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    Life Coaching: Ways to release Guilt

    in Self Help

    Many times guilt can be a source of unrelenting pain. Holding on to guilt can deter your enegry levels and result in happiness.  By expanding your awareness and practing letting go you can learn to relate to gult in a healthy way.  Listen in to Life Coaches Shawn Marie Cichowski & Munni Visco as they have a "Coaching Conversations" on guilt.  wnylifecoaching.com  716-560-6552.


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    Lesson3N, The Guilt, Romans 3:9-20

    in The Bible

    Jesus came: Teaching, Preaching, Healing and Delivering the sick, injury and setting the captive free. Lets  do what Jesus did. Luke 19:10 seek and save those that are lost.

    The Way Truth Life Taberncle, Inc.(772) 626-3178  in conjunction with and under its umbrella Love Wings Ministries - Pastor Benny Ramos (772) 834-9634 is located at 6785 S US 1 (Fed Hw) Port St Lucie, Fl 34952. Our Services are: Sunday 11:00 am,  Wednesday 7pm Bible Study and  starting Feb 20th, 2016 and every other Saturday thereafter - at 7pm we're having our Saturday Night Service for those that cannot make it out on Sunday morning & Interested in a Spanish service call the above numbers.Sundays at 2pm . email: wtltabernacle@gmail.com,  website: www.wtlffjim.org, Gifts & Donations can be sent to the above address.  www.ifcj.org/goto/BlessIsrael

    Church Prayer Line 712.432-1212   access code: 832348540#   @10:30 W/F

    Objective: To Learn to walk by Faith, resting in the Lord

    Memory 1 Corinthians 10:13

    N) Moses

    The Guilt Romans 3:9-20

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    We are speaking with Lacy from @fullcircleatc plus guilt and shame

    in Self Help

    I will be speaking Lacy who facilitates a Art therapy here at the @thegatehouse.org also  running Full Ciricle Art Therapy along with Pearl. We will all so talk about guilt and shame and how that came change.

    The Gatehouse Transforming Trama into Triump Conference Friday April 29 2016 900am to 4:00pm if you are interested in attending



    If you on Twitter support for free.





    @csaqt in the UK


    #survivorsteps wensdays














    I hope trust this may be helpfull.

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    TREATMENT and RECOVERY: Guilt Kills!! (#7 of the Elite 8)

    in Self Help

    Show Topic:  Guilt!! It means different things to different people. It is often viewed through a religious, and cultural lense. In the Therapeutic Community, when we say: DROP YOUR GUILT!!, what do we mean? When we say GUILT KILLS!! What do we mean? Why do we say, not ridding one's self of GUILT, is a surefire way to step on the road to relapse? We'll discuss and drill down on it......

    Show segments: Recap, Show Topic, Recovery Support Time

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    Healing Guilt and Shame, Matthew Engel, Joy Barker, Intuitive Transformation

    in Relationships

    Healing Guilt and Shame with Matthew Engel and Joy Barker

    Everyone deals with feelings of guilt and shame. These themes are multi layered and often subtle. They result in deeply rooted sadness, fear, avoidance, addiction, and defensive behavior patterns. Guilt and shame also have highly toxic effects on relationships of all kinds, self expression, communication, the pursuit of goals, careers, authenticity, creativity, sexuality, self identity, self worth and so much more. Today on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Spiritual Therapists and Teachers Matthew Engel and Joy Barker will discuss some of the psychological and spiritual roots of guilt and shame and will offer powerful insights and practical tools for transforming guilt and shame into love.

    Matthew Engel is a spiritual therapist, intuitive coach, hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, astrologer and business success consultant who has supported thousands of people from around the world in actualizing their inner light for 20 years. For more info and to sign up for his free newsletter, please visit: matthewengel.com 

    Find Matthew on Facebook: IntuitiveMatthewEngel, Twitter: PsychicChannel, LinkedIn: MatthewEngelLCSW

    Joy Barker is a gifted psychic, medium, Reiki Master, spiritual teacher, Certified Angel Intuitive trained by the the world renowned teacher, Doreen Virtue and Host of Angel Talk Cafe on Blogtalk. She is known for her compassion, love and humor. For more info, please visit: angeltalkcafe.com

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    Blunt reality check about doubt, guilt, shame and worry. Done with DGSW yet?

    in Self Help

    WARNING!  This episode contains G-rated BLUNT statements about doubt, guilt, shame and worry.

    Soul, the author of Pay Me What I'm Worth gets real with a decades-worth of statistics.

    His stats source? Thousands of workshop, seminar and retreat feedback forms, hundreds of audio and video reviews and first-hand observations about the effects of doubt, guilt, shame and worry.

    Episode goal?  To learn if you qualify to join 12 other pre-qualified students in a 12 month class to:

    identify and dissolve deep roots of doubt, guilt, shame and worry.
    re-awaken a sense of balance from deep within your heart and soul.
    learn how you actually are paid what you're worth - with every word said and action done.

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    Music: Open Those Bright Eyes and Meditation Impromptu 01 by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

  • Fear and Guilt Part 2: Incarcerated

    in Relationships

    Do you know someone who has been incarcerated and have you ever thought about what it must feel like to have your freedom taken away from you knowing that you have extended family and friends on the outside. What then? What are their fears and guilt? 

    Last week we had a great conversation about fear and guilt while incarcerated as it relates to marriage/ committed relationships. It was a revealing and powerful show so we decided to have a part 2. This time we will have a discussion about how being incarcerated affects the extended family.

    This Sunday 4/24 we will be talking to Karibe about his fear and guilt while incarcerated and when he was released from prision. We will be discussing his personal journey of forgiveness, fear, guilt and relationship with his extended family. 

    This is a must listen to show! 

    My cohost Moe and I will ask the questions that will reveal the emotional side of imprisonment and how it affects the person and the extended family as a whole.

    Listen to Timna LIVE each and every Sundat at 9pm EST

    Follow us on twitter, instagram and FaceBook at Timna LIVE

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    Fear and Guilt Part 1: Married and Incarcerated

    in Relationships

    Fear and Guilt Part 1: Married and Incarcerated is the title of the show this Sunday April 17th. This will be a two part series on Fear and Guilt and how it is associated with someone who has been incarcerated. 

    Many people know of someone who is or was in jail and many may know of their love ones that was left behind. However, the subject of fear and guilt is NEVER brought up because no one wants to talk about it. It is a taboo subject that we brush under the carpet so, my show TIMNA LIVE will talk about it! We Talk 4 Real on TimnaLIVE! 

    The ladies and men in prison want people to know about their inner feelings and what they went through emotionally while incarcerated. 

    We watch programs on TV and assume we know about a person who has been incarcerated but, we really don't know. 

    My guest Vic will shed some light on this subject matter and his business partner Jay. Both have been incarcerated and in a committed relationship so, they will relieve their story about love, jail, fear and guilt plus the emotions associated with being behind bars while your love one is waiting for your return.

    Part 2 on April 24th we will have our guest Karem who will discuss how fear and guilt affects the extended family members. 

    This is a MUST listen to SHOW! Each week it gets better so tune in to TIMNA LIVE each and every Sunday at 9 PM EST. Dial 347-989-0749 to be LIVE on AIR or Dial 646-83TIMNA to leave a message or comment on our 24hr Hotline.

    Don't forget to check out TimnaLIVE on FB, Twitter, Instagram and Timna.com for more information. 

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    Mom, Dad and Guilt Trips Over 30

    in Self Help

    Why do we STILL worry about disappointing our parents? Do we really have that much influence over making them happy? Or do we think we have the power to keep them from being sad?

    When it comes to our relationship with our parents, we quickly slip into old childhood roles. It’s easy to forget we’re grownups too! We second-guess our choices because we’re programmed to think “Daddy (or mommy) knows best.”

    But when we let our parents’ fear or prejudice or rules dictate our choices, we’re really saying, “I don’t value me enough.” Guilt wins.

    So how do you stop feeling guilty and speak your truth? I’ve got five steps to help cut that umbilical cord.

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    Surviving Sexual Assault: Getting Beyond Guilt, Shame and Blame

    in Motivation

    Hope and Healing: a Journey to Wholeness:

    Our special guest tonight will be Sharon Daugherty, Sexual Assault Outreach Coordinator for Victim Services of Palm Beach County..

    This show will deal with everything from sexual assault to incest victimization and the likely perpetrators. The show also deal with the resources available. Please join J.R. Thicklin Tonight!

    CALL IN: (323) 784-7638 or www.soulofamericaradio.com

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    Raising That Voice of Innocence w/ Guest - Joan Treppa

    in Self Help

    #042: She's a Citizen Advocate for the Wrongly Convicted who picked up her flag for JUSTICE after reading and learning about the six men convicted for the murder of Thomas Monfils, a case that occurred in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Outraged about the questionable integrity of the investigation and the plight of the five still incarcerated in prison, JOAN TREPPA – now often referred to as Joan “Treppa-dation” by the media - has become a force to be reckoned with as The Voice of Innocence, as she Joins The Nigerian Queen of Talk - Alex Okoroji LIVE on Talk Wednesday, 6 January 2016 @ 9pm GMT | 10pm WAT | 11pm CAT | 1pm PST | 3pm CT | 4pm EST | with other guests, JOAN VAN HOUTEN, founder of Voice of Innocence and step daughter to one of the wrongfully convicted, as well as American Author & Life Coach, NINA BINGHAM and  MARK SAXENMEYER: CEO of The Reporters Inc , as we beam more light on the truth and reality of wrongful conviction...

    Its Interactive. So feel free to Join the Conversation. Call In LIVE via +1 (215) 383-3766 or via the live Skype button for FREE, Tweet @AlexOkoroji with #TheNakedTalk or use The Live In- Studio Chat Room to Comment, Ask Questions or Contribute. 


    I Love You For Listening. Xx