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    Introduction to the New Age of the Occult, Conspiracy, Mysticism & Paranormal

    in Religion

    Dr. Steven Katz, philosopher, introduces his new show.  The format will cover conspiracies, paranormal science, the occult, mysticism, controversial thinkers, and politics.  The new format will be more concise and of one-half hour duration.

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    TTIN 5: NASA, The Occult and The Jesuits

    in Spirituality

    TTIN 5: NASA, The Occult and The Jesuits

    In the classic, "The Phaedrus" written by Plato, which is a dialogue between Plato's protagonist, Socrates.  Another participant in several of the dialogues named Phaedrus is quoted by Plato as saying:

    “Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.”

    Join The Time of Now roundtable group as we dive into more of the occult roots of NASA and then move into the Jesuit involvement in astronomy, Copernicus and the Big Bang and much more...as Phaedrus said, “Things are not always what they seem.”!


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    Q-on-1: What is @AlerSense?

    in Health

    On this special Q-on-1 edition of T2Q, I have a 1-on-1 discussion with the Founder/CEO of a new technology called AlerSense.

    What is AlerSense, you ask?  

    It's a product that can help save lives from the many people on this planet that suffer from COPD.

    What is COPD, you ask?

    Well, listen to the podcast and you'll get all of that in the first few minutes.  AlerSense is revolutionary and has the potential to help people avoid unknowingly putting themselves in harmful respiratory situations.  Everyone that suffers from breathing disorders or have families who do need to listen to the podcast in its entirety.


    Show No. 592

    Scheduled for 15 mins.


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    Sports Q&A Show April 21st 2016 Episode

    in Sports

    This week's episode will be jammed packed as we discuss the hottest topics in the sports world. The NBA Playoffs are underway and we have seen a couple of games go against the grain -- will the series be competitive or was that just a matter of a team stealing one but losing the rest? Should you talk junk if you are losing- one Piston's player thinks so.

    NFL- One week out from the draft and things are getting more interesting as the days draw near. The Eagles fly high into the No.2 pick but did it cost them too much. The Browns may finally be on the right track and who was your favorite team's best AND worst draft pick over the last 10 drafts?

    We pay tribute to the Purple one... Prince. What is your favorite prince song?

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    Spiritual & Occult Q&A

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Mind Right Radio! Tune in every Sunday at 11 AM (EST) as we weave consciousness with reality for spiritual self-development.  

    The goal of the Mind Right Radio is to provide information and techniques to those who are interested in how reality works and  those who want to elevate from a player in the game to a god in their own innerverse.

    Prepare to expand your mind for personal development and spiritual evolution!

    This Week: Many Souls on the path have questions.  We will answer some common questions that people have when they awaken and any other questions dealing with spirituality, metaphysics, and the occult.  You may call in @ 858-365-5534 or join us in the chatroom and pose questions there.  You may also tune in and listen so you can gain more insight.

    Call in number is 858-365-5534 - We will open lines for questions and comments at the end of the show!

    Visit 3rdEyeActivation.com - for metaphysical & spiritual information, products, and services.

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    Innermix HOT Topics Q&A - Part3

    in Relationships

    #Life #Love & #Relationships
    Monday 9 p.m pst
    Hosts: Simply D, Jules, & JFaith
    Call in talk Live 516-590-0338

    "Innermix  Hot Topics Q&A"

    On tonight's Show we're going to continue where we left off last week talking about everything going on in  world around us as we hit topics such as marriage politics, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and so much more... so tonight we are answering some of your questions as well as diving into some of the most popular topics online today.  So tune in and have a great time with us and if you have any questions that you would like the team to answer be sure to call in and share your thoughts and questions.

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    My Sweet Satan: How The Occult Haunted Music, Movies & Pop Culture

    in Paranormal

    Friday, March 25th   10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT

    Did you realize the occult has permeated pop culture so deeply that it has influenced the American imagination? From Heavy Metal music, to breakfast cereal to serial killers, to movies, to television it’s all in there.  In his new book “Here's to My Sweet Satan: How the Occult Haunted Music, Movies and Pop Culture”,  Cultural critic George Case explores how the Occult craze permanently changed American society, creating the cultural framework for the political power of the religious right, false accusations of Satanic child abuse, and today’s widespread rejection of science and rationality. “Here’s to My Sweet Satan” lucidly explains how the most technological society on earth became enthralled by the supernatural.

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    Luciferianism, Rituals, the Occult and More on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    Join us tonight for an information packed show as we bring you the latest importatnt headlines and talk about luciferianism and the occult. The entertainer Prince died today and we will talk about the occult significance of this event.  We will also be talking about satanism in all its forms and where it originated from \.

    Show Website: http://www.HagmannAndHagmann.com

    News./Information: http://www.HagmannReport.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HagmannHagmann

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/HagmannReport

    Doug’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/douglas.hagmann

    GET DOUG'S NEW BOOK! More Information HERE.

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    Q & A with Ms.Blue

    in Spirituality

    Join MsBlue "The Oracle" and Planet Remix for "Q & A" 

    Contact MsBlue: question4blue@gmail.com 

    Readings | Know Your Magic Audio WorkBook | Know Your Magic Oracle Deck | Self Invested Workshop | Akashic Records Readings | Radio Host | Medium | Intuitive Healer | Psychic | Intuitive Healer | Psychic |Certified Holistic Practitioners | Metaphysician | Cosmic Creator | Soul Contracts | Pass Lives |

    Twitter: @BlueRasberry |  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Remix-Radio/114209487075

    www.msblueblast.com | www.msblueblast.com/cards   | http://tinyurl.com/MsBlueRemix

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    Monica Bickerstaff Returns for a Q&A Session

    in Entertainment

     FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH GURU(TM); Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Holistic Health Coach Monica Bickerstaff Returns for an amazing Q&A Session Live on Brown Suga Radio. This highly anticipated show will answer all your health, wellness, and beauty questions that you may have pertaining to the use of  therapeutic and organic oils to provide natural healing remedies and maintain that beautiful youthful appearance.

    Monica will answer your most in-depth questions on how aromatherapy can change your life and how her products enhance the lives of others. Feel free to call in 646-716-8697 or join us in our chat www.brownsugaradio.com to post your questions.

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    Q&A with Ms.Blue and Bro. Balah

    in Spirituality

    Join Ms.Blue & Bro. Balah for : Q&A Friday Night 10:30pmest .. Call in , Come and Chat with The Remix Family 



    Contact: balahtheexperience@gmail.com

    Soul Alignment Reading | Soul Cycles | Numerology | Astrology | Astrologer | Radio | Music | 13 | Soul Body | Soul Alignment Reading | Soul Cycle Calendar

    Contact MsBlue: question4blue@gmail.com 

    Readings | Know Your Magic Audio WorkBook | Know Your Magic Oracle Deck | Self Invested Workshop | Akashic Records Readings | Radio Host | Medium | Intuitive Healer | Psychic | Intuitive Healer | Psychic |Certified Holistic Practitioners | Metaphysician | Cosmic Creator | Soul Contracts | Pass Lives | Reiki Master

    Twitter: @BlueRasberry |  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Remix-Radio/114209487075

    www.msblueblast.com | www.msblueblast.com/cards   | http://tinyurl.com/MsBlueRemix

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