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    PTRN presents-Circle Craft Study and Occult Science Show

    in Spirituality

    Pagans Tonight radio Network presents:

    8 pm CST: Circle Craft Study with Selena Fox 

    Tonight's Topic:  Interfaith Journeys – Explore ways that individuals and communities of diverse religious and spiritual traditions are converging & working for a better world through dialogue, conferences, ceremonies, networks, and projects.

    9pm CST: Occult Science Show


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    PTRN presents-Circle Craft Study and Occult Science Show

    in Spirituality

    Pagans Tonight radio Network presents:

    8 pm CST: Circle Craft Study with Selena Fox 

    Tonight's Topic:  Mint Magic - Mint Magic - Explore ways of woking with Peppermint, Spearmint, and other forms of Mint for healing, wellness, and spiritual transformation.

    9pm CST: Occult Science Show with Larry 'Elbee' Brown


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    PTRN presents-Circle Craft Study and Occult Science Show

    in Spirituality

    Pagans Tonight radio Network presents:

    8 pm CST: Circle Craft Study with Selena Fox 

    Tonight's Topic:  American Goddesses - Learn about Lady Liberty, Lady Justice, Columbia, Minerva, and other Goddesses with roots in ancient Pagan cultures and their evolution in the USA.  Explore ways to work with American Goddesses for personal and social well-being.

    9pm CST: Occult Science Show with Larry "Elbee" Brown


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    in Lifestyle

    Not to qibble but for centuries the argument has been out there for all to consider.  Is occult study the result of religion failing? Add the tincture of time to an occult topic and it becomes safe, even commonplace.  What just happened? Are we smarter? Is that insight?  Have we learned something?  If we expect faith to answer ethical questions of life, we find ourselves drawn to a secular atmosphere- democracy. With all the deceits and conceits of man, whether we will it into existence or cannot see it, it comes.  

    Masonry came along at a time when Europe had paid the horrible price of intolerance. But the lessons of those days have faded. We don't think anymore about the Peace of Westphalia that set in motion the world order in place today. Lessons needed to confirm the ethics of a 21st century freemason need contemporary relevance; adding recent history to the conversation prepares the Craft for that day 100 years ahead. The balance we promote- between past, present and future is undoubtedly platonism- metaphysical.  And now, 21st century man, considers a world bereft of gods and devils and looks into the abyss to define the appetite for consciousness unable to lean on superstitions.   Nothing is off the table. It is for a reason that masons have held this middle ground of being and becoming.  What do they see?

    The world may be a dangerous jungle but there is a choice whether one lives in fear or not as history repeats itself. Is the mind the safe sanctuary? Even masons acknowledge the existence of the occult in intimate corners in small groups while the very idea continues to upset others, whether we understand a concept, it exists.

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    The Gospel Praise Talk Show

    in Music

    The Talk Show that promotes Gospel Singers, Teachers, Preachers, Evangelists, T.V. Show, Radio Show Hosts, Rappers, & Non-Profit Organizations.

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    Science vs PseudoScience

    in Education

    The New Africans talks on how rise of  intellectualism, magic, and conjecture is causing man to slowly digress in his thinking.

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    The Real Sports Show

    in Sports

    Discussing sports Sharing jokes from the realest sports guys out Frzz and Rick talking relating with nothing but the best in Sports talk. Dont miss the best and dopest guys on the air.....

    Listen in and call in be a part of the best show on the air.... Rick bringing it like no other.. see if you can stump him. Doubt it..... 

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    The Celebefex Show™ welcomes Hannah Dorman live from London, England

    in Entertainment

    Hannah Dorman is a modern era  British Country Singer from Surrey in the UK. Hannah Dorman has fresh ideas and great songs. She has been gigging since she was 15 and is now 21 years old. Her insights are fascinating and eye opening from across the Atlantic Ocean ("The Pond") ...Do not miss this great interview with this Hot New Country Rock Star ! Her inspiration and eclectic influences are not obvious but some give resonance to her music. While KT Tunstall as her main influence, Anastasia, Shania Twain, Pretty Reckless and Kelly Clarkson all have their place, she is a breath of fresh air that is much needed in Brit- Country Rock. 

     Interviewing the Best in the Entertainment Industry, including Grammy Award Winners, World Renowned Songwriters, Producers, Actors and More…The Celebefex Show™ 

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    The Sunday Show

    in Politics

    The Sunday Show is a roundtable discussion between a progressive (author Jack Jodell - The Saturday Afternoon Post), a conservative (F. Wayne Johnson, engineer blogger - The Life and Mind of F. Wayne Johnson) & activist (Gwendolyn H. Barry - producer - author) small business owner - Daughters of Isis, inc.   On the table for discussion is every week's events as they tumble forth from mainstream & independent media.  Sanity is the goal. 

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    The Dr. Yvonne B. Bentley Show

    in Religion

    Biography                                                                                                                            Dr. Yvonne Baxter, MBA

                Dr. Yvonne Baxter-Bentley, I am a native of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The eight child of Rev. Joseph and Lillian Baxter. I am the eight child of eleven siblings.  I am the mother of Lillian A. V. Bentley, Kevonlian D. Bentley and Prince Maximums De’Laney Bentley. I was an athlete at Everglades Middle School, Boyd Anderson High, University of Houston,  Claflin University graduate student at Florida A & M University and University of Phoenix where I graduated. I have a Bachelors of Science in Physical Education, Master in Biblical Studies and a Doctorates’ in Biblical Studies at Belford University, I am working on a doctorate in Philosophy and Human Service Administration at Walden University. I have several training and endorsements in Career  Exploration, Peer Conseling, Reading, Physical Education Curriculum writings, SWAT, ESOL, AED, Aerobic training, personal fitness training, clinical leadership, Driver Education and First Aid 



    The Dr. Yvonne B. Bentley Show at 7 PM (EST)

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    Steve Black Podcast-13th Region Boys and Girls Preview Show.

    in Sports

    By Sunday (3/1), the final pairings for the upcoming 13th Region Basketball Tournaments will be set.  On this special Podcast, I will ask my special guests to give us their thoughts and predictions for both the boys and girls tourneys that will begin Monday (3/2) at the Arena in Corbin, KY.

    Since Da Man won't let me back on the radio (just kidding), I am bringing back the Award Winning Podcast (what award you ask,....The Award of Human Exisitence....lol).  But for real tho, We are back and hopefully better than ever!!  Join me, Jon North and John Gatto as we discuss everything in the 13th Region (Boys and Girls), High School, College, Pro....whatever we want.....even PRO WRESTLING!!!!!!  We will have several special guests from around the region who will give us the knowledge on everything they know.

    I may even take your phone calls.....646.716.7622.

    Join us won't you.

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