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    DIVA INTERRUPTED: Oh God now what...

    in Caregiving

    CareGiverStory, is proud to have as our very special guest,  Elise "Hollywood" Evans with her beautiful family -- Sandi Jackson, CEO founder of Sisters of Health & Fitness, and Margo Rose author of upcoming book Body Aware Grieving, A Fitness Trainer’s Guide to Caring for Your Health During Sad Times

    Elise "Hollywood" Evans
    "My son and his band members are in the basement teaching Tamara how to play guitar, Amara (11yro) how to play bass. Amara comes up stairs, AMARA, "Mom, I think grandma pooled in her diaper". ME, "So, when is band rehearsal over? School tomorrow, And, WE NEED TO change Grandma's diaper". "BALLIN' OFF TALENT FAMILY HUSTLE! TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!" 

    Sandi Jackson, CEO
    Sisters In Fitness and Health was formed to promote spiritual fitness, physical fitness and a lifestyle of healthy eating and living. We will raise awareness about obesity and rid our communities of obesity and obesity related diseases. 






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    Xtreme Horror: Oh, God, No!

    in Entertainment

    Join Christopher Highland, Eric Morse, and special guest host, and new Wolf Pack member, Lucas Marlone, as they chat about the biker grindhouse flick Oh, God No! Be ready for 10 Seconds of Eroticness, and movie reviews by both Christopher and Eric...

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    Oh God, what is going on in this world????

    in Religion

    It is Friday evening and Muslims all over the world are finishing evening prayers. Jews all over the world are beginning their Sabbath prayers, while Christians are preparing for Sunday services. That's the western world, but what is happening everywhere else? ISIS/ISIL is marching across the Middle East towards Jersusalem, like modern day crusaders killing, pilferaging and killing.The Ebola virus in Africa, and a new plague  sweeping across the midwestern United States, starving children in Africa and Putin acting like a big bully. Is this what YOU planned for us, or is this the price we pay for having freedom to choose.  The Rebellious Rev and The Doc are asking you what do you think is going on?   Call us at 646-595-3275 and give us your thoughts as you are sipping a cup of coffee.

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    Warrior Women for God

    in Women

    Join minister Erica and Minister Andrea as they teach the gospel to empower, uplift and change lives around the world through bible teaching. 

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    Practicing the Presence of God (Part 2)

    in Christianity

    You can experience God's presence today in a real and tangible way. You can feel Him being with you just as strongly as you would feel the presence of another human who’s physically with you. And the quest to experiencing the reality of God being with you always begins with the baptism with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit s the only Person who can make the presence of God real and tangible to you. He’s the only One that can reveal God to you and make God real to you!

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    John of God "Healing Resentments"

    in Spirituality

    Julie Geigle is an International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer & Certified Tour Guide for John of God.

    Join us for our Annual John of God Spiritual Healing Journey:  

    APRIL 7TH-18TH (2 wks) OR APRIL 7TH - 12TH (1 wk)

    For more information go to >> www.johnofgodhealingmiracles.com

    Contact Info:  715-833-1096 or julie.heavensent@gmail.com

    e will be TUNING into the energy of the CURRENT ROOM at The Casa de Dom Inacio, the Spiritual Center where Medium Joao heals.

    Free Reading MEMBERS ONLY at the end of the show

    Members of our website are invited to call in at the end of the show for a free reading.  
    Click here to become a MEMBER.

    People from all over the world host current in their own homes to tune into the energies of John of God and the Spiritual Beings of Light Entities which are located atop a CRYSTAL vortex in Abadiania, Brazil.

    During the meditation I will be reciting prayers & excerpts from spiritual books by reknowned spiritual leaders like Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson and Florence Scovel Shinn.

    "AVA MARIA" CD $20 email lovestar3@msn.com.

    Thank you for sharing this with friends and family.

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    in Christianity

    Hello everyone, and welcome to YourPlace!  Tonight we have with us BlogTalk Mom, with a message entitled "Oh, Let Us Pray". We'll be taking questions and comments after the show, so if you want to join in just push "1" on your phone and we'll identify you by the last four digits of your phone number. So come and get under the spout where the blessings are sure to pour out!

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    Catch The Little Foxes

    in Spirituality

    We want to invite you to www.blogtalkradio.com/let-go-let god ministry.  Our ministry has some awesome anointed men of God, and their names are:  Dr. Wayne Anders,             Dr. Carolyn Anders, Pastor Butch Condon, Rev. Reggie Johnson, Rev. Magil Rivera,   Rev. Leroy Hailey.  Please tune in to the program at 10:00 AM, Monday-Saturday and be blessed by the Lord!

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    GITM Part 4 Pastor Helena Taylor, Adoring Him, My Beloved Ministry

    in Spirituality

    This is Part 4 of our 4 Part Series with Pastor Helena Taylor of Adoring Him, My Beloved Ministry in St Louis, Mo.  2015 Is Your Time to Live Daily In God’s Presence & Worship Your Way To Deliverance. Pastor Taylor will preach the Word of God!!!

    The entire series will be recorded and archived. When you get an opportunity, you may listen to this series as well as all of our anointed archives by clicking the link:



    God In the Midst otherwise known as G.I.T.M or GITM Radio is an apostolic ministry whose charge is to help encourage, edify and equip the people of God who are called to Home Churches, Small Churches and Para Church ministries. Home or house Churches usually have 20 people or less, Small Churches are up to 100 adults and Para Church ministries could be Bible Studies, Prayer groups, men or women’s ministries that are not Churches in and of themselves but walk alongside the Church. We are featuring one Home, Small or Para Church ministry each month by interviewing them.  We hope that as you hear them tell their personal testimonies, share their  history and current activities,  the Lord will confirm what He has placed on your heart or it may encourage you to step out boldly …it may even catapult you to that next dimension in the Lord & ministry.  Our Host is Apostle Barbara Kizzie

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    Kiler Davenport Live: God Facade

    in Religion

    We are live, in your face, rubber meets the road alternative radio. Bring us your lost, confused, depressed, stressed, psychotic, neurotic questions, answers, theories, philosophies, hypothesis. Jack is coming out of the box tonight. We are going to let the house rock. Yes this is a hot oven. When we get through with this show it will be well done. Love ya'll. See you on the air.

    Tonight on this episode we will discuss the God Facade. Who is God? What is God? Where is God? Why is God? Has man created Gd in his own image? And much more.


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    in Entertainment

    To know where you are going you must first know where you came from. If this adage is true, how far do we go back to gauge our full future potential? Do we count backwards from chattel slavery? Do we start with empires of Kush or the Moors of Spain? Or is there a key we are missing in our ancient future? Something so great that to go back to that would change how we view ourselves as "human beings" forever? This Thursday 2RAW4TV explores the endless possibilities of the mind, body, and soul. This Thursday we see what has been purposedly hidden from us- a reality so bright that by just imagining it you become it.  THE GOD I USED TO BE. 

    World reknowned author, illustrator, and poet Marc Marcel comes back to 2RAW4TV to talk about his publications,the latest album he thought he would never make, and his cutting edge cartoon series GURUS. 


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