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    Off the Cuff Radio(Featuring Torch)

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    After a week hiatus, The Guilloteam returns with a vengence and yes Guillotine is ready to get bloody! On this episode of Off the Cuff radio paying homage to J-Dilla and Guru,  We're gonna be talking about The Lost Generation. Is this current generation doomed? Did the previous generation drop the ball? We're also gonna be addressing the Afrikka Bambatta controversey, Designer becoming the "New Future", YG and Nipsey Hussle "Donald Trump video and other topics!

    We're also gonna be featuring Philly battle rapper Torch as a guest on our show and he's gonna be talking to us about his moves, his thoughts on the battle rap scene, the industry, and gonna also be bringing us new music of his. 


    The call in number is 1-619-924-0703




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    SB331 Boring (and Profitable!) Investments

    in Business

    Boring, it turns out, is profitable! We talk boring investments
    with Len, Greg and Paula on today's podcast. Which boring
    investments are their favorites? Also....Warren Buffet has some
    habits you can steal. What are they? We'll also tackle that. AND,
    as if that weren't enough, they'll also discuss precious metals.
    They're on a run lately. Fluke? Should you get in? We'll also cover

    In our FinTech segment we've got a fun one....ForceRank allows
    investors to rank a list of stocks or sectors, with the winners
    taking home a cash prize. Familiar with FanDuel or DraftKings for
    football betting? What happens when you apply it to stocks? We'll
    discuss the app, how it works, and investing in general with
    ForceRank CEO, Leigh Drogan.

    Thanks to MagnifyMoney and SoFi
    for sponsoring our podcast!


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    Off The Cuff Radio(Wrestlemania special)

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    This is a SPECIAL episode of Off the Cuff Radio. We're doing a special sunday edition of the show with us doing coverage of Wrestlemania 32. Is this event gonna be a bust? Whats your predictions for the event? What are your feelings about the current product?  Yall think Roman Reigns is doomed?  We are gonna go live at approxmately 3 PM-5PM BEFORE the big event so definintely call in and chop it up with us at 1-619-924-0703 so defininitely tune in!




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    Off the Cuff Radio(Happy Birthday Sandman!)

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    Celebrating Sandman's birthday this week, We gonna drop TWO new jawns from Sandman's new album and we're also gonna be addressing the controversies of the week:

    We're gonna to address the "Conspiracy theory" regarding Prince's death, Beyonce's Lemonade video, and addressing the low self estreem amongst black male and females along with the current events going on within the world. We're also gonna be playing some of the livest hip hop music throughout the show as well

    Its gonna be a interesting show!

    Call in number is 1-619-924-0703!

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    Off The Cuff Radio(featuring Big Chan from Doggy's angels

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    This is gonna be a special show.. I done talked to her and Fleetwood this week so we're officially gonna feature Chan GoesHard aka Big Chan from Snoop Dogg's first ever rap girl group Doggy's Angels on off the Cuff Radio this Friday night at 9 PM 6 Pacific. Find out what she's been up too, how she got started with music, her views about the industry and how she making heavy wave in the fashion industry!

    Call up number is 1-619-924-0703! Its going down Friday Night!


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    Network Marketing and Community Joint Investments

    in Entrepreneur

    The American Muslim Business Association (AMBA) was incorporated by Imam W.D. Mohammad in 1995.  The name was eventually changed to the New Africa Business Association (NABA).  Its intent is to identify African Americans as a valuable marketing source.  Each association is incorporated independently in its own state.   New Africa Business Association was incorporated in 2011 as a profit organization, LLC.   Its objective is to identify all businesses in our community and stimulate their business activities by network marketing and doing business with each other.

    Create new businesses through Joint Investments.  Our slogan is “What One Can’t Do Many Can,” because the Federal Government and Private Banks will only receive money from the African American Communities and give back just less than nothing.  We the business owners and consumers have to become vested with each other and create new businesses jointly.

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    Listen To Succeed with Communications Expert, Leslie Shore, M.A.

    in Spirituality

    Leslie Shore is a communications expert. As the owner of the consultancy Listen to Succeed, Leslie has worked with corporations, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, health professionals, and educational institutions to up-level their intra-personal and inter-personal communication skills. Her book, Listen to Succeed: How to identify and overcome barriers to effective listening, is currently used in four universities. www.ListenToSucceed.com


    Awakenings With Michele Meiche is Your place for tips and insight to live a more fulfilling life, and your relationships. Learn how to attract healthy relationships, and how to create a life you really love. Awakenings broadcasts live every Wed. 12pm -1:30 pm PT   Call in for Intuitive Readings #347-539-5122 Michele answers questions about Awakening, Spirituality, Metaphysics and Self/Soul Development. Michele also answers listener questions from email, twitter and facebook On Air.

    Email awakeningspodcast@gmail.com to have your questions answered or to share your insights On Air.

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    Off the Cuff Radio featuring Zay Mason

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    BX Artist Zay Mason is gonna join us on this episode of Off the Cuff Radio. The Guilloteam team is gonna tackle the issues of Drake being exposed again for GhostWriters,  Star suing Clear Channel for threats being made by Rapper Game,  The Child Support scamming thats happening with these deadbeat moms and dads and talking with Zay about his music and up and coming moves!


    Call up number is 1-619-924-0703



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    Get it off your chest Monday

    in Entertainment

    Are you ready to get it off your chest?  Come hangout in the playhouse with the crew, and let it all go.  No topic is off limits.  If you need to vent, this is your chance to release all the pressure of the day.  No one does it like this.  Ain't no rules, or limits to the madness.  This is where the grown & sexxxy play.

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    Off the Cuff Radio featuring Yung JP

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    The Gulloteam returns this Friday night with our guest  up and coming artist Yung JP on Off the Cuff Radio. This is also gonna be a free for all show where the people are free to discuss and call us to discuss WHATEVER you feel like speaking on. It could be relationships, politics, hiphop, sports, astronomy This is the show where we want to make it about you because yall are the reason why we do this! Tune in on Friday 9 PM 6 Pacific! Its going down!



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    How Could Oil Impact Your Investments in 2016?

    in Finance

    John LaForge is tracking oil's potential impact on investors this year. The head of real asset strategy at Wells Fargo Investment Institute joins John Wordock to examine how oil could influence Wall Street and beyond.