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    Episode #347 - Live in the Rain

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    Broadcasting live from the freshly rained on Old Towne Pub in Pasadena!

    Call in - 7148887437

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    Rain Man: 10 Minutes for High-Sticking

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    Rain Man is a talk format show led by filmmaker and radio personality Michael Flores. From comedy to news plus interviews, Michael and the crew will keep you entertained. Sit back, relax and be prepared to be entertained.

    Today on the show: 
    Michael talks with Rob Benedict about music, movies, and his time on Supernatural. Also on the show; Chris Brown tweets about ebola, Darth Vader runs for Ukrainian President, and a discussion on The Walking Dead season 5 premiere.

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    The Rain from God Comes

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    Pastor Brad Morgan of New Life Beginnings Church begins today's message speaking from I Kings 18:41 where it speaks of the sound of abundance of rain. Elisha was able to hear the sound of abundance of rain. You as a believer are able to hear things before they actually come about.  The Lord will speak things to you. We have to make preparation for the downpour the Lord wants to send on our life. Psalms 68 also talks about the rain. O God, when You went out before Your people, When You marched through the wilderness, The earth shook; The heavens also dropped rain at the presence of God; Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel. You, O God, sent a plentiful rain ...

    The rain in some ways signifies the Word.  God wants to drop the word. God wants to drop his plentiful rain into our life. The rain comes to people who have been standing on the promisses and the word of God. The rain will come as a season of refreshing. The rain requires a mind-set change. God is working to restore your life. In Leviticus 26:3 it says, "If you walk in My statutes and keep My commandments, and perform them, then I will give you rain in its season, the land shall yield its produce, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit." In other words there will be fruit, the fruit of the Spirit growing in your life. 

    The rain will let you know that you have heard from God. The rain will bring abundance into every area of your life. Through faith and patience we inherit the promisses of God. As God raises you up, He will give you the word, He will give you the rain.


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    Whispers From Heaven ~ With Psychic Mediums Lorie Johnson and Amelia Pisano

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    Give Before You Get is a cousin to a concept many of us are familiar with called “pay it forward.” With pay it forward, someone once did something for you to help you with your life or your career and you are now helping someone else out to “pay it forward” as compensation for this previous support. While nice, it’s still a transaction concept, which is where give before you get differs. In give before you get, you enter into a relationship without defining anything transactional – you “give” in whatever form is appropriate, but you have no idea what you are going to “get” back. Now, this isn’t altruism – you will get something back – you just don’t know when, from who, in what currency, or in what magnitude. You enter into the relationship non-transactionally and are willing to continue giving without a defined transactional return.

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    SHOOTING from the LIP -- w/ Bill Saunders & Kevin Hale

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    tonight's SHOOTING from the LIP - 10p E with hosts Bill Saunders @bsaunders12 and Kevin Hale @kevinhale423

    10:05 – Rob Szarek @liveparanormal - Owner/President LiveParanormal.com - discussing Ohio sports, B1G
    10:35 – Matthew Grant @WeeklyWPodcast - Weekly Wrestling Podcast - discuss WWE PPV
    11:05 – Sophia Sarantakos @hoistingmysail - discuss her SOA LA Finale fan party experience

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    Rain Man: Fist of Fury; the Clowns are Mad

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    Rain Man is a talk format show led by filmmaker and radio personality Michael Flores. From comedy to news plus interviews, Michael and the crew will keep you entertained. Sit back, relax and be prepared to be entertained.

    Today on the show: 
    Daryl from 'The Walking Dead' is awesome and possibly Gay says actor Norman Reedus. 
    The Clown association complains about Hollywood's depiction of clowns and demands that it changes it's way it portrays the fun-loving circus performers. 
    Plus messages from listeners help stir up some comedy and some controversy. 
    And news!

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    SHOOTING from the LIP -- Bill Saunders & Kevin Hale - UKvUL

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    SPECIAL - UK v UL basketball rivalry

    tonight's SHOOTING from the LIP - 10p E with hosts Bill Saunders @bsaunders12 and Kevin Hale @kevinhale423

    10:05 – Cameron Mill @CameronMillz - former UK player - 1998 National Champion
    10:35 – Perrin Johnson @PerrinJohnson - former UL player - 2007
    11:05 – open line for calls -- guests include @WildcatCorey and more

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    The "When Bowl-A-Mania Runs Wild On You"

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    The SHOW is here to give you the greatest challenge of your lives! Join our Bowl Pick'em league and see if you know more about football than we do (laughable). We will give you our thoughts on who will win each every match-up of the bowl season including your National Champions that will be crowned in January! The only question is just what will the winner recieve? We cannot be held accountable for any money lost by using our opinions as betting lines. All we can guarantee is for your mind to be blown so what ya gonna do brotha, when bowl-a-mania runs wild on you?!?

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    Obama; the Castro brothers' most useful Idiot

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    In a defining moment abandoning Cubas' civil rights movement in their struggle against Castro apartheid Obama bails out the terrorist Castro brothers and the military mafia that runs Cuba with the Popes' blessing. Jewish American hostage and unwitting pawn Alan Gross is released after 5 years of unjust captivity in the Castro gulag in exchange for convicted murderers and castro spies in conjunction with a US Presidential pronouncment of impending change in Cuba policy.   

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    I couldn't wait to hear what he had to say before he sped away. 17 days in havahee no tax refunds for youi and me.

    He proudly called on only leftist women no males and he ran out the clock with mickey mouse gossip. I hear you are moving to Brusells he said to a giggly girl who reminded me of Clinton's harmonica teacher. I was waiting to see what sprouts in Brussels.

    Of course he played the race card but left out that a communist mayor in NYC ordered a crackdown on loosie cigarette sellers and the ghetto merchants marched on one police plaza demanding the arrest of big overweight black guys with asthma selling untaxed cigarettes. From The Mayor to top command the word went down to a Black precinct commander to take down Gardens.

    The black precinct commander immediately ordered a black female sergeant to take an arrest team to seize the big guy. The film of the takedown has edited out the black police sergeant a female who ordered police officers to arrest Gardens. Gardens died of a heart attack and hour after his arrest.

    There is good money in race cards. 

    Jesse Jackson scored two billion on Toyota when they did an add showing gold teeth and big red lips on a black cutomer.

    Now Sony is under intimidation.  they want no trouble with the enemy of Japan,. North Korea..

    Maybe if we were North Koreans we would not take to kindly to a movie company making jokes about our sad culture showing the assassination of their leader. If North Korea made a movie about the  assassination of Obama. How many Americans would find that funny?  Sony made a decision based on the number of American lawsuits that could cripple their corporation.  Many actors like George Clowney actually believe they defeated Iran on the Hollywood set. Obama said Sony should have talked to me.Who will threaten Sony when they make Benghazi?


  • A word from God with Prophetess Lassiter 105 Tech st Ahoskie nc 27910

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    Praying Teaching and Preaching the word of God today's topic the 12 things God has set us free from Amen God bless you all and thank you for your support call Prophetess Lassiter anytime ,252-518-1171

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