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    Mindset Monday! Planned Obsolescence

    in Lifestyle

    Planned Obsolescence policy of designing a product with a limited useful life, so that it will become obsolete, unfashionable, or no longer functional after a certain period of time.  There are many examples of this in our manufacturing world but does this exist in our personal life as well?  Today we explore this topic and uncover where we are limiting our own greatness!  Join us for the dynamic conversation!

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    The Profitable Parachute – Exiting Your Business with Grace and Cash

    in Business

    While 30 percent of family businesses transfer to the next generation, less than one quarter of them are still producing the same product.  So how can you plan an exit strategy?  Host Bart Jackson brings on financial advisor Paula Brancato to lay out a smooth, adjustable, and ongoing system that allows you to ride the product-obsolescence rollercoaster and still exit your business – with it thriving and you smiling.  Honored by Brava SmartCEO as one of the top female business leaders in 2015, Paula claims a long history of guiding owners and companies through the transfer stage profitably.   Tune in and learn what instruments you should be wisely employing now to make your own future wealthy and the transfer of power seamless.

  • Salisbury, NC: We'll see your 1 gigabit and raise you 10 gigs

    in Internet

    In 2014, the leadership of Salisbury decided that it was time to expand marketing of their Fibrant fiber network up a few notches, that there were still lots of local businesses and individuals yet to take advantage of the network. These marketing efforts culminated with September's national announcement of their 10-gigabit municipal fiber-to-the-premise network.

    Kent Winrich, Director of Broadband Infrastructure for Fibrant, describes the rollout of the network and the expected impact within the community. Though the City may not expect a groundswell of subscribers for the 10-gig service, Winrich expects their current customers will appreciates the digital security blanket of knowing they have long term security against Technology obsolescence. More importantly, the new service gives Salisbury a powerful leg up as it market's itself as both a business hub and an education computing center within the state and beyond.

    Winrich discuss:

    challenges of upgrading the network to this new capacity;
    aligning current and future customer needs with broadband technology;
    maintaining competitive advantage; and
    marketing Fibrant as a community asset versus a high tech toy.

    Salisbury is one of the many communities highlighted in my new book, Building the Gigabit City, Vol. 2. If you missed our interview with Salisbury's Mayor and Mayor pro tem discussing the cities marketing efforts, you can listen to the archive.

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    Planned Obsolescence

    in Technology

    Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence is the process of a product becoming obsolete or non-functional after a certain period or amount of use in a way that is planned or designed by the manufacturer. ...

    The art of making a product break/fail after a certain amount of time, not so soon that you will blame the manufacturer, but soon enough for you to buy another one and make more profit for them. Also see Perceived Obsolescence.'

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    Humanity's Next Steps: The Path to Obsolescence

    in Technology

    Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon explore the increasingly complex relationship between humanity and our machines.

    We know that machines are performing very complex and difficult tasks for us such as exploring space. They're also beginning to take on more personal tasks, such as managing our communication with other people. If they continue to do more and more for us, is it just a matter of time before the amchines take over altogether?

    Tune in and explore.

    (WT 066)

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    Is My Degree Worth the Student Loans?

    in Lifestyle

    This broadcast is sponsored by Abundant Grace Ministries. In this episode, we discuss the need for education and provide listeners with a more contemporary definition and approach to education. We take a look at the return on investment of a traditional education. We also address issues inherent to pursuing a formal degree that are often over looked by students that ultimately end up changing their lives, lead to obsolescence, and are drastically increase the costs of pursuing a formal degree.

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    Podcast 210

    in News

    On The Road. A listener email sparks a discussion about the true nature of technology. “Tech” is nothing more than a tool. Tools can be used for good, or bad. Problems are never completely solved, but they are managed. The constant ‘dystopian’ predictions about the effects of tech on unemployment, and the impending obsolescence of […]

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    A full year of buying nothing new. Can you do it?

    in Education

    Can you buy nothing new for a year?  Can you make do and mend literally almost everything rather than replace it? 

    That is exactly what my guest, Jen Gale of My Make Do and Mend Year did!

    I had the joy of interviewing Jen for another radio show and I was thrilled when she agreed to be my guest yet again. She has such a great outlook it’s contagious!

    My thought process behind having Jen on is to help inspire you to do what you can NOW, train your brain, hands and heart to avoid the monster of planned obsolescence and over stimulated consumerism.  If our society were forced to give up these now common practices – how well do you feel you’d fare?  How well do you feel those around you, who are used to the conveniences and trappings of a disposable life fare?  I think this offers us a serious opportunity to search our skill set and life choices.  I feel Jen offers many ideas and hope for how resilient we can train ourselves to be!

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    Fun Friday with Warranty Rewards

    in Business

    Tune in and learn how Warranty Rewards is changing the face of the $50 Billion Dollar warranty industry. The truth is out and we have the solution to planned obsolescence....Matrix Protection. Every household in America needs to know.  Spread the word get your prospects and agents logged on to the show.

     Call in and press 1 shout out your teams and share your successes or ask a question that has been on your mind. This show is a place for your voice to be heard! 

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    Fun Friday with My Warranty Rewards

    in Business

    It's Fun Friday! Call in and Shout out your team, represent your state! Are you in?  Be heard on Friday mornings! Share what is happening in your area with My Warranty Rewards! How are your customers responding to our Matrix Protection Plan? What kind of response do you get when you tell them that we have a lifetime warranty that will protect all of the electronics in their home?

    We will also discuss ways to expand your business, planned obsolescence and our role, and the power of  networking! It's time to get in the mix! Hopefully, everyone has picked up their copy of Blink, The Power of Thinkinging Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell.We look forward to talking with everyone! 

    Press 1 and let your voice be heard! We want to hear your comments, testimonies, and answer all of your questions. It's Fun Friday, we will get it all in! Join us at 10am Central.

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    Carson's Corner with Bob Carson.

    in Politics Progressive

    On this edition of Carson's Corner, we welcome Harry Cason of the Zeitgeist Movement to the show.

    Here is some more info on Harry Cason and why he joined the movement: Harry Cason has been teaching political science at the The City University of New York - College of Staten Island for over twenty years, and has been involved in the anti-war and social rights movement even longer.

    Cason is presently writing a book on: U.S. Relations with Spain under Francisco Franco, and Spain’s Eventual Liberalization.

    Cason is a member-supporter of the Zeitgeist Movement, because of  its holistic-systemic response to the problems we presently face in the world, as opposed to the piecemeal and tweaking response that is typically offered-up these days.


    Bob and Harry will discuss the movement and how some of the fundamentals of the movement can benefit society as a whole/