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    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Host for ANCA Stories on Tuesday's

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    Episode 535: Christian/Political commentary on the news and current events!!!

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    Episode 535: Christian/Political commentary on the news and current events!!!


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    Conversations Daily News with host Cyrus Webb

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes you to Wednesday's edition of Conversations Daily News featuring your news headlines, music from our Artist of the Week Donica Knight and our Entertainment Spotlight featuring actress Bunny Gibson. 

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    Stories From The Heart ~ 4th May 2016

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    Please call in to join Libby and jolly Wednesday’s at 5:30pm Eastern US time weekly, for sharing stories from the heart about both earthly experiences while moving through the matrix without a legal name, and spiritual connections to the big part of you, of who you really are! Sharing our stories is so valuable to both the teller and the ones listening.

    Standing in our power is so much fun.  We stop feeding those who attempt to control us as we remember who we really are and we end all spiritual contracts with The Legal Name and with the entity that created it!!

    Come join us in this inflowment of empowerment.
    Check out more info about The Legal Name Fraud here:

    New Improved Version including my new flier:




    You can also check out my writings and sharings here: 

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    Trump's Foreign Policy Speech-Warriors Know, Illegal O-Care Bailout & Movie News

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    Donald Trump gave a much-anticipated foreign policy speech and What Trump didn't say that Warriors know. A Former Green beret speaks out about our enemies and a real strategy to take them out. Deputy Director of Policy at Americans for Prosperity exposes illegal Obamacare Bailout That’s Happening Right Under Our Noses and The Hypocrisy of Big Labor’s Politics and The Movie Guy talks the latest movie news including the third week in a row for Jungle Book at #1.

    We'll also talk with Miss USA Shawnae Jebbia about the misconceptions of hearing loss and the latest technology, A sweet story of an oncology nurse, her patient and their son in God Gave Me You, World Series Champ Bernie Williams kicks off "Rival Town Rundowns" featuring an All-Star line-up of MLB Players, Founder and Publisher of TheConservativeBase.com says Trump has garnered more votes in GOP History and Henry Bushkin drops in to gives us an update on "Carson, The Musical."

    We have the experts and the topics that everyone is talking about or should.  Join us for three independent hours of compelling talk radio, Monday thru Friday 9-12n (ET/6-9a (PT).  It's all about the truth and solutions that will get this country back on track.  And tune in to see how you can win the movie, War Room, in honor of May 5th National Day of Prayer, only on Bill Martinez Live.  To qualify email me at Bill@billmartinezlive.com.


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    KINGS IN THE MORNING/News/Trump Is IN/Prince, Lies vs Truth/Friendships

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            Are you having a good day?  Is your day starting off good?  Did you guzzle down that 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee yet?  Do you drink coffee at the start of your day, or do you drink coffee throughout the day?  Do you listen to KINGS IN THE MORNING, every chance you get?  347-205-9366.  Let us be that cup of coffee, or water if you're dry.  Water has to be the most powerful and potent beverage on earth, and it's being contaminated - figure that.  Did you see THE BOOK OF ELI?  Denzel Washington?  Water was a commodity.  It is now and will be forever.  Subjects like that, music and others get discussed on KINGS IN THE MORNING (KITM) - 347-205-9366.  Find the clock and punch in.....

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    Putting the 'Y' you should care in sports! NFL News; NBA Playoffs & Coaches

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    What’s happening in the world of sports this week? We’ll tackle the week’s hot topics at the top of the show. The NFL Draft is in the books… how did your team do? Any surprises? The Houston Texans mini-camp starts today.


    And the NBA Playoffs are in full swing and It’s raining three’s in Cleveland. Who will be the best in the west? Luke Walton now a Laker, so who will the Houston Rockets hire as their next head coach? Why can’t Mario Elie get a real look? 


    The Astros trying to get on the right track, the Kentucky Derby is Saturday and whatever else is on your mind. We’ll see you online in about 45 minutes!

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    America the worlds big brother

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    http://thefreethoughtproject.com Putin: Clinton or Trump is irrelevant, the real problem is US 'imperial ambitions'

    http://thefreethoughtproject.com top journalists says Hillary approve sending sarin to the rebels used a frame Assad, start Syrian war

    http://thefreethoughtproject.com This cop is now 'YouTube famous' after losing and violently arresting innocent man for filming

    http://thefreethoughtproject.com School cop puts six-year-old student in 'arm bar' submission, assaults 2 other children

    http://thefreethoughtproject.com Lawmaker: it's okay to aim guns at cops if they aim at you first

    http://thelibertarianrepublic.com an inconvenient review: after 10 years Al Gores' film still alarmingly inaccurate

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    Sports Palooza Radio: Author Dan Schlossberg Returns to the Show!

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    In conjunction with 2016 being the 25th Anniversary of the Atlanta Braves' 1991 worst-to-first finish (the first ever in NL history), as well as the launch of the team's unprecedented 14-straight-year title streak, noted baseball writer, author and long-time Braves fan Dan Schlossberg has written the definitive book on this incredible achievement, When the Braves Ruled the Diamond: Fourteen Flags Over Atlanta.  In fact, it is the only book on this subject that will be available to fans this year.  

    The 292-page hardcover, featuring a foreword by Hall of Fame manager Bobby Cox, is the only book to chronicle all the details of the streak, a pro sports record.  As you probably know, three other members of those great Braves teams - - pitchers Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz - - also have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, and third baseman Chipper Jones should be joining them shortly. 

    ?All four Hall of Famers, plus Chipper and Andruw Jones, GM John Schuerholz, pitching coach Leo Mazzone, slugger Andres Galarraga, catcher Javy Lopez and dozens of other members of the Braves "family" revealed behind the scenes memories of those Fourteen Flags to Schlossberg - - and now the author is ready to share their private stories with you.

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    The Flat Earth Show #3 May/5/2016

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    Do you want to find out if you are locked inside a matrix of deception?This show will challenge the core beliefs of most people.Discover what some are calling the biggest conspiracy of all time.We will cover a wide array of controversial topics but the focus will be on the flat earth movement.We will attempt to interview people from the Flat Earth community about themselves and their relationship with the flat earth movement.We will discuss news articles by the mainstream press that have come up recently about the flat earth topic.This show will go over the best videos of the week on the FlatEarth.Click website.There isn't a more exciting topic on the internet.This is it and this may be the last chance to stop what looks like an upcoming finacial and physical apocalypse.Some people from around the world do not accept the physical laws that have been handed down to them by the so called experts.They do not agree with the cosmology of the Earth that has been passed down to them for generations by supposed scientists.Will "Scientism" be thrown off its high horse?

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    Grassfire Report - US Rep. Dennis Ross

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    U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross joins the Grassfire Report to talk about the IRS cheif accepting the fact that ileagal aliens are using stolen SSN to obtain employment. 

    We will touch on the current primary process and what might happen at the Republican convention. 

    We will talk about why he thinks that there is so much dissatisfaction with Republicans by Republicans.

    Be sure to tune into a great show today with our special guest from the 15th congressional district of Floridat Rep. Dennis Ross.