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    Celtics vs OKC Thunder Post Game Podcast- Call into Show Toll Free: 347-215-7771

    in Basketball

    CLNS Radio's Celtics Postgame Show is powered by Harry's Razors (claim free trial and use promo code: Celtics) and FanDuel (Claim Free Trial here and use PROMO CODE: CELTICS for FREE PLAY)

    The Boston Celtics hit the road Sunday night to square off against the OKC Thunder. Chris Morrison of The Hoopers Log Podcast, and Cory Prescott, Celtics Content Manager for CLNS,  will have you covered in the "virtual studio."

    Jared Weiss will be back with the Grandstand APP Celtics Locker Room report, following Wednesday's game vs the Mavericks.

    Call the guys to give your opinion on the game at 347-215-7771 and tweet @CLNSCeltsPGShow to get your tweets read on-air by the CLNS hosts!

    PRE GAME NOTES: Check out CLNS Radio's Celtics Pre Game Podcast from Celtics Beat. Preview provided by LHR and Justin Poulin. Guest interview with Jeff Goodman of ESPN. Listen here.

    Support CLNS! We are now entering our 7th year servicing Celtics fans. Support CLNS for less than $1.99 and receive tshirt, travel mugs and/or entry in to our monthly autograph drawing. Click here for more info!

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    Will and Thunder welcomes back A Sound of Thunder!

    in Rock Music

    One of our most favorite bands and guests are back! The hardest-working band on the metal scene, A Sound of Thunder is back to talk to us about their 5th album and most ambitious project to date! Based on the Shadowman series of comic books, the band's latest release, Tales From the Deadside, is a concept album like no other.

    Award-winning comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment and Washington, DC area metal band A Sound of Thunder are teaming up for “Tales from the Deadside” – an all-new concept album inspired by New Orleans’ nocturnal guardian…the voodoo-empowered hero simply known as Shadowman!

    The story of Shadowman, his alter-ego Jack Boniface, and the many characters in his world inspired us to create what we believe is our best album to date,” said A Sound of Thunder guitarist Josh Schwartz. “We let the story lead us to places our music has never been before, combining all the elements of supernatural horror, drama, action and adventure found in the comics. Of course, everything has gone through our own unique Thunderous filter, and all the familiar ASOT elements will be there. Shadowman’s harrowing journey demanded no less!

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    How can Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder beat Memphis

    in Basketball

    The Memphis Grizzlies are leading the Oklahoma City Thunder 2-1 in the series. The Thunder really need a win to tie things up. E-Rod and Tricia Status discuss what tactics the Thunder need to take.

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    Sister Thunder and Brenda battle Jordan The Two Sister Act

    in Politics Conservative

    Sister Thunder and Brenda Battle Jordan  take on all the topics of today. Nothing is too tough, to wild, or too hard for us to discuss. This is the time for all of us to come together as Americans and share different opinions from different perspectives, and if we can talk about it, than we should all be able to work together as Americans. The subjects we will be speaking on are: The Flint Water Crisis, The Oregon and the BLM, Syrian Refugees, Why America is not aiding Christian Militias in Iraq, and the lack of choices in the Democratic Party and the abundance of choices in the Republican Party

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    Thunder Okc

    in Current Events

    Talking about the Okc Thunder and the NBA playoffs.

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    Will and Thunder welcomes Graham McTavish

    in Entertainment

    After our highest-rated show earlier this year with Outlander author Diana Gabaldon, many of you have contacted us asking if or when we would have more stars from the Outlander series on the show with us; and we were not idle during our summer hiatus!

    We're having a special Saturday-night show for the one and only Graham McTavish; not only known for his role as Dougal on the wildly popular Outlander show, but also for his roles in such movies as The Hobbit and Rambo. Although we know it is short notice, Graham has taken time out of his very hectic schedule to visit our show and talk to us about the brand-new release of Outlander's second half of season 1 on DVD, and his past and present projects. We are so glad to have him as our guest and hope you will join us!

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    Thursday Night Thunder with Adam Sinclair

    in Sports

    Thursday Night Thunder with host Adam Sinclair (@faborplumbs) and co-host Mykkal Mulalley (@Mykkal61) review the Rolex 24 at Daytona with superfan Vickie Miller and IndyCar SportsCar Podcast host Missy Linker.

    We will also delve into the world of NASCAR, talking briefly about the caution rule for the truck series, as well as what we think Tony Stewart might do for 2016. We'll also get into the IndyCar preseason developments, as well as whatever other motorsports news is on the radar.

    Fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for a raucous ride through the auto racing world!

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    Celtics vs Thunder Post-Game Show | NBA | Boston | OKC | #OnBoard

    in Sports

    CLNS Radio continues its coverage of every Boston Celtics' game tonight after the C's wrap up against the OKC Thunder.  Rajon Rondo returns to the starting line-up tonight, your trusty Beats and Eats Podcast hosts Ty Ray and Nick Gelso will guide you through the night! As an added bonus for C's fans, CLNS - Celitcs Locker Room Report, and host of the Garden Report Post Game Show, Jared Weiss will be in the booth with the BNE guys! Call in with your questions for J. Weiss and the crew!

    Call the guys to give your opinion on the game at 347-215-7771 and tweet @CLNSRadio to get your thoughts #OnBoard. You can also get involved in the action by joining the CLNS Sports Hub Discussion Group on Facebook here.

    Don't forget to download CLNS Radio's new MOBILE APP for a chance to win Celtics tickets! Get #OnBoard today - www.clnsradio.com/iOSfree OR www.clnsradio.com/Android. 

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    PxP – Thor: God of Thunder Part Two - Spoiler Edition

    in Pop Culture

    “So, young Thor, of course, is impotent.”

    Enter Gorr, The God Butcher.  Join the hosts as they dig into the meat of this epic storyline.  Follow along as Gorr slap-chops his way through times and a multitude of pantheons.  Who can stand against his rage, hatred, and All-Black powers?  Watch as Thor 1, Thor 2, and the Thorax attempt to bring the hammers down and stop Gorr, in his god-blood soaked steps.  See not only Thor, through the ages, but Gorr as well.  What creates a god butcher and how does he gain his power?  What has/will become of all gods and where are the other Asgardians in this eons-long struggle?

    Thor: God of Thunder #1 – 6   The God Butcher

    Nov 2012 – Aug 2013 #7 – 11 Godbomb

    Writer:  Jason Aaron

    Artist:  Esad Ribic

    Hosts: Charles McFall & George Doro

    Producer: Mike Woodard

    Panel by Panel is brought to you by the Giant Size Team Up Network


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    PxP – Thor: God of Thunder Part One - Overview

    in Pop Culture

    Once, twice, three time a thunder god.  Join Charles and Uncle George as they explore Thor: God of Thunder and focus on the first two major story arcs of the series; The God Butcher, and God Bomb.  Follow the journey of Thor: Year One, Modern Thor, and Old Man Thor as they attempt to discover and stop the mysterious God Butcher in his quest to rid the multiverse of all gods by, you guessed it, butchering them.  How will three incarnations of everyone’s favorite Asgardian come together to stop this ultimate threat?  Will their combined might be enough to drop the hammers, and axe, on a being that has killed gods for millennia?  Listen to this appeteaser, read up, and prepare for the spoiler filled main course to follow, on January 22, 2016.

    Thor: God of Thunder #1 – 6   The God Butcher

    Nov 2012 – Aug 2013 #7 – 11 Godbomb

    Writer:  Jason Aaron

    Artist:  Esad Ribic


    Hosts: Charles McFall & George Doro

    Producer: Mike Woodard

    Panel by Panel is brought to you by the Giant Size Team Up Network