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    ETR 56 Offshore Drilling in Florida

    in Energy

    Oct. 21, 2008: Jane Van Ryan talks with Barney Bishop, president and CEO of the Associated Industries of Florida, about support for offshore drilling in the state.

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    Offshore Drilling with EnergyFLA on Freedom's Wings Tuesday

    in Politics Conservative

    A representative from EnergyFLA will join me in the first hour to discuss their work in protecting Florida's energy future with a big push towards offshore drilling. We'll discuss the details and pros and cons and also discuss Crap & Tax. Progress Energy in Florida is also pushing for a 30% increase to energy bills and we will discuss how EnergyFLA can help with this. Tis is a topic that effects all of America, not just Florida. Join us with your questions and comments! The second hour will be my regular irreverent Conservative Libertarian commentary on the current events in news and politics.

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    Offshore Drilling

    in Politics

    Offshore drilling, the RNC scandal and how sports impacts public policy

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    ETR 104 Obama’s Offshore Drilling Announcement: A Step in the Right Direction

    in Energy

    April 6, 2010: In today’s episode, Jane Van Ryan interviews Erik Milito, API’s group director of upstream and industry operations, about President Obama’s announcement to open areas on the Outer Continental Shelf for offshore drilling.

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    ETR48 - Offshore Drilling Safety

    in Energy

    August 26, 2008: Jane Van Ryan talks with Ford Brett, president of OGCI PetroSkills, and a director at the Society of Petroleum Engineers, focused on the environmental protection and safety of drilling in the Outer Continental shelf

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    ETR 60 Offshore Drilling

    in Energy

    Nov. 8, 2008: Jane Van Ryan talks with Eric Smith, an offshore energy expert at the Tulane Energy Institute, about offshore energy exploration and production.

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    Real Talk Real Game: Reactivated

    in Entertainment

    Focus Topic: What Is Reality? Current events that affect daily living and impact our interactions. We are in a shift in information access, credibility, efficacy, and reliability.  What one perceives often affects and conditions responses to life's events. How has the geo-political landscape transformed average people of differing sectors of society? Can epic events developing abroad and in the United States have lasting negative impact in unimagined ways? Is there a measurable affect from developing economicmodels? Is there a dissconnect between what is real versus what you think? 

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    Liz Peak-Right Handed Commentary On Politics And Economics

    in Current Events

    "Liz Peek was one of the first women on Wall Street to earn that most hallowed of titles --Partner. After graduating with an Honors Degree in Economics and as a Durant Scholar from Wellesley College, she joined a research boutique on Wall Street where she developed an improbable expertise in backhoes, mining equipment, oilfield wireline services and drilling fluids. She became a CFA and in 1975 she moved to Wertheim & Company, a leading equities house which subsequently was bought by Schroder, Inc. and then by Citigroup. During almost two decades with the firm, Liz became a top-ranked analyst covering oilfield services companies, co-head of investment research and head of the firm’s international research department. As a partner she was seconded to Schroder to assist that company’s entry into the equities business at the time of London’s “Big Bang”, and then assigned to build Wertheim’s equities business in Tokyo.

    Liz was the first woman to head the National Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts, a national organization of several hundred energy investors, and was a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Oil and Gas Journal, Wall Street Transcript and other industry periodicals. She was a guest on Wall Street Week and other financial programs.

    In recent years Liz has been a columnist with The Fiscal Times and FoxNews.com. For several years she was the business columnist for The New York Sun; she has also written for The Huffington Post, The Motley Fool and published a weekly column on Women on the Web (wowOwow.) She has also contributed articles to Trends, a business periodical in the Middle East, Avenue and The New York Observer. She is a regular guest on FoxNews.comLive and has appeared on other TV programs including Larry Kudlow and Fox and Friends. She has been twice nominated for a Loeb Award."

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    Keep Hermosa Hermosa, No on Measure O

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Kevin Sousa and Michael Collins.

    Dr. Michael Collins is a paddler, surfer, artist and psychologist who lives, works, and plays in Hermosa 

    Beach. About 3 years ago, an oil company began a campaign that would attempt to convince the citizens 

    of Hermosa Beach to lift their current ban on oil and gas drilling. The notion of allowing a 34 well oil and 

    gas drilling operation to set up camp in the middle of Hermosa Beach was seen as a direct threat to 

    everything that his community stood for, which is why Mike and his friends formed ‘Stop Hermosa 

    Beach Oil’, and united under the banner, "Keep Hermosa Hermosa." Michael believes this grass roots 

    effort has captured the spirit of Hermosa Beach with passion, creativity, heart and endurance. 

    Kevin Sousa is the co-founder of Keep Hermosa Hermosa. He lives and works in Hermosa Beach as a 

    psychotherapist. Kevin is also a musician who performs regularly in and around the South Bay. In 

    addition, Kevin is an avid waterman.

    This morning, we’re going to discuss Measure O which is on the ballot next month and proposes oil 

    drilling in Hermosa Beach.  This is an intensely controversial subject and today we’ll talk about why 

    drilling in Hermosa should not be allowed.


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    Really Early Morning with Kp 2-6-15...

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/02/06/really-early-morning-with-kp-2-6-15

    This one was primarily about “energy”, and electrical energy generation. Spurred by the Puna Geothermal Venture article, where holes are drilled into the lava to generate power from the steam generated and the difference in temperature, which makes a lot of noise and they (PGV) want to do it 24 hrs. a day, but even so, all the electricity goes into “the grid”, the old paradigm grid. It just “makes more sense” for each person, each house, to have their own individual electricity generator.

    We also talked about the crystal battery, Nick’s great ideas, and the Bedini School Girl motor (link 1, link 2).

    MP3 download link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/02/06/really-early-morning-with-kp-2-6-15.mp3

    [Pre-show notes: “If I knew, I’d tell you..”]


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    CR Live 1/28: 75000 Muslims Coming to US, Obama vs Netanyahu, Alien Measles

    in Politics Conservative

    7pm EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

    Tonight's topics include:

    Retired General Slams Obama on ISIS: “You cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists"
    Mars Rover Photo Captures What Appears to Be a Human Shadow Near Rover
    Vengeful Army of Obama Campaign Staffers Deploy to Israel to Topple Conservative Netanyahu
    Epic Blizzard Hitting Northeast Caused by 'Climate Change' Says Bill Nye "Pop-Science" Guy
    US Government Denies Measles Outbreak in California Tied to Illegals: Blames Non-Vaccinating Parents
    Alaskans Furious: Obama Moves To Land-Grab Alaska's ANWR Coastal Plain to Stop Drilling
    "We Don't Want a New Gitmo" Say French Officials: 70% of All Prisoners in France Are Muslim
    Obama Skips Paris, Gettysburg, Intel Briefs, Arlington: Makes Islamic Saudi King's Funeral


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