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    Oblivion Review

    in Movies

    AreYouScreening.com host and BFCA film critic, Marc Eastman, and co-host extraordinaire, Shane Leonard, review Oblivion.
    It's the hot, sci-fi, Tom Cruise vehicle that everyone has been waiting for... well, maybe. We'll give you our take, and we hope you'll join us with yours.
    We'll also be playing some interview clips with the stars of the film so you can get their take.

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    Black Geeks Review: Oblivion

    in Movies

    This week the Black Geeks review "Oblivion" starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.

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    Movie Reviews: Oblivion, In The House

    in Movies

    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review two new films: Oblivion and In The House. 

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    Tea Time with Joshua Episode 9: Andy Mascola

    in Entertainment

    Friend of the show, Andy Mascola returns to discuss the release of his latest novel Kissing Oblivion, as well as the craft of writing.

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    TRU SPORTS TALK ( Season 2 Episode 8)

    in Sports

    On tonight's episode of TRU SPORTS TALK we go right into some of the controversial topics that are happening today in the world of sports. We also take a historical look into the factors that have shaped the perception of mainstream sports with a goal of providing insight and clarity to the listeners. 


    Jimmy Butler and the Chicago Bulls saga

    Peyton Manning and the HGH allegations

    The impact of how family members deal with the  media

    The Chip Kelly era ends in Philadelphia

    The bubble of oblivion surrounding NBA athletes

    And much much more.


    Corey Grooms, Sharia Marcus-Carter, and Rob Maylor

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    Zoe Bell is "the industry's most famous stuntwoman," and is transcending into leady lady. The beautiful New Zealand daredevil breaks down these barriers in her role opposite Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise in the blockbuster theatrical release (April 19th) of "Oblivion." Set 60 years after an alien invasion has destroyed planet earth, "Oblivion" is an action-packed adventure thriller that pays homage to classic science fiction films of the 1970's. Zoe portrays 'Kara,' of the underground group, lead by Morgan Freeman,  of renegrades who are tracking how to save the planet. (Personal note: I saw the film and loved it.)   Best known as Quention Tarantinos go-to stuntwaman, Bell has worked in dozens of high profile thrillers, including "Kill Bill, Vols. 1 & 2;" "Inglourious Basterds;" "Django Unchained;" and the cult favorite, "Xena:Warrior Princess." With an impressively established resume of stunt work and a bold transition into starring roles, Bell has now combined her talents in her newest project, "Raze," a much-anticipated thriller, which premiers at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month. She not only stars in the film, but choreographed many of the stunts, setting the overall vision for the fight scenes, and is a producer on the film as well. The film is dubbed as "Fight Club" meets "Hostel." and co-stars Sherilyn Fenn and Rachel Nichols, with a cameo by Rosario Dawson.    Bell was born in Waiheke Island, New Zealand, to Tish, a nurse, and Andrew Bell, a doctor. She grew up on Waiheke Island in Auckland, and participated in competitive gymnastics, dance, high diving, scuba, and track and field activities, and Tae Kwon Do. Bell began her career in 1992 when her father treated a stuntman for a head injury and came home with a phone number for her to call.

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    Buried Treasure Of The Week: Is OBLIVION the Best Film of 2013?

    in Film

    Remember classics such as SILENT RUNNING, THE OMEGA MAN and BLADE RUNNER?  Well, prepare yourself for OBLIVION - "the best Philip K. Dick story ... which Philip K. Dick never wrote!".  The 2013 Tom Cruise / Morgan Freeman sci-fier from writer / dir. Joseph Kosinski (TRON: LEGACY) would slyly promote itself as a typical "hero's journey" actioner, then half-way in take a sharp turn into Philip Dick territory as a mind-bending and emotionally gripping examination of identity and self-identity within the framework of a domestic partnership; even tackling the seldom touched upon theme of true love vs. fate. Modestly successful in America (but a hit overseas), we invite you to take a detailed look at one of the most intelligent (and visually stunning) genre outings since the glory days of the 1960s / 70s. Includes film audio clips, excerpts from the score, commentary by Cruise, Kosinski, composer Anthony Gonzalez (of M83), archival commentary on the "Philip K. Dick" phenomenon by directors Ridley Scott (BLADE RUNNER), Paul Verhoeven (TOTAL RECALL) and more. WARNING! - CONTAINS SPOILERS! - CEJ

    More @

    * WIRED Magazine: 5 (Spoiler-Filled) Lingering Questions About OBLIVION: http://www.wired.com/underwire/2013/04/oblivion-movie-questions/

    * "THE GRINDHOUSE: With Craig & Jim" on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheGrindhouseWithCraigJim

    * THE GULLCOTTAGE / SANDLOT Film Blog - Film Reference Library: http://gullcottageonline.com/

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    Episode 404: Politics and money, where do we go wrong?

    in Politics Conservative

    Politics and money, where do we go wrong? Why do our stewards believe they can spend us into oblivion, and it's OK?

    SPONSOR “If I Were A” story by Dan Clements illustrated by Lori Clements

    Searching For Truth Is a video series about the Gospel and what you need to know to be saved

    Hillary Supporters Endorse SHARIA LAW in AMERICA! (audio)

    Thomas Jefferson quote (banks) (audio)

    Banking Before the Federal Reserve: The U.S. and Canada Compared by Donald Wells FEE.org

    Honest Money: The Biblical Blueprint for Money and Banking by Gary North garynorth.com

    What the Bible says about Money by Dave Ramsey daveramsey.com


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    As in the Days of Noah: Are Christians taking the Word of God Literally?

    in News

    Mainstream Christians appear to be in a state of perilous oblivion to the literal Word of God, which details our future in a world of epic social and societal chaos, perversion of all things, and the deliberate deception designed to ensnare all but the very discerning and astute. We live during a time when nearly all aspects of our lives are themselves embedded within seemingly disparate yet carefully interwoven theaters of war. These theaters are the fields of battle where the lines have been drawn between good and evil, although there are many among us who are intent on blurring and even moving these lines to harvest the souls of mankind, which is the ultimate goal of the Luciferian elite.

    We have returned to Babylon. A Babylon recreated by the "old World Order" to usher in the "New World Order." We are watching the spirit of Nimrod as the "Luciferian Elite" are enslaving us in all aspects of our lives - from financially to the growing insidious movement of transhumanism. Men aspite to be like god-kings. Escape judgment by living forever. It will not end well.

    Hour 1: Economist Steve Quayle & Ross Powell: The Quantum Shift of the Yuan and the Orchestrated takedown of the U.S. Dollar.

    Hour 2-3: Steve Quayle on Transhumanism and return to Babyon.

    Brought to you in part by www.Nuts.com - use coupon code "HH" in the microphone box for 4 FREE SAMPLES with purchase.

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    The Greg Doss Show: Focus on Remedy and Dj Sqwyd: Getting To The Point!

    in Self Help

    The Greg Doss: Focusing on Remedy, every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm PST followed by The Dj Sqwyd Show: Getting To The Point!

    The Call-in Number for the Shows is (347) 838-8420 OR visit www.gregdoss.com and click on “LISTEN TO THE GREG DOSS & DJ SQWYD SHOW / SQWYD UNIVERSITY” LINK!

    Changing Perspective Can Change Results!

    Greg delves into a common practice or character issues with some so-called Black Men: Topics for October 13, 2015:

    Greg Doss Will Discuss:

    1.False Pride being used to mask Fear.

    2.Not Being Willing to Accept Guidance from another “Black” Man; But, Will follow a woman or the “Other” into a Grave, Cell,.... Oblivion.

    Dj Sqwyd Will Discuss:

    1.Our Sons and Daughters are being slaughtered because WE as Mothers and Fathers have allowed a BullS**t ideology to raise or children.

    Boys being raised as surrogate Girls….. The Recipe for Destruction..

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    Phil Denton Of Midnight Messiah & Bob Petrosino Of Oblivion

    in Music

    This Week My Guest Are Phil Denton Of Midnight Messiah/Elixir And Bob Petrosino Of Oblivion
    The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show! Classic 80'S Underground...Playing The Best Of All the Rest ... Heavy Metal the Way It Was Meant To Be!
    Facebook Page..Give It A Like: http://www.facebook.com/Theheavymetalmayehmradioshow
    Download The MM Bootleg And The Demo-lition Segment Demo Here: http://heavymetalmayhembigcheese.blogspot.com/
    News & Concert Calendar Update By Ken Pierce Of: http://www.piercingmetal.com/
    Visit Our Sponser Rockandrolletc.com For classic music Memoribilla http://www.rockandrolletc.com/index.html