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    Help! I am hurting - Loss of Identity Part 4

    in Spirituality

    Help! I am hurting is an 8 part series that deals with the various issues that cause individuals to get stuck in a place of stagnation and often desire to give up. Join us at 8:30 PM on Thursdays as we deal with these obstacles and challenges faced on the path of your destiny and give you valuable tools to overcome them. 

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    Jim Turner Citizens for Health Attorney on Building Fortunes Radio Peter Mingils

    in Business

    Citizens for Health Show .......  talking GMO on Building Fortunes Radio.
    This is a radio show that informs on what's happening with GMO Salmon and the controversy around it 

    You can listen to past shows at: www.buildingfortunesradio.com.

    Join the newsletter on www.citizens.org

     Citizens for Health Show with Jim Turner has been working with Citizens.org since 1993 and you can learn more about his past experiences with Ralph Nader, DSHEA, the dietary supplements act, Food Identity Theft, Vaccination Mandates and more on previous radio shows

    He has shared information about all natural products like Zapne, and others

    Jim has explained about vaccines and High Fructose corn syrup and Food Identity Theft.

    Then on Building Fortunes Radio for the rebroadcasts: www.buildingfortunesradio.com/citizens

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    We are speaking with Lacy from @fullcircleatc plus guilt and shame

    in Self Help

    I will be speaking Lacy who facilitates a Art therapy here at the @thegatehouse.org also  running Full Ciricle Art Therapy along with Pearl. We will all so talk about guilt and shame and how that came change.

    The Gatehouse Transforming Trama into Triump Conference Friday April 29 2016 900am to 4:00pm if you are interested in attending



    If you on Twitter support for free.





    @csaqt in the UK


    #survivorsteps wensdays














    I hope trust this may be helpfull.

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    Not By Sight Documentary with Director Content Johnson & Actor Carltaise Ransom

    in Entertainment

    Not By Sight is a comedy-documentary that features Sampson McCormick, an African-American comedian, author, and GLBTQ activist as he explores the State of Black Culture, Black Socioeconomics, and most importantly, the role and wrath of the Black Church. From Washington, D.C. to California, the cast is comprised of artists, academic scholars, ministers, and community activists who share diverse views from within multidisciplinary fields. The documentary establishes a bridge between comedy and spirituality while shedding light on the role religion continues to play in defining and shaping identity in the Black GLBTQ community.


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    The CEO and The Monk

    in Energy

    Corporate America is more or less known for distrust, employee mistreatment, and lack of ethics, to say the least. What if two men could create harmony between management and union workers as they generate profitability? Such was the case with the most unlikely duo, Bob Catell a luminary in the energy industry and Kenny Moore, a former Catholic Monk who tell their story of success in the best-selling book, The CEO and The Monk. It is the story of KeySpan, the nation's 5th largest energy giant and a profitable, Fortune 500 company and their simple belief in opting to "do the right thing." Before it was bought out by NationalGrid in February 2006, KeySpan received a 100% rating on the Corporate Equality Index released by the Human Rights Campaign starting in 2004, the third year of the report. The Human Rights Campaigns priorities include: prevention of hate crimes and HIV/AIDS; advocacy for healthcare benefits, marriage, and adoption rights for same-sex couples; lobbying for a federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act and gender identity anti-discrimination laws; combating gay bashing in schools; and building relationships with straight allies, ethnic groups, religious leaders, and youth. In this segment of The Clean Energy View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Robert Catell who was formerly the Chairman and CEO of KeySpan Corporation and KeySpan Energy Delivery, the former Brooklyn Union Gas. Following National Grid's acquisition of KeySpan Corporation, Mr. Catell became Chairman of National Grid, U.S. and Deputy Chairman of National Grid plc. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center at Stony Brook University, NYS Smart Grid Consortium, Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School, Futures in Education Endowment Fund and the NY Energy Policy Institute's Advisory Council. 

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    Tongue Waggers: Lingwistiks frum a Xtian W/V (Ep 3)

    in Christianity

    On this episode of Tongue Waggers, Mike and George are going to throttle back some and go back to the basics. After receiving some feedback, we decided that we are going to be defining terms a lot more so that we aren't talking over the heads of our listeners. But, don’t worry, we need to talk about some very important topics. Here's the list:

    1. Back to basics - What kind of words are our there
    2. What are the different word classes
    3. Gender-neutral language has gone too far, sort of
    4. Your social identity revealed by subtle linguistic cues
    5. Stuttering, Speech Impediments, Spurgeon, and the Bible
    6. Mikey has a testimony to share
    ...and much more.

    If you have any questions, email us at g220radio@gmail.com, or you can call in the day of the show (347) 857-4028 3:30 pm EST. Tune in!

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    isportsMSU Red Cedar Report

    in Sports

    On today’s isportsMSU Red Cedar Report, isportsweb contributor Ryan McCumber joins Tyler Hayward to talk about the 17 Michigan State Spartans that will try to latch on to NFL teams this seasons. Are they being undervalued or overrated? Where will they get selected in the draft? Plus, what Spartans are likely to stick on a 53-man roster when the season rolls around? We also focus on the controversy surrounding Connor Cook and talk about all of the options for Jack Conklin, who will be MSU's first offensive lineman taken in the first round since Tony Mandarich.

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    Favor Life, The Process Of There................................................

    in Christianity

    Favor Life is a 15 minute radio empowerment segment designed to encourage the Christian Believer in their walk of faith and trust everyday through life situations and circumstance. The goal of this radio broadcast is to spiritually empower each believer in their process of growing and maturing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ daily. For the Christian Believer ,who is in this world but operate and live in a different system of faith , we learn to manifest the glory of the Lord in our everyday life by faith , trust and obedience to God's Word. The journey of faith and trust is one that is to be enjoyed as we walk in the victory, purpose and destiny of our process to "there". Our "there" place is the place of our making that expresses the identity and character of Jesus Christ to a world who does not see or know Christ unless we show Him even in the conflicts that we face in our everyday life. So join in as we go through the process of "there" and see the favor of our King in everyday life on "Favor Life".

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    Lomax Live: The Sidepiece Handbook

    in Entertainment

    Since the dawn of history, women have searched for the answer to one of life’s most fundamental of questions...Why Do SidePieces Exist? The search is over. The SidePiece Handbook is a quirky, how­to guide on being content with time­sharing an insignificant other in the most glamorous, seductive and completely ruthless way. It offers biased, unscientific techniques that can help the aspiring Homewrecking Operative or H.O. realize their own SidePiece abilities and become one of Gold Digging Standard. This important & entertaining reference provides essential information on what a SidePiece is, how to identify the type of SidePiece you are under the Hierarchy of Whoredom (Known as the H.O.­archy) and provides faux advice to the aspiring SidePiece or the more seasoned SidePiece who wants to improve her skills.

    The views and opinions expressed on the radio program by the artists, host/co-hosts, guests and call in listeners are solely the opinions of the original source who express them. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of Shay-Renae & Friends Radio, or it’s Affiliates. Opinions stated by various contributors to Shay-Renae & Friends Radio and its programming are not to be considered as endorsed by Shay-Renae & Friends. Our aim is to bring music, a balance information and awareness program to the listeners of Shay-Renae & Friends Radio. Shay-Renae & Friends gives people a chance to express themselves and showcase their talents and some people may find opinions expressed on this station offensive. Our opinions are based on Individual opinions and experiences. The information you hear does not constitute a recommendation, offer or solicitation to buy or sell any product. We are open to your criticism or ideas for future radio improvement. Please feel free to email us at shaymedia1@gmail.com

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    Tech Talk on the SoftwareONE Radio Network-The Business Value of Microsoft EMS

    in Technology

    Hey Tech Talkers, tune in on April 27th as we break down Microsoft's Mobility Bundle call the Enterprise Mobility Suite. We will dig into Azure AD Premium, Intune, Azure Rights Management Services, Advanced Threat Analytics, Azure RemoteAPP, and Microsoft Identity Manager. Listen in to see how your mobile workforce can be efficient and secure. And don't forget to call in to ask questions or make a comment on the air to get an Amazon Gift Card for All callers at (347) 637-1009. Only On the SoftwareONE Radio network!


    12:00 PM EDT - Overview of EMS, what is it and why look at it!

    12:30 PM EDT - Azure AD Premium - Where does it fit within the directory services world?

    1:00 PM EDT - Azure AD Premium Part 2, MFA

    1:30 PM EDT - Intune - What does it really do?

    2:00 PM EDT - Azure Rights Management Services - For Both the Cloud and the Data Center

    2:30 PM EDT - Azure Advanced Threat Analytics  - Secure In Depth just got another layer!

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    in Politics

    Originally started during Summer 2013 with Thomas Witt, executive director, Equality Kansas the largest premier statewide organization for the LGBT communities. See: http://eqks.org/

    KKFI fm 90.5 Kansas City’s community FCC radio station broadcasts “This Way Out” every Saturday 2pm (Central).  It is live streamed at their website for out of range listeners.

    See: http://www.kkfi.org/on-air-guide/


    “This Way Out” the international gay and lesbian radio magazine. (30 min.) See: http://thiswayout.org/

    Radio Ecoshock- from the world's largest green audio web site. (60 min.) See: http://www.ecoshock.org/

    Taxcast - from the Tax Justice Network, hosted by Naomi Fowler. (30 min.) See: http://www.taxjustice.net/taxcast/