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    B.Fly Welcomes Authors of Murderess Obsession 2

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    Meet the Authors of Murderess Obsession 2 

    Melody S. was born in Brooklyn, New York and is the mother of three boys. She discovered her love for writing at a very early age and was writing poetry by the age of 12. Fiction is her favorite genre to read and write and she likes to surf the web in her free time. Melody S. currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

    Michelle Robertson was born in New York but raised in the south were her love for writing was birth. Her motto is "Writing gives me a voice in places I've never been, with people I've never seen."

    Lear was born in Demopolis, AL. She is the tenth child of 12 born to the parents of Mr. and Mrs. Eliza Lynch. . She currently lives in Harvest, AL. Lear has always had a passion for writing.  While attending college Lear had the opportunity to write her first short skit which eventually will become a full blown play titled “The Counselor.” Lear has written two plays titled “My Teenager My Child” and “My Teenager My Child Part Two.” She has also written a book titled “Forty Years Later, which was inspired by the election of   President Barack H. Obama. She has co-written a poetry book titled “Wonderful Woman Selected Poems,” with Shirley Bolden,Deloyce Lynch,Kiah LeeAnn Lynch.

    Ms. Ten Story was born in Riviera Beach, Florida raised in New York and now calling Alabama home. When the mother of three is not writing, she volunteers at local schools. Co-author of Dream Cloud Publications' In Love With Poetic Flow. In which Ten Story contributed, "Ink Therapy" touching many subjects such as love, motivation, politics, rape, domestic violence, heartbreak, hope, erotica and more. Works also include Murderess Obsession 2, where she brought to life her poem Mistaken Mistress in the form of a short story.

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    @AVandSeanShow #81 - Obsession...

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    Tune in at 8PM EST this Friday 9/4 as we return to discuss some of the most crazy, obsessed stalkers that you have ever heard of!

    Plus we are discussing other crazy stories of the week mixed in with comedy that you know and love!

    All this and your phone calls!

    That's LIVE this Friday night 9/4 at 8PM EST!

    Call us up (619)924-0762

    tweet us @AVandSeanShow

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    Check out the Mothership site where you can listen to this show as well as others on the Intestinal Fortitude Radio Network!

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    Conversation with Sapphire J Blue and Author Obsession

    in Writing

     Pleasure Palace By Obsession

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    Society's obsession with body shaming

    in Pop Culture

    On this episode I'll be discussing society’s obsession with body image and body shaming. We see it in the media on awards shows or on shows like the fashion police. We may overhear someone on the street make comments about what the next woman may or may not be wearing. We see it in the comments section of social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. We see it everywhere. We have become a society that has become comfortable critiquing and criticizing other women. Whether one is curvy or slim, fashionista or not, it seems like somebody always has something to say.

    Tune in tJuly 28 at a special timw 9:30 pm (EST) by dialing in at (347) 989-1140 to listen or join in on the conversation. Or stream live on your PC or smart phone at:


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    Obsession in the Spiritist Movement

    in Spirituality

    Suzana Simoes is interviewed by Vanessa Anseloni on Obsession in the Spiritist Movement. What is it? How can it be cured? These and other questions will be answered in this most important program. Call LIVE for questions and comments.

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    ***I'm performing LIVE as an opening act for Big Tree @TRITONE on Sat, Jan 23, 2010~doors open @8pm!***
    More songs by Nneka and some by The Dead Weather, Jack White's latest band. Explore with me as I share my former love and newfound obsession- the guitar. Hear here what's going on during this CAPRICORN time of year as we make our way towards SPRING!

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    Everyone has a dirty little secret! 

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    Chatting it up with Obsession

    in Books

    Stop in as we chat with Obsession about her newest release, Pleasure Palace.


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    Love vs. Lust/Obsession

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    This was a requested topic so I am excited. A lot of times we, including myself in the past, think we are standing in love when it comes to relationships. I want to point out lust/obsession is not just sexual. We can also desperately be seeking friendship or a family structure, therefore, obsession can come in various forms. On the other hand, I will focus on male/female romantic relationships. I want to touch on the differences between love and lust. I feel this show comes at a perfect time where I am learning to fully love and fully receive love and not stand in lust. The heart is deceitful above all things and can fool us to believe that what we are receiving is love or what we are offering is also truly love.


    How do you know what true love is? We must first go to the creator of love!

    I Corinthians 13 NIV (I love KJV but, this is more our time language lol)

    4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

  • Generational Curses/"Free Stuff"/Booty Obsession

    in Entertainment

    Join us today for a lively and engaging discussion on Lamar Odom and Generational curses. Also what's this "Free Stuff" we keep hearing about from politicians and why is the black community constantly being accused of basing their vote around it? And last, why are we obsessed with big butts in this nation and within the black community? How and why are women compelled to get back alley implants? Dr. Tiffany Sanders (a regular contributor on HLN, WGN and Fox 32) is here to help us parse this out. Don't miss it today at 5:00pm CST!