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    American Workers Have Been Left Behind!

    in Politics

    America workers have been left behind and not enough of the right people care. Not enough people are working to get back to a full workforce. Who are the right people who should care enough to do bring America back to a full workforce of 160 million people? It is the job seekers, CEOs, GOP and DEMs. Politicians are prancing around doing their own things knowing those who need jobs are depending on them yet all politicians can see is more money for self. Those with jobs who can make a difference have moved on to the 2016 games of politics. Envision a man who has deserted his family and is seen all over town with everyone doing all sorts of things while his family waits for his return to supply the needs of the home. This is America today. This has to end and it is up to the job seekers to end it. Put on your walking shoes America and storm every offical building standing because of tax payers until relief is spelled with your name on a paycheck with liveable wages. America has left workers behind and the only reason I see is more care for money than for people, and this is what's known as greed, the love of money greed which leads to all evils

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    Fanatic Radio 4/3/15 - April 3, 2015 - Final Four Part 2

    in Basketball

    Mike and Ben break down the offical matchups for Saturday's Final Four and discuss the issue of paying NCAA student-athletes whether it is on the horizon or a disaster in the making. Mike has stories from the McDonald's All American Game and can Kentucky go undefeated, will Wisconsin prevail, can Coach K get ring number five?


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    Basketball Colorado Presented by ASPIRE Beverages - 3/29/2015 - Club edition

    in Basketball

    The high school season has offical come to an end . It was an exciting year! Now we turn our sights on the club season. But before we do will dicuss the open coachinng positions that have come open recently. 

    Next on the show we will talk to Colorado Chaos director Dave Matthews, Next Level 17's coach Leroy Matticks, Colorado Hawks 17's coach Art Williams. 

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    3kmgradio w/ dj gotdamushawt on 87.9fm

    in Radio

    offical web page: http:mtulloss.wix.com/3kmgradio

    request line :v 713-955-0560

    ig: dj gotdamushawt


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    Autism ~ I Know You're In There

    in Health

    My guest, MARCIA HINDS, is the auhor of the popular book I Know You're In There; Winning Our War Against Autism.  You may review her book at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0996103902.  If you click on the "look inside" feature above the cover of the book, you can read the first four chapters.
    Here is a statement from Marcia, "Ryan is now an engineer at a major aerospace company; but more important than that, he has friends and is happy. When he was first diagnosed I was told he would need to be institutionalized. Don't believe all you are told about autism. It is possible to have a different outcome."  Here is Marcia's offical website:  http://iknowyoureinthere.com/.  We will be discussing her journey with her son Ryan and how she can help other children recover from Autism.  Please join us live on March 19th at 12:00 P.M. CST.  I will be taking callers with questions at 917-889-8895.

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    Free Agency Roundup

    in Football

    The first ever episode of NFL Northwest, the offical podcast of 12th Man Rising.

    Hosted by Keith Myers

    Special guest: Paul Novak of 12thManRising.com

    Paul helps me break down the NFL teams that have had the best and worst offseasons so far. We also break down our thoughts on the Jimmy Graham trade, and discuss what else Seattle needs to do in order to get their roster ready for the 2015 season. 

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    American Security

    in Politics

    Good morning, today on The Meter we will discuss the current state of American security. Former Secretary of State and presumptive Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is under fire for using her personal email server to conduct offical US business. In today's age of computer hacking and identity theft, did Secretary Clinton carelessly put America at risk? This week 47 Republican US senators sent a letter to Iran warning that country that any nuclear deal concluded by President Obama without congressional approval will be temporary only. This has caused a fire storm of controversy enraging many in Democratic Party ranks. Does a deal with Iran put American security at risk or are we more at risk if republicans sour the deal? In Ferguson, MO the protests over the Michael Brown shooting by white police officer Darren Wilson are not going away. This week 2 Ferguson police officers were wounded in a shooting outside their own police station and the suspect remains at large. Are we less safe as citizens if police are attacked during continual protests or is racism institutional among America's police forces? In another security breach, Secret Service agents presumingly driving intoxicated breached the perimeter of the White House shutting down an active bomb investigation. Is the President and his family's security at risk because of disrespect by the Secret Service? Please join this debate at 9:00 A.M. The call in number 347-308-8933. Your input is essential.

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    Curvy Metalhead Show Exclusive- Jodi LaBossiere

    in Entertainment

    At the age of fourteen, she became the youngest Avon lady on the block, knocking on the doors of her mother’s friends and showing them how to look and feel beautiful. This part-time job started her off in the health and beauty industry and over the last three decades she has honed her skills and worked with some of the world’s top cosmetic chemists, makeup artists, doctors, and entrepreneurs.

    As a beauty expert she has been featured on numerous TV shows (Fox News, CKY TV, CKND TV) to give tips and tricks that will help anyone become the most beautiful woman they know. As a regular guest host on Shop NBC, she has been seen in more than 75 million homes across America and many more millions worldwide. 

    Currently, Jodi is the author of "In Your Face: The BADASS Lifestyle Guide for the Empowered Woman" which avaible on Amazon:


    Source: jodilabossiere.com

    Offical Site



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    Nurses, Doctors and Pilots- Forced- Coerced- Extorted to AA

    in Self Help

    Did you know that Nurses, Doctors, Pilots are all being forced to attend AA in a way that breaks their beloved traditions. Has anyone bother to explain to the FAA, or the commercail airlines this is in strict violation to the lay person in AA. BON (Board of Nursing) is also a bitch on wheels. The ASAM is not really anthing offical, except what they do to good doctors. Many kill themselves, rather then go to another AA meeting. But there is a law suit brewing and we are talking. Join us for a 1 hour live show with calls from ex - steppers in need of support. 

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    in Entertainment

    Writer, Director, Producer Kenneth Johnson is the Creator of  V, The Incredible Hulk, Alien Nation, The Bionic Woman and other Emmy Award Winning  shows.

    He's the Director of numerous TV movies and the feature films Short Circuit 2, and Steel & Winner of the prestigious Viewers for Quality Television Award, multiple Saturn Awards, The Sci-Fi Universe Life Achievement Award, plus nominations for Writers Guild and Mystery Writers of America Awards, among others. Kenny's offical website is www.kennethjohnson.us


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    Two Chicks at the SAME TIME! - 03/09/15

    in Sports

    Sheena Parveen joined us tonight for not your average forecast 

     We are LIVE and INTO THE NIGHT once again taking your phone calls, answering questions and questioning answers.  Joe Corrado is in the house bringing some noise and Luigi Curto as always is manning the phones.



    One hell of an opening introduction

    Jose From Norristown officaly thanks the Flyers for participating this season

    Tony clears up some 60's music mystery for Robin

    The offical Tony Bruno Show archivist calls in with some classic Into To The Night clip

    Sheena Parveen and Joe Corrado finnaly spoke on the phone and she gives us a national forecast and a Garden Of Eden update

    Robin shares her own personal bug experience

    An Indonesia update telling men to pass their laundry to the left

    Once again we would like to remind you to please share and subscibe to the podcast.  Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends to like, share, tweet and help us grow!  See you all next Monday night!

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