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    219 Runners Chat Show - 2013 NYC Marathon

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    We talk to runners who were scheduled to run the 2012 NYC Marathon and who are running the 2013 NYC Marathon.  How much do you remember about last year?  Listen in as they all recount their experience around last year's race and their plans for 2013.  The 2013 ING New York CIty Marathon will be a historic race.

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    Inside the 2012 NYC Marathon

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    The 2012 New York City Marathon was canceled.  How did the week unfold from the inside?  Merle Trichon of Sweaty Bands is on the show to talk about her experience as a vendor at the expo.   Getting to New York, transporting product, setting up, the mood of the runners and the city, the announcement, the expo the day after and the amazing volunteer effort that took place by the running community.  All this and much more as we also pause to remember the victims of Hurricane Sandy and the extreme challenges they're having getting their lives back to normal.  It's a fascinating look at the event.

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    Runners Chat - The NYC Marathon

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    The NYC Marathon is a monster. We have three NYC 2010 marathoners on the show who have also run it in the past. They'll talk about the excitement of the start, a personal story about NYC and the spectacular finish, plus the 5K, plus much more. Join Karla Bruning, Magda Cardoso and Kevin Horty as they talk about America's biggest marathon.

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    Brian Cohen NYC Marathon with you

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    Did you ever wonder how you would feel running the NYC Marathon? 
    This program is taking place 4 hours and 30 minutes into the NYC Marathon and I will be broadcasting as i am running and with a little luck, a lot of training and with the help of Rebecca Norrington my guest co-host we will cross the finish line on air.
    in 1991 and 1992 I ran the Marathon with a finishing time of 4:20 and 4:40. Assuming the same times, maybe a little slower as I am 21 years older you and I should cross while I am on air.
    Guest Host Rebecca Norrington http://www.rebeccanorrington.com/
    Strategies of Success Host Brian Cohen www.briansos.com briansos@optonline.net 631-255-3581

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    231 The 2014 ASICS LA Marathon

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    Joe was part of the announcing team at the 2014 ASICS LA Marathon.  It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles as more than 25,000 runners ran from the LA Dodgers Stadium to the seaside finish in Santa Monica.  We'll take a short stop at the expo, talk with some old friends, a few vendors and the race officials from the San Francisco Marathon.  Joe caught up the the CEO of the LA Marathon and spent 15 minutes talking about the event, the bright future of the LA Marathon and the Olympic Trials.  At the end Joe shares some thoughts about what it's like to watch you finish a marathon.

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    Breaking The State Marathon Record!

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    During today's show, we will talk with Chris 'Gman' Giordanelli.  On Saturday, December 13, 2014, this 50-year-old cyclist/multi sport athlete/runner broke the 50+ age group South Carolina state marathon record in a very fast 2:47 (the previous record, 2:50). We are going to speak with Chris and hear about his journey towards the record. What inspired Chris to go after this record? What were some of the ups and downs he experienced during his "marathon training camp?" After breaking this record, what's next on his radar?

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    Rebelution Radio Holiday Marathon

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    Join us as we continue the HOLIDAY MARATHON! We will have open lines during the show. The 6 groups in the holiday auction will be talked about in detail. We will have a few special guests on to discuss the holiday season.

    We will talk Black Friday, Toys For Tots and more! We will have Christmas music to get everyone in the mood!

    We will follow THE VIEW UP HERE and be followed by RADIO FREE ROVER!

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    #174 Is 100 km the new marathon?

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    With some outstanding perfromances at the recent 100km world championships and an increasing popularity for 100km and ultra events the question arises:

    Is the 100km the new marathon?

    In this episode of the Partnerunning Show we explore the case for and against.

    We don't see this as a debate about better or worse, there is a place for all distances as one person's 5k is another person's 200 mile. Rather it is an insight into the "running boom" as people seek to go further not just (or even) faster.

    Also on the show:

    Over the shoulder
    Ask Sue
    Run Fr The Young review
    The road ahead.

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    Budget Weddings NYC 4U - Tina Di of Super Dolls Lounge

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    Tina Di owner of Super Dolls Lounge:

    Super Dolls Jewelry Lounge is an innovative new concept in which as their client you receive personal image consultancy in which they offer you a wide range of hypo-allergenic jewelry, made by local designers as well as other products and nail designs in a relaxing and luxuriously indulgent lounge atmosphere. You can even custom-make jewelry for special occasions or rent some precious gems if you cannot afford to purchase. Take your wedding party in for fittings of jewelry or even a manicure. 

    If you'd rather not wear your engagement ring on your honeymoon, then purchase a beautiful look-alike ring for less than $20. In that respect if you lose it, it won't be a big deal.


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    Marathon Running Tips for those who Struggle to Break 5 Hours

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    Running a Marathon is tough, when it takes 5 hours, even tougher. Richard Diaz shares tips with a runner who struggles to break the 5 hour barrier. Marathon Running Tips that focus on what to do and how to feed when the race takes longer than planned.

    Look at any major Marathon and you’ll see that greater than half of the participants run within the 5 hour range.  This may be because more and more people are meeting the challenge than ever before.  Unfortunately, there is little information provided for these runners.  Most of what is written on training focuses on runners who hope to run in the sub-4 hour finish time.  One of our listeners asked that we address this problem and serve up some running tips.  If you are running a marathon for the first time, or have struggled when you are beyond 20 miles, this show is for you!

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    The View Up Here goes #Toys4Tots in the @RebelutionRadio Marathon

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    The View Up Here goes second in the marathon, kicking off the auction for the #Toys4Tots fundraiser. There are SIX different group packages up for bidding. The complete list of all six groups can be found at http://pastebin.com/KCKK0WzU
     Almost all group packages have a minimum bid of $50, but we are expecting the bidding action to go a fair bit higher! All for an excellent cause, led by the Chairman of Rebelution Radio Group - @CnyR3bel. All bids are asked to go through @Bekkalina13, the auction coordinator.

    Third Rail Radio leads us off, R3belution Radio follows us, and Radio Free Rover closes out the marathon. Plenty of bidding action, plenty of lulz, throw in some tunes, welcome callers to the airwaves, raise some funds for a worthy cause, and a great time will be had by all.

    Besides the #Toys4Tots auction, there are a couple of carry-overs from the show last Wednesday. We will be looking to explain the hashtag #NotBetterWithTheD and the origination of #Glendoodle. Call in, give your best case scenario of #NotBetterWithTheD, or tell us your favorite #Glendoodle.

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