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    The Exchange - Counterpunching

    in Sports

    Both the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Final have given us some exhilarating moments thus far. Why? Because the underdogs have been counterpunching.

    On The Exchange, Sumit and Jason will dig into both championship series as both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Tampa Bay Lightning have temporarily upended predictions over the last couple of nights. They'll be joined by The Sports Fan Journal's Dillon Friday to talk about where both series stand and where they may end up in one week's time.

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    The Exchange - Getting Off at Exit 16W

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    Five months of pomp, circumstance and controversy later, two teams will be getting off at Exit 16W on the New Jersey Turnpike to play in Super Bowl XLVIII. And as the custom of the 2013 NFL season, this postseason certainly couldn't go on without its fair share of all three.


    On The Exchange, Sumit & Jason revisit Conference Championship Sunday as both the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are loading up their EZ-Passes for the right to play in an AFC West reunion.


    Of course, there will be the obligatory chatter on Richard Sherman because, well, it's hard to get away from it.


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    The Exchange - It's Been Too Long

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    Six months.

    A lot can change in six months, and it certainly has. Yet, when the calendar flipped to April and the sports world began to gear up towards the most exciting time of the year, it was damn near impossible to stay dormant another day longer.

    Tonight, The Exchange is back!

    Sumit and Jason have missed the masses, and hopefully the masses feel the same. Oh, and it's the fourth anniversary of the show, so now would be a great time to sort of celebrate.

    The guys are joined by the newest addition to The Sports Fan Journal family and Memphis native Rosalyn Ross as the trio will dive into the upcoming NBA playoffs. They'll talk about teams of intrigue, players of note, the races for 8th in both conferences and DAMMIT, KLAY THOMPSON DID IT AGAIN!

    Since it's been a while, this is the point in the link where we remind you to come through on The Exchange in the chat room, on Twitter (@skd_thExchange, @asportsscribe & @R_Trinity) and the phone lines at 347-202-0247. Don't forget to favorite The Exchange on Stitcher Radio!

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    The Exchange - Deflate This!

    in Sports

    Tom Brady got suspended.

    Four words that have erupted a collective conniption among football fans and media across the country.

    It's almost unavoidable, but in the middle of the NBA and Stanley Cup playoffs, Sumit & Jason will talk about Deflategate on The Exchange. There's anger and some comedy to be had.

    They will also dive into the ongoing conference semifinals in the NBA and the myriad of craziness the games have given us in the last week thanks to buzzer-beaters and injuries to key players.

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    The Exchange - The Trophy is in the Building

    in Sports

    Championship season is just about over, but controversy never takes time off in sports.

    On The Exchange, Sumit and Jason return to the NBA Finals, which could just as well be over by shortly after the live show. They'll dig into the leading topics of the series, including Finals MVP considerations and the directions of both the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers after the final buzzer sounds on the NBA season. Does a Warriors title provide the long-predicted referendum on titles built from long distance shooting? Does a Cavaliers title still prove that a team needs a lead dog/superstar player to win a championship?

    They will also look at the news regarding the FBI's hacking investigation into the St. Louis Cardinals. Where do the Redbirds, the league and new commissioner Rob Manfred go from here? In the litany of scandals in the sports world, how can fans rate this investigation on a scale of "shrug" to "rage"?

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    Oh, and because it was what would have been his 44th birthday, enjoy tonight's intro.

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    The Exchange - Ocean's FIFA

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    If you're going to be corrupt, at least do it big like a movie villain. And goodness, no one knows how to be corrupt in sports like FIFA. When the IRS calls an investigation "the World Cup of fraud" in a press conference, you know the dirty deeds were done at impressively high levels.

    On a Wednesday edition of The Exchange, Sumit and Jason chat will talk about the arrests and indictments of multiple high-level FIFA officials in Switzerland and the investigation here in the United States. From the comical to the unnerving to the maddening, they'll jump into it all as the possible extradition and further arrests are still happening. They will also throw a few thoughts out on the ongoing NBA Western Conference Finals and the conference finals in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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    The Exchange - Middle Relief (Part 1)

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    As the Women's World Cup and Wimbledon are feeding the championship joneses, the NBA and NHL Drafts have passed and football waits for its time to consume America, Major League Baseball would like to have your attention.

    Sumit and Jason bring you two weeks of the summer's game on The Exchange and will be joined by The Sports Fan Journal's Matt Whitener. They will speak a bit on how in the hell the St. Louis Cardinals - not without scandal - are the game's top team with injuries across the diamond. They'll also dive into the impressive youth movement throughout baseball thanks to a half-season's worth of hyped call-ups living up to the billing thus far.

    And of course, there's some sort of free agency frenzy in the NBA? Yep, that, too.

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    The Exchange - The Future is Now... or November, Actually

    in Sports

    Sure, we have the Summer League, training camp and the preseason, but essentially this is the last night where the NBA gets the large national and global stage until the fall. And on this last night where the fortunes of several teams are going to be determined, it has at least been a memorable one.

    On a Thursday edition of The Exchange, Sumit and Jason dive into what the masses have watched live on ESPN with the 2015 NBA Draft. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll make gratutious jokes about (you know what team) and its fans.

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    Off to the Races

    in Sports

    On this week's Off to the Races podcast, we:

    check out the week's top three mid-Atlantic horse racing stories in our Win-Place-Show segment;  This week: the 30th running of the Maryland Million; Maryland Racing Commission chair Bruce Quade steps down; and Delaware Park concludes its 2015 race meeting;
    award our Big Mover of the Week to the horse whose big performance this week caught our eye -- and suggests that s/he may be movin' on up;
    visit with Nick Hahn for our Virginia Report, horse racing news and views from the Old Dominion.

    Check out this week's Off the the Races podcast!

    Music used in this podcast:

    First Call, Guts and Bourbon, Hustle, Upbeat Forever, all by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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    Off the Cuff Radio featuring Venomiss!

    in Music

    If you're looking forward to dry humor, weak music, and a bunch of diplomatic talk, You're looking at the WRONG damn show! Off the Cuff radio is the hip hop show for the people and made by the people. On this show We're featuring fierce New Jersey spitter Venomiss as a guest on our show.


    We're also gonna discuss the importancy of group economics, the importancy behind boycotting to make a statement and whatever YOU feel like bringing into the table. This is gonna be a fun show!

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    The Exchange - Let the June Games Begin!

    in Sports

    June is beautiful, ain’t it? Two championships will finally have teams playing for them while a long-desired change in the soccer world begins questionable earnest.

    On a Wednesday edition of The Exchange, the homie Johnathan Tillman sits in place of Sumit in the co-host chair with Jason and they will chat with colleagues at The Sports Fan Journal. Phillip Barnett comes through to talk about what he’s looking for from the NBA Finals between Golden State and Cleveland, including the chatter around five-time Finalist, James Jones. Dillon Friday will speak on both the continued FIFA investigation and the resignation of Sepp Blatter and his own observations of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.

    Yeah, LeBron James is playing in the Finals for the 5th straight year, too, right?

    Come through The Exchange in the chat room, on Twitter (@asportsscribe, @thetillshow, @regularbarnett, @noclassfriday) and the phone line at 347-202-0247.