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    The Hockey Guys Podcast: Episode 33 -- OHL chatter with Sarah Jean Maher

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    Hunter Crowther (@HunterCrowther) and Chris Shannon (@ChrisShannon16) are joined by Sportsnet's Sarah Jean Maher (@SarahJeanMaher) to talk about the Ontario Hockey League playoffs, NHL prospects, and her thoughts around the National Hockey League. 

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    ITO OHL Draft Day Preview

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    Sean Lafortune and Brandon Sudeyko attempt to have a live call in show focused on the OHL Draft. They will preview the day and the players involved.

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    Online Video Teaching with Jodi Ohl

    in Art


    Join Jodi Ohl and I today as we talk about the Hot Topic  “Online Video Teaching”.  Jodi has done over 16 online courses and I am the content developer for iCreateFlix.com, where I support many artists from around the country who offer their content online.

     In this extra special episode Jodi and I talk candidly about building your class, filming it and then the editing process. You will want to grab your pen and paper to take notes on this one!

    Jodi is not only a full time mixed media artist but also a wonderful teacher who travels the country teaching art at live events and retreats. She has been and continues to be published in various major publications regularly. She became a full time artist two years ago and hasn’t looked back since as she is “Living The Creative Life” everyday.

    VISIT www.iCreateFlix HERE:


    To see classes Jodi offers on icreateflix.com visit:


    * Please note the last 10 mins of programing we experience audio difficulties which is were we are talking about one of the retreats that Jodi is a founder in called REME to find out more about this retreat visit here:


    To see Jodi's blog visit: 


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    In this episode, Jeff Lowman from Pensvlog will discuss the OHL's new stance on fighting, the possibility of Ovie not returning to the NHL,  the lockout, some fans perspectives, and etc.

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    Jodi Ohl - Through The Color Of Her Lens

    in Art

    Jodi Ohl has a eye for color giving all who view her work the  sweet treat of color splashes and fun subjects from houses to owls and jellyfish to mermaids she captures the essence of joy! She creates with amazing color combinations and layers upon layers of lusciousness!  She is truly a Mixed Media diva who never shies away from art supplies that will give her that special effect or treatment.
    Today, we will explore where her inspiration comes from along with the colors of her lens, and how she makes all the wheels turn in her now full time Art Career.
    You can find Jodi's work in over 12 galleries along the east coast. She also offers  several in person teaching events and online classes in addition to being a designer for Luminarte.
    To learn more about creative workshops, tutorials, e-books and patterns, visit iCreateFlix.com

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    The Hockey Guys Podcast: Episode 36 -- Hunter sans Chris

    in Hockey

    Hunter Crowther (@HunterCrowther) goes solo as co-host Chris Shannon (@ChrisShannon16) deals with an upper body injury. Todd Cordell (@ToddCordell) calls in to recap the first round of the OHL post-season and discuss various topics around the NHL. Hunter debates with himself on whether Jonathan Quick is an elite goaltender. 

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    CCPT Hockey Show with Cassie & Su

    in Sports

    Join Cassie McClellan (Raw Charge & other hockey sites), Su Ring (hockey fan) and special guests as they chat about hockey and other sports. 

    Connect on Facebook: CCPT Hockey Show and Twitter: @CCPTHockey

    Cassie on Twitter: @dagmar27

    Su on Twitter: @Motley_Su


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    On the Ice w/ OHL Writer Alex Muscat

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    Join On the Ice with Bryan Yates and John Ames this Sunday 5-7 pm EST for 2 hours of Hockey talk. We cover the NHL, AHL, CHL, College Hockey, Fantasy Hockey and much more.     You can check out On the Ice on facebook at Fantasy Hockey/On the Ice show. You can find us on twitter @NHLOn_the_Ice and @NHLOntheIceAmes and at our web site  http://ontheicefanvsfan.weebly.com/      This past Friday brought us the season opening of the OHL. So in our second hour, we will have our OHL preview with Alex Muscat. Alex covers the OHL at www.juniorhockey.com

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    CCPT Hockey with Cassie & Su

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    Cassie McClellan ("Raw Charge") & Su Ring ("MotleySu" blog) chat hockey and sometimes other things with an array of special guests and great hockey minds.

    Connect with us on Twitter: @CCPTHockey @Dagmar27 (Cassie) & @Motley_Su (Su)

    Find us on Facebook: CCPT Hockey Show

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    The Sonny Milano Affair: BC Interruption Talks With the OHL

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    The Sonny Milano Affair with BC is one that stirs emotions one way or the other.  Everyone has an opinion on it.  Joe Grav joins New Guy in studio to talk about what happened in detail.  We'll have guests on from the Ontario Hockey League to discuss primary differences between junior hockey and the NCAA, and we'll encourage the discussion about what Milano did.  Was it right?  Was it wrong?  Does it really matter in the end?

    This is going to be one of the shows you don't want to miss this year.

  • CCPT Hockey Show with Cassie & Su

    in Sports

    Cassie McClellan ("Raw Charge") & Su Ring ("MotleySu" blog) chat hockey and sometimes other things with an array of special guests and great hockey minds.

    Connect with us on Twitter: @CCPTHockey @Dagmar27 (Cassie) & @Motley_Su (Su)

    Find us on Facebook: CCPT Hockey Show