Thursday Indie Fix!!!

    @MikeTomShow @elitepodcastnet

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    The Star Chamber Show #67, featuring Alexander S. Brown and Selah Janel!

    in Books

    Get ready for the crossfire as Alexander S. Brown and Selah Janel host an open forum show!  That's right, anything might happen, anyone might call, and you will get plenty of banter and discussion between these two outstanding writers and co-hosts!  Be sure to tune in at 9pm EST on Wednesday night for a fun, free-format Star Chamber Show!  Going to be a LOT of fun!  Kicking it Olde School with a touch of Southern Haunts!  Get ready!



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    Berning not bright enough and a new bull elephant in town

    in Politics Progressive

    Everyone's uncle, niece, cousin and coworker has opinions on the Presidential race. Hovering between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, we blowhards just le it rip. My turn.

    I'll drop my cornhusker conclusions — Bernie, Hillary, the dropouts, Trump, Cruz, and Rubio — plus New Hampshire know-it-all forecasting. 

    My 6-month granddaughter is among Sanders' youngest supporters, aided by her mother. They went from Seattle to Des Moines and now on to ye olde Granite State. So expect some skewing.

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    Jose sacked - is LvG next? Watford works Liverpool, Arsenal's huge win over MCFC

    in Sports

    The Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show panel reacts the the firing of Jose Mourinho. Is it the players' fault or his style of keeping people on edge? Manchester United loses to another recently promoted club - does the loss spell the end for Louis van Gaal? Are the rumors true that Jose Mourinho might replae LvG as the Reds' Manager? HumblehostYankJim talks smack as he wins the Panel Experts 3X5 Pickem competition - does  the panel tolerate his braggadocio?  Will the Foxes next three Christmas fixtures against "big club" opponents drop them from the table top and set up Arsenal to take first, and maybe the League, after the Gunners huge win against City? Leeds is only five points from a Championship League playoff position - can their new Manager get them promoted to the BPL after so many years of frustration and disappointment? We banter around all this and more in the latest version of the Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show!

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    Danny Donovan and The Olde Town Ghost Walk !

    in Entertainment

    Danny Donovan joins me as we talk about The Olde Town Ghost Walk !

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    in Pets

    If you Don't have OREBA, LBA, OEBKC Registry you don't have real Olde English Bulldogges this is fact. There is own one registry will teach you the truth about Olde English Bulldogges that is OREBAInc. they will always help you understand the different and making you see the truth. We are here to tell the truth for 2010 and more.
    Remember this a Olde English Bulldogges shouldn't have "SCREWED" TAILS also it shouldn't have CUT TAILS also this is false in the breed Original Standard. Also it shouldn't look like Big Akc English Bulldog Cross watch out for these false in these breed. The Breed is a Guard Dogs, Weight Pulling dogs, Personal Protection Dogs So need all the Working it can get.

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    The Uncle Mike & Tom Show #162 w/ Mike Rotch & Matt Hack

    in Wrestling

    This week on the show we are joined by Both Owners of Inter Species Wrestling, Mike Rotch and Matt Hack return to the show Together for the first time!! We talk and cover every match from this Saturdays Candy Apples and Razorblades Halloween Night Show.Talk ISW being around 10 Years, The Crazy History of Wrestling in Danbary CT. Viking and Giant Tiger returning, Best of DVD and tons more, a Tremendous 1hr interview!! Greg Davis Joins us with a Live Chikara review from this past Friday in Chicago, We have a full FIP Trios weekend Review, 25 minutes of Indie Wrestling News and Preview this Weekends Big Shows. Its your Thursday Indie Fix!!

    @MikeTomShow @elitepodcastnet

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    Say Goodbye To Summer 2015

    in Entertainment

    The summer of 2015 is on it's way out the door and we want to wish it one final goodbye on this weeks episode of the BWB Podcast. We are only a few days away from the arrival of fall, and that means another summer is in the books. While the summer of 2015 seemed to fly right by, we want to recap all the fun and excitement that came your way at bumwinebob.com these past few months. What was your top summer moment? Let us know!

    One week of NFL action is in the books as we look ahead to another full slate of Sunday football games. The BWB NFL Pick 'Em league is in full swing and the action is heating up! The Jayman from IWS Radio is currently in the lead after week 1 with a 12-4 record. You can check out everyone's week 2 picks here.

    The Forty Of The Week has returned! After a five month hiatus, we have announced Olde English 800 as the BWB Forty Of The Week! A fitting classic to be inducted with all our other old favorites. 

    Also, WWE Night Of Champions is LIVE on the WWE Network this Sunday. The man called Sting will be in action as he battles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the first time ever! Remember that anything can happen in the WWE!

    Need some fantasy football advice? I can't guarantee it will be any good, but you can always call in and ask!

    All that and MORE on this weeks episode! Want to be part of the show? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join in the discussion. Cheers!

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    Live from the Olde Ship Pub - the Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show debut!

    in Sports

    Our expert panel along with yankJim and Coach react to the Chelsea v Man City draw. Without Costa and Fabregas did the Blues come out ahead? What's the deal with Jose Morinho? The banter between scouserCraig (hates Mourinho) and chelseaMartin can hardly be contained! We review the Liverpool turnaround that only got better with the long awaited return of Daniel Sturridge.  A solid BPL win over upstart West Ham and a come from behind FA Cup win over Bolton continues the Reds' resurgence. Is Coach in trouble in his wager with the Scouser on Southampton finishing above Liverpool in the final standings? Is Arsenal poised to move into the top four with a five nil pounding of hapless Aston Villa? Leveraging their road win over City, the Gunners up aggressiveness and physicality while benefitting from the return of key players from injury. Just fired QPR manager Harry Rednapp for manager of the England National team? leedsJane (VP of the podcast!) has a take! Twoyanksvbritsscoccershow 5 by 5 Pickem Competition starts this weekend - the panel picks five games including this week's Merseyside Derby (Everton v Liverpool) and London Derby (Tottenham v Arsenal). Who thinks the Harry Kane led Spurs can take down the on-fire Gunners? New venue, new studio-like technology and a new name - you gotta hear the first installment of the Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show!

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    The Artist Formerly Known as "Olde School" aka Dr. Strange's Hubby

    in Self Help

    Thomas Strange was our first guest on TRIBE radio, over a year ago.

    There isn't enough room here for all of Tom's highlights, but here are a few. 

    has owned and performed in his own wrestling company
    rode a scooter from San Francisco to Memphis
    is a knife-fighting champion
    helped his San Francisco team pick up over 4,000 used needles from the streets of San Francisco
    helped teach self-defense to SF's LGBT youth
    is owner of "Memphis Punch"
    is married to Dr. Laney Strange, making him Dr. Strange's hubby
    has the best stories this side of the Rio Grande
    is the founder of the Tennessee Mephis Hero Initiative or "TMI" for short (the "H" is silent for comedic purposes)

    Formerly known as Olde School while in San Francisco, Tom now makes his home in Memphis and goes by the Real Life Superhero name of Agent Double O Soul. 

    Grab your whiskey, a sandwich and a comfy chair and join us as we catch up with Tom. We're hoping to hear a few stories, new and old. You'll be glad you did. 

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    Wayne Rooney best ever? Gooners & Spurs square off! Mancs v Liverpool Preview

    in Sports

    Our Sponsor, The Olde Ship British Pub and Restaurant, is unique in being the pub base for both the local Arsenal fan club called the OCGooners and the local Chelsea fan club called the OCBlues.  The growing Tottenheim OC Spurs fan club and the Orange County ManU fan clubs will also frequent the Olde Ship.  In this version of the Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show board members from the OCGooners and the OCSpurs join the banterfest.  Are there times when Gooner and Spurs fans would gang up against scouserCraig? How do Spurs fans feel about their positioning against Arsenal? Do Spurs fans have a Chicago Cubs complex?  Wayne Rooney tied and than broke Sir Bobby Charlton's England National team goal record over the weekend in games v San Marino and Switzerland - Is Wayne Rooner England's best striker ever? Saturday is the first version of the most watched game around the world with Liverpool taking on Manchester at Old Trafford. With both teams coming off tough defeats which team needs this high profile win more? Is this match even more critical to the futures of both Managers? We discuss all this and more - with plenty helpings of banter - in this week's show