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    Unity America Radio Veterans Free Enterprise VPL Mike Cubbage

    in Motivation

    OIF MUSTANG Veteran Proactive in leadership Mike Cubbage tells us about his book "Veterans Guide to Higher Education....." he is publishing to help Veterans get an edge on transitioning into civilian life.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Mike is a Combat Veteran and native of Philadelphia who comes from a long line of military service.  He enlisted in the United States Army Infantry in 2003 during the height of the War in Iraq.  The majority of his enlisted career was spent with the famous 101st Airborne Division and in 2005, Mike deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom where he was recognized as both soldier of the month and soldier of the quarter.  Upon his return Mike was recommended by his command to compete for a slot in a competitive program designed to turn Non-Commissioned Officers into Commissioned Officers.  In 2009 Mike was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and subsequently served out the majority of his Officer career on Sand Hill, Ft Benning,“Home of the Infantry.”  Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Foreign Policy from Temple University, a Master of Arts in International Relations and Conflict Resolution with a concentration in International and Transnational Security Issues from American Military University, and a Juris Doctor in U.S. Law from Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law School.  Mike has also published articles for the Philadelphia Metro, Florida Public Interest Law Journal, been a keynote speaker for the Temple Veterans Day Committee, and Speaker and Panelist for the Nova Law Symposium on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

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    THE HOTWASH WITH CJ Presents: Melony Butler and Mike Moore

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    Melony Butler is a proud military wife to MSG Blaine Butler and they reside in Staples, Minnesota. The Butlers have three adult sons who serve in the Minnesota National Guard.  As a family they have endured four deployments to OEF and OIF.  Melony has been on a mission for many years advocating and helping veterans. She has been a Family Readiness Leader for 14 years and volunteered every year at the Great Falls, MT Vets 4 Vets Stand Down.  Melony has experience in the private sector in sales and marketing, management, retail, as well as health and fitness. Melony’s mission began four years ago when the VA Hospital said they had no room for her son while he was suffering from PTSD. She subsequently enrolled in school to achieve a Degree in Psychology with the intention of opening a facility to help and heal soldiers, veterans, and families. Realizing the need can’t wait until fall when she achieves her degree, she began creating the Nest. She states, “We will build the Nest one branch at a time until it is complete! A place to call home and a place to Heal with Honor!”

    Mike Moore has served our country for over 37 years. 24 years in the US Army
    serving in various Ranger Assignments including the 75th Ranger Regiment The
    past 13 years in a Law Enforcement working in uniform patrol, directed patrol
    and Vice & Narcotics. Mike has served overseas as a private contractor in South
    East Asia and is now a NAPWDA Certified K9 Handler.  His primary focus, is in the training arena, where he has built his company Sponte Tactical, which is staffed by former combat veterans, who
    served in Special Operations Units, as well as Tier One Law Enforcement Agencies.
    He now instructs classes for professionals in tactical pistol, Dynamic Carbine and
    defensive shotgun. Sponte Tactical is where “Warriors Train Warriors”.


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    Episode 302: Best of Fallujah Awakens

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    How did the US Marine Corps and local tribal leaders turn the corner in Fallujah?  Who were the people on the ground, Iraqi and American, who were the catalyst for the change that brought about a sea change in the tactical, operational, and strategic direction in Iraq?

    Our guest for the full hour to discuss that and more will be author Bill Ardolino. We will use as a base of our discussion his new book, Fallujah Awakens: Marines, Sheikhs, and the Battle Against al Qaeda.

    Bill is the associate editor of The Long War Journal. He was embedded with the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Army, the Iraqi Army, and the Iraqi Police in Fallujah, Habbaniyah, and Baghdad in 2006, 2007, and 2008, and later with U.S. and Afghan forces in Kabul, Helmand and Khost provinces in Afghanistan. His reports, columns, and photographs have received wide media exposure and have been cited in a number of academic publications. He lives in Washington, DC.

  • 66 Days of PRAYER Revival

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    CALL TO ACTION: People of GOD, if we put more time into "PRAYNG", then we do complaining and pointing fingers; GOD through us would bring forth healing and "COMPLETE RESTORATION". YES! What we are witnessing in our world today is factual and real; but I have learned through practice that the TRUTH of the infallible WORD of GOD "supersedes" ALL facts. Make a quality decision "right now" to be a part of the solution and to STOP perpetuating the problems. How shall we become a part of the solutions? Simple, through "PRAYER". Didn't' JESUS tell us that we ought to ALWAYS "PRAY" and not faint (Luke 18:1)? Are we not admonished (counseled) in (Philippians 4:6) not to be anxious (in anxiety, distress, fear or worry) about or over NOTHING, but in EVERYTHING to "PRAY" unto GOD? Are we not further encouraged to "PRAY" without ceasing (1st Thessalonians 5:17), exhorted (warned) to supplicate (petition on behalf of), "PRAY", intercede (reconcile/RESTORE) and to give thanks for ALL mankind (1st Timothy 2:1-3)? Are we not told to "PRAY" for one another so that we may be healed (James 5:16)? Do we not remember that GOD has promised in HIS WORD in (2nd Chronicles 7:14) that if we (HIS people), who are called by HIS name would humble ourselves (come out of arrogance and pride and lower ourselves before HIM), "PRAY", seek HIS face (not HS hand) and turn from our own wicked ways (of doing and thinking) that then and only then will HE hear (listen to us), forgive our sin and heal our land? The number 66 symbolizes the reduction of or the loss of faith to the Divine Plan of Almighty GOD. It is through "PRAYER" that the Divine Plan of Almighty GOD shall be "COMPLETELY RESTORED".

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    Unity America Radio Veterans Free Enterprise October 14, 2015

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    WE UNITE to help bring Amir Hekmati, a US Marine Corps Veteran Home from unjustly imprisonment in Iran. We will take calls at (607) 203-5492 You can surf in for live broadcasts via BTR (BlogTalkRadio)  at  www.UnityAmericaRadio.com Thank you respectfully we need everyone's support for this young U.S. Marine Veteran to come home safe and sound to his family. Semper Fidelis, Unity America Radio Veterans Free Enterprise
    Airman Stone Who Stopped Terror Attack, Stabbed in California; Send him an email at: airmanstone@us.af.mil 

    Unity America Radio is a Digital Media Presentation Broadcast that is both educational and motivational. Unity America, offers The United American Veterans Paid Internship Program as an opportunity for Vets and college students to gain practical work experience in the digital media journalism and broadcast field; including social networking, marketing, public presentation, and FUN-raising! We also encourage transitional Veterans to actively establish a business as free enterprise.


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    On tonight's episode of "Free Beard @ Reload Radio," I will be chatting with some amazing Atlanta veterans who are also leaders in the film industry! First, I will chat with Tim Everett, a veteran of the US Army, and the writer and director of several popular films!

    Next, enjoy a chat with US Navy and OIF/OEF Veteran Tessie Wilmot, writer and producer of "Indomitable," an intriguing film about women veterans and their very real struggles and victories.

    Finally, I get to speak with US Army Veteran Richard Tavernaro, who is filming a hugely popular comedy/horror film in Atlanta, "Slaw."
    This will air live from 6-8PM tonight!


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    JwJ-1 "The 4 R's of TDOR"

    in LGBT

    The International Transgender Day oif Remembrance is each year on November 20th with trans communities all over the world holding events to recognize the date.  Julie will discuss the event to be held on November 22nd this year in Louisville.

    Other Links of Interest:

    Transwomen National Website

    Transwomen National Facebook Page





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    Cruz will be honoring his best friend David Lee Fisk Army Ranger who is now on watch from heaven.He will also be honoring the memory of the five blast victims, that were killed in 2007, in Kabul....

    Ted Aub
    Connecticut State Coordinator-POW/MIA Families, Adjutant - Marine Corps League Dept of Connecticut, Chairman-Madison/Guilford Veterans Advisory Committee, Vice President-IWO/JIMA Park and Historical Society, Past Chairman "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans of Connecticut", Member- Connecticut State Coalition for veteran Rights and Services OIF/OEF/OND, Member-Honors Wake Detail Marine Corps League, member Housatonic Detachment -Marine Corps League, Member West Haven Vietnam Veterans Assoc. Special interests include PTSD, Suicide-Resiliance, and homelessness for our Veterans. At our last MCL yearly convention and banquet I was suprised by being inducted into the "Society of "The Chapel Of Four Chaplins" for which I am still humbled. I am proud and honored to serve my fellow man and this country.

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    Dane VanMeter was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1983 to Sam and Linda VanMeter. Graduated High School in 2002 from Weatherford High School in Weatherford, TX where he earned varsity letters in wrestling and football as a sophomore. He joined the Marine Corps at 18 yrs old. Attended Boot Camp in June 2002 at MCRD San Diego. Upon completion of recruit training, attended the Basic Rifleman (0311) Course at SOI West. His first duty station was 29 Palms... , Ca, serving with B.co 3rd LAR in OIF 1 (2003) and a MEU deployment. After that, attended and graduated the Basic Recon Course at Coronado, Ca. Received orders to 1st Recon Bn, Charlie Co, 2nd plt. and served in OIF 3 and 4 in Fallujah, Iraq 2005-2006. In June 2006 he received orders to 1st Force Recon Co where he served in 4th Platoon. In November 2006 1st Force Recon co cased it's colors and was re-designated as 1st Marine Special OperationsBn.(MSOB), MARSOC (Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command). For the next six years he served in 1st MSOB (1st Marine Raider Bn) where he Deployed to Afghanistan as an element member with MSOT (Marine Special Operations Team) 8113,Alpha Co. During that time he was a lead mentor for Afghan National Army and Afghan Commando forces, thus participating in some of the most dangerous missions in the Global War on Terror. He operated in Herat, Farah, Delaram and Helmand provinces of Afghanistan. In August 2012 he left the Marine Corps with an Honorable discharge.Foreign Language: Pashto (afg)1+, 1+Personal Decorations:Navy Commendation Medal with V for valor, Purple Heart, Navy Acheivment Medal with V for Valor, Combat Action Ribbon with gold star, Meritorio.



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    WTR: Lucas Pelt and Col. (Ret.) Scott Mann

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    WTR with GI Jenn is so incredibly honored to welcome two amazing warriors... Lucas Pelt and Col. (Ret.) Scott Mann.  

    First up, we have Lucas Pelt is up. Lucas spent 8 years in air force special operations command. He spent time as aircrew aboard ac-130u model gunships as a loadmaster and a special missions aviator in the non standard aviation program aboard c-146a wolfhound. He spent deployments in both OEF and OIF and other theatres around the world.

    Then, we have Scott Mann is a retired Green Beret Officer with 22 years of Army special operations experience around the world. He has deployed to Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Iraq and Afghanistan. Scott is the CEO and Founder of the Stability Institute, a non-profit organization that helps prepare diplomats, warriors and law enforcement officers for stability operations in challenging areas. Scott lives in Tampa with his wife and sons. - See more at: http://ic.instantcustomer.com/gov3/137380/game-changers-book#sthash.nwVoAAAL.dpuf

    Guest co-host is Matthew O'Dell.  Matthew has developed himself as a trusted advocate for military veterans in our area. After serving in the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army Reserve, he is all too familiar with the troubles our servicemen and women face after returning home. Matthew has served his country in support of both Operation Iraq Freedom, as well as Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan and now serves his veterans as a resource in Tennessee. 

    Call in number is 646-595-3504

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    Albert Roberts is a disabled veteran of the US Air Force and Army. He served as an airman during Operation Desert Storm, and then joined the army during the Global War on Terror. He became a captain in the Military Police Corps and served combat duties in both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as his duty as a public affairs officer at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He is the recipient of two Bronze Stars medals, and an active alumni of the WWP.After his honorable discharge, Albert has since become an actor and film producer. His horror film, Test Group, premieres this October, and he is starring in and producing three other military themed films, to include Indomitable, in which mr. Roberts is the lead male role.

    Timothy Parkhurst retired from the Marines after a career spanning over 25 years, including service in Panama, Desert Storm, OIF and OEF. He served as a Communicator, Infantryman, Scout Sniper and Parachute Rigger. He proudly served in all four Marine Divisions, various Logistics units, two Reconnaissance Battalions and with Marine Special Operations Command.Tim and his wife Leony have been married since 1992 and have two beautiful daughters.

    E.J. Snyder is a 25 year veteran of the US Army. He is a former Army Sergeant Major (E-9) with a background of leading Soldiers in Airborne and Infantry Units, ALWAYS serving in Army Ranger coded positions throughout the Army. He is renowned for ALWAYS leading from the front and by example, as is his loud and "In Your Face" style of leadership. E.J. lived by his nickname "The Skullcrusher".He is a Highly Decorated Combat Veteran of both the 1991 Gulf War and OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in Iraq. He has planned and conducted a broad range of missions covering the entire operational continuum. He is most proud of his Ranger Tab, Combat Infantryman's Badge with Star, Master Parachutist Wings, Pathfinder Badge, Drill Sergeant ID Badge