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    Oklahoma Tornado !!!

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    Wednesday's tornado in Oklahoma, current community events, Riddle, The Weather, and The Random fact of the day

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    Oklahoma Tornado Update and Fundraiser

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    Please come join us tonight as we update everyone about how Michael is doing in the aftermath of this horrific tornado that took many lives, many homes, and many tears.
    We are asking for help for Michael and his family during this very trying time. If you wish to make a donation, please go to:
    Paypal to Boomersooner303@yahoo,.com
    Debit/credit cards use below: 

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    Oklahoma Tornado Relief

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    On June 11th at 8 pm Pass the Buck Talking Horses presents The Tornado Relief Show!! With Special guests, Robert Hachemeister Jr., Pat Day, Joel Rosario, Javier Castellano, Kenny McPeek, Calvin Borel and ShaneSellers!!!!   Proceeds will benefit the Oklahoma Thoroughbred Retirement Program so they can continue their good work in helping all the horses and horsemen effected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma.   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oklahoma-Thoroughbred-Retirement-Program/447489085292055?ref=ts&fref=ts

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    Beheading in Oklahoma, workplace violence?

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    Sadly, we had a beheading in Oklahoma.  There are a lot of people who are claiming that it is nothing more than workplace violence.  I will talk about this and what I think about the whole thing. 

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    I have been host of Journey into the light spiritual radio for over 4 years on Blog Talk Radio.  My shows have always been about helping others and I think if you listen to the thousands of Archieved shows and the thousands of phone calls we have taken and the testimony from listeners, my show has done the job I set out when I started the show by helping people...... Most everybody by now have seen the horrible pictures of the Moore, OK Tornado on May 20th. My family of 5 home was hit by that Tornado and now we have no home and have the cost of hotels, extra food cost since we can't cook, extra gas and many other things. My radio show is my job that support my family and supporting my family on this radio show has been tough but I always said we are saving souls and God will see us through and how can be end such a worth cause. So its been tough for my family but have gotten by and have not complained. Up until May 20th, Life was good but now taking care of my family is got me scared and I have asked my listeners and friends and just people who want to help a family in need for donations and I am very thankful for those who have been so helpful but I have been surprised at the low turnout and many of my former long time listeners to the show, who I thought received help from the show, I have not heard from. So I have to ask for ANYONE who is listening to this show, as Michelle Whitedove always says "Give a little more then you can" and I am really asking for help like then before. If you are looking to help those in these horrible last 2 weeks of Tornado's, I ask you on part of my family for you assistance today. I know by giving and helping others especially in a time like this, it is returned 10 times over! You can give at our Paypal at boomersooner303@yahoo.com or at our website for Debit/Credit Cards at http://journeyintothelight.org/buy-a-reading.php

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    Breaking News:51 plus killed in Oklahoma Tornado

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    A monster tornado roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs and killed at least 51 people Monday, pulverizing block after block of homes, tearing the walls off an elementary school and leaving behind miles of mangled cars and splintered wood.
    Crews frantically searched the wreckage and were only beginning to get a sense of the destruction. Officials warned the death toll could climb. At one hospital, 85 patients, including 65 children, were being treated for minor to critical injuries.
    “The whole city looks like a debris field,” said Mayor Glenn Lewis of the city of Moore, which appeared to be the hardest hit.
    That feed is from NBC news.Tonight we'll talk about the tornado's and the lost of life.As I've said many times on my show,this is a clear and present danger.In the morning I'm calling my insurance company,and checking my other policies to make sure if one,or some of these tornados hit us,and we live through it,we'll have the money we need to relocate.
    The phones are open,and the chat room awaits your comments.Question of the night,"Does God have a hand in causing such death and destruction".
    In times of trouble,you gone need somebody to Stand by You.

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    Surviving the Tornado of Life

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    Bill and Irene Stafford experienced some of the greatest heartaches you could imagine and found themselves trapped in the tornado of life.  Searching for meaning and purpose in their lives, they embarked on a spiritual path and discovered a new way of being in the world.

    Bill and Irene have created a program for resolving heartache and living life to the fullest.  By integrating a spiritual philosophy and healing approach, their book, “From Heartache to Happiness,” shows how you can build a foundation for living a more joyful, loving life.

    Business partners, best friends and married for over 25 years, Bill and Irene will take you on a spiritual journey of the heart, sharing tools and techniques you can use to upgrade your personal toolbox for a more successful way of living.

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    Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma: the verdict is in. Now its our time!

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    UPDATE: The federal bribery & corruption trial of former Choctaw Nation Executive Director, Jason Merida, has been found guilty on all counts but one count. Sentencing will come later. The revelations from the trial has fanned the fire of the numerous similar allegations lasting several years, which had been smoldering since Hollis Roberts conviction in 1997.

    From the activity in the social media, it is apparent this isn't over. Instead, it is a beginning of activism, educating and organizing the Chahta people into bringing about an overhaul of the governmental entity known as the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. The problem is, what will it look like when we are done? Will we be more unified? Or will we be divided into factions? If we as Chahta people want to make a better Nation for our children, then it is our responsibilities to no longer remain silent. Our steps to unity begin at home and community, where we begin developing a consensus of what we need to do to achieve our objective. And we do it ourselves, the real and lasting power to strengthen our nation is our own investment in what we create.

    Bob Burlison, Kalyn Free and Stephen Leflore attended the trial and shared their observations through the social media. Chahta people from around the Nation needed it, but those who do not understad the realities we face living here has been polarized against them.

    This is a very important issue, so please share. Time for the Chahta people to pay close attention as we draw near a critical campaign year.

    United States Attorney Doug Horn in the final statement of his closing argument, turned away from the jury, looked directly at the spectators, pointed his finger and said, "The citizens of the Choctaw Nation are the victims in this case. We have not stopped our investigation nor will we rest. Choctaw people you have a lot of work to do." 

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    SOAR Presents Oklahoma City Thunder Cheerleader Shereka Jones Dec 1st at 11:00AM

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    Tune at 11am on December 1st while Pete Richardson interviews Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader Shereka Jones. Shereka is 6 year veteran for the Thunder, so tune in if you want to be inspired, entertained, and educated! #Soar

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    The Signalis Show: Moore, Oklahoma

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    Conservative news talk on today's issues that affect all Americans.

    Today: The Moore,Oklahoma killing. ISIS has called for " Lone Wolf" terrorists to act on their own in the US. Is this what's to come or is this just " workplace violence" as Obama likes to say? You decide.

    Please visit this site to support our men and women in uniform:


    Also please google the name of Sgt. Charles Dyer and help this patriot who has been wrongly convicted.

    Also demand from your elected officials that they do everything they can to help free Sgt. Andrew Tahmoressi who is in jail in Mexico. Make sure the White House especially knows how you feel.

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