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    Men Are Still Working, Boys Going Back To School

    in Comedy

    I had the day off...did you? While your alarm went off early, I used the restroom, and went back to sleep.

    Nikki Minaj called Miley Cyrus a Bitch, and the internet is blowing up! I bet if it were the other way around, Miley records would be pulled off the shelf, she would be made to find Jesus, and become a nun.

    Football is back, and wives and girlfriends are going to be neglected...unless they have a girlfriend too, lol.

    Kanye was high at the VMA's the other day. Otherwise, he's an incorrigible asshole. He needs to smoke dope more often.

    Has Instagram become an advertisment center for booty? There are fake profiles showing womens asses, real profiles showing womens asses, and numerous "online personal trainers."

    Younger folks like to talk mess about my age, and why I shouldn't be on instagram/social media. Do they run it? It's just a popularity contest to see who get the more followers, then they post their dinner. Petty.

    My neighbors kids talk to each other as loud as possible, within a foot of each others face. Kids need to be taught volume control before learning english.


  • Dating Women Radio Show - EXCERPT - Q's From THE SYSTEM - September 2, 2015

    in Romance

    Please enjoy this EXCERPT from our Wednesday, 9/2/15 Dating Women Radio Show where our caller asks several questions related to THE SYSTEM - which is one of the reasons the book is so valuable - you can ask the author questions every week - for the FULL hour-long show, 4+ years (and growing) of shows to listen to, articles for members only and much more:


    Don't forget, we're live each Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET and encourage you to call on the numbers below

    US TOLL FREE (48 contiguous states):  (855) 345-7465
    INTERNATIONAL (including Alaska & Hawaii):  (646) 668-8937

    You may also ask questions via email too (but callers take priority).

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    in Prayer

    A Christian is called to be a soldier to fight the good fight of faith. This soldier has continual access

    to a place of retreat where they can go to pray. It cannot be said too often that the life of a Christian is warfare,

    an intense conflict, a lifelong contest. The bible calls people to life, not a picnic or a holiday. It requires effort, wrestling and struggle.

    It demands full energy of the spirit ton withstand the enemy and to come out, in the end, more thatn a conqueror. It is far fro easy.

    It is war. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963  

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    Let's Talk Too! Tumeki Griffin

    in Motivation

    I'm your host

    Author Sharnel


    Author Tumeki Griffin

    Meet Author Tumeki Griffin Hi, I am Authoress Tumeki S. Griffin. It is indeed a pleasure to meet you. I am a self-published Author of two books, my 1st "Your Mind's Eye" and 2nd "I Am A Concealed Weapon". I absolutely love to write to inspire by using my own personal life's journey of how I over came many of the challenges that mostly everyone face. I like to think that I am the balm for the soul as I have you laughing out loud and allowing you to see your healing through my desert moments. My books are geared toward motivating you to find your purpose now! I am a mother of three amazing children, Chelsea, Alese, and Jerrell. They are my greatest accomplishments in life and a gift from God. I am a speaker and a mentor to many. I started many businesses however none compare to what I was purposed to do which is write to equipped you and many others with the message of hope and inspiration to have the courage to go out and reach your dreams.

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    Short & Junk: Going Pro

    in Entertainment

    Checkmate asks: So, there was a brief period in HP fandom history when it seemed like every other “Big Name Fan” was make the transition to being a professional writer and was removing all of their Fanwork from the Internet as a result. One of the reasons most frequently given for the removal was that the writers wanted to repurpose the original content of their fan fiction for their professional work. I’d really like to know what you think about this practice as both a professional writer and a fanfic author and if you’ve ever had an idea for a fanfic that at some point in the creative process became an original work or vice versa?

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    KNOT: How Soon is Too Soon To Have Sex?

    in Romance

    Follow us on Twitter: KNOT = @knotradiotalk; Dantea = @jusTay_willdo; Nieama = @nieamab; O.T. = @DocPorterOT - Like us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/knotyourtypicalradiotalk

    Call in at 661-449-9318

    In the ever advancing world and the age of "now", we dare to ask, how soon is too soon for the first sexual encounter? In a world of instant gratification through internet dating and smart phone dating apps, sex seems to almost always be at the forefront. At what point is it acceptable to cross over from the idea of sex into the act of sex? Do the rules differ for males and females? If so, why? And how exactly is that useful? Join us as we discuss this riveting topic!


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    So You Chose Her!

    in Current Events

    Life is about choices! You can choose to do good or you can choose to do bad. Right now I am going through something that is the result of a choice someone made but decided not to inform me of but it involved me. I hate liars and when you omit parts of the truth that what it is. Truth is so important and you can choose whatever you want but just make sure that ALL parties involved know what's up. That's the adult thing to do. Children play games! It isn't about hate or jealousy it is about the choice that you made and can you live with it?

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    Campus Life - Dorm room designs and organizational ideas

    in Design

    Hello Folks, and welcome back again this week..

    We're doing Dormitory Design and Dorm Room Ideas..Yes its that time of year again when our young adults are heading and/or returning back to college!  Maybe its a little scary as they're going into an unfamiliar environment unlike the coziness and comfortabilty of living at home. So we provide great ideas in creating and making the space livable and functionable.  With adding color and accessories we show how  to make the space aesthetically appealing so that they call the space their home away from home!

    See Ya tonight!

    10:30 pm pst

  • The Tufts Get Going! "Stones Rising"

    in Environment

    9:00 AM Eastern, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    "Stones Rising." Ever wonder how ancient peoples made those megalithic monuments? There's a place just a couple hours' drive from DC, where you can not only see how it was done -- YOU get to do it too! Four Quarters Farm in Pennsylvania is the site of an ongoing project to build a new megalithic Stone Circle, as a place of worship. Sophia Kelly Shultz, one of the church's board members, joins me this morning to talk about how the project got started 20 years ago, and how it benefits the people who participate. (Encore performance.)

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    What's Going On?

    in Motivation

    Trying to brand my business is so hard now days every other person seems to be talking about destiny so how do I differentiate my brand from the brand of others using the same keyword "Destiny" On this episode I will discuss some of the coming changes that God is bringing about recently. 

  • Fakers and Impostors - #blacklivesdontreallymatter and #trumpfruad

    in Politics Conservative

    Frustration and anger has left us open to be manipulated by those that mean this country nothing but harm.  Frustration about the disentegration of race relations in this country has left us open to the angry voices of communist led organizers of #blacklivesmatter ( G. Soros). People that have been out of the national spotlight like Louis Farakahn are now making noise that get him noteriety and attention too. 

    Conservatives frustrated with Republicans like MItch McConnell and John Boehnor are now hanging on every word that falls from the lips of donald Trump as if is perfected angry white guy candidate. People that have been solid conservatives have left their principles to support a person that doesn't have any. 

    Tonight we talk about what we are seeing.  I hope by the end of the hour we can come to some point of rationality.