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    NY Sports Sunday Night

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    You dont want to miss this show tonght. Join Jose Otero and Joey Torres as we disect the disaster in the Meadowlands, and other happenings in NY Sports, and look ahead to the week. Tonight at 11PM. Dont Miss It!!!!

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    NY Sports Sunday Night #2

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    Can the Giants overcome their funk, and beat Dallas at home? Can the Jets make it 2 against the Bills in Detroit? Join Jose Otero, and Joey Torres as they take a look at the day in NY Football live from the Meadowlands. Plus sports writer Rich Mancuso calls in to talk some NY Baseball Hot Stove. At a special time of 11:30. Don't miss it

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    Hasan Salaam + Jay Z, Russell Simmons & Gov. Cuomo + NY rap on top

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     New York City has been very much part of the public consciousness in recents days, and as hip hop is concerned, we're still the center of the music, culture and politics. This was evident this week as news broke that Jay Z and Russell Simmons both spoke with Governor Cuomo about "reforming the justice system."

    Whether or not this was just shrewed PR positioning or not remains to be seen. We'll discuss the meetings and ask the question, "Are Jay Z or Russell Simmons capable representatives of hip hop? Can they make a difference?"

    Of course, Jay and Russell weren't the only ones making noise in regards to the protests. Nas and J. Cole participated, and of course, the lesser known, but no less important hip hop-oriented organiztations, artists and 'heads' continue to be out in force.

    Speaking of which, we'll hear from MC/activist and more, Hasan Salaam, fresh from his recent album release and amazing interview with our host Manny Faces, on his sister podcast, The Manny Faces Show. He'll give an update on his album, the memorial for affiliate J Arch, and Hasan's upcoming event, celebrating his more "erotic" side activities. 

    Speaking of J. Cole, along with DJ Premier/Royce the 5' 9" project and Ghostface Killah's new album, a lot of veteran NY artists are bringing great material to the table. While the new jacks including the highly anticipated release from Joey Bada$$ are due out soon, we have to sit back and say, "Damn, New York and NY-influenced hip hop is pretty damn strong right now..."

    As we always said it would be.

    All this, plus event reviews and previews, and YOUR CALLS.

    Brought to you by SUPERFLY: My Untold Story of Hip-Hop. A perfect gift for the hip hop head!

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    NY Hip Hop: Better Than It's Ever Been? Plus NY hip hop events & more

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    After a couple weeks hiatus, we're back to keep the conversation about New York hip hop music and culture going, as only we can. In fact, we're going to open it up a bit tonight, have one of our occasional, "State of NY Hip Hop" talks. Join hosts Manny Faces and Steve Ortiz as they discuss the current hip hop landscape in the Mecca of it all.

    We'll discuss music being released, from the 'big names' as well as independent and underground artists. We'll talk about venues, closing down, and some opening their doors for hip hop-related events. 

    We'll be sure to talk about the other aspects of hip hop that are often missing from the conversation, including grafitti and art, B-Boying and dance and DJing.

    We'll probably talk about, criticize, and give credit where due to other hip hop media, organizations and individuals who are doing what needs to be done to keep the full spectrum of hip hop music and culture alive in the Big Apple.

    And we'll happily debate anyone who has the notion that New York hip hop is unremarkable. So if you think this is the case, we want to hear from you.

    LIVE starting at 10pm, New York hip hop's #1 talk radio show is on the air, and ready to talk with you about the greatest culture in the greatest city in the world.

    Tonight's episode brought to you by Superfly: My Untold Story of Hip-Hop, on sale now.

    Tonight's episode also brought to you by the Tech808 conference, going down 11/21 at NYU.

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    NY Sports Sunday Night #3

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    Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Be sure to join us Sunday night at 11PM as Jose Otero returns, along side Joey Torres as they talk about the red hot New York Islanders, the surging Rangers and other happenings in Tri State Hockey. Plus with both the Knicks and the Nets off to slow starts, can they right the ship and get it together. Thats this Sunday back at its normal time at 11PM. Don't miss it.

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    New Nicki Minaj, Mister Cee Out, NY Hip Hop Event Reviews, Your Calls & more

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    We're back with another NY Hip Hop Report. This week, we'll talk a mix of mainstream and underground, music and events, recapping an interesting week in both lanes in and around New York City.

    Expected topics:

    Consistently polarizing Nicki Minaj finally drops a song that even haters would find a hard time criticizing. Hot

    97's long-time, and often-embattled, DJ Mister Cee has re-resigned from his post at the iconic rap radio station, abruptly, but without the swirl of controversey of his previous announcements.

    And we'll have call in guest correspondents reporting about two fascinating, NY-area hip-hop related events that happened last week, including the Tech808 conference organized by hip hop/tech/entrespreneurial event firm The Phat Startup, as well as a review of Homage 3: Illmatic, an original, Nas-inspired play that was shown at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem.

    Those items, our discussions, upcoming event previews, and your calls LIVE on New York hip hop's #1 talk radio show, The NY Hip Hop Report.

    The NY Hip Hop Report is brought to you by BirthplaceMag.com, the #1 website for New York Hip Hop.

    This episode of The NY Hip Hop Report is brought tp you by Superfly: My Untold Story of Hip-Hop, the new book from Superfly Magazine pubisher Gloria Goldwater, detailing her improbable, but inportant role as early hip hop advocate and magazine publisher. Available now!

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    NY Gov: Election Analysis

    in Politics

    Election analysis with Andrew Bevevino, David Bryant and Kevin Bradley

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    The Office Boys NY Music Life Review

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    Join the Office Boys NY on Poetic Designs Radio as they build on the "Music Life Review" show about everything relevant to the days in times we live in. Please feel free to call up and build with OBNY and deposit your thoughts on the latest issues affecting all of us both in music and life. Tonight @ 7pm call in or listen 657-383-0107

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    Office Boys NY MusicLife Review

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    Join the Office Boys NY tonight at 7pm their new time here on Poetic Designs Radio. Call in... 657.383.0107 to build with OBNY about what is going in today's society from Mike Brown Jr, the death sentencing of Old School Rapper Cool Cee and Bill Cosby. Feel free to join in the conversation and deposit your thoughts. It's a cold world out here and its getting colder, are you preparing yourself and your family for what to happen in our near futures? Tune in tonight @ 7pm

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    The Office Boys NY Music Life Review

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    Join the Office Boys NY this evening on Poetic Design Radio for the "Music Life Review" show were they sit at the round table and discuss the now! Whats going on with Eric Garners case, the latest discovered ploy against Bill Cosby and everything else relevant to our culture both in Music and Life. Please feel free to call in and deposit your thoughts on the latest issues that effects us all as humans...657-383-0107 Only on Poetic Designs Radio... TOnight with Mr. Opinion & Mr. Bank Account...Music Life Review

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    Former NY Jets Player Kelvin Moses

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    Drafted out of Wake Forest, Kelvin Moses, better known as Moses to his peers started playing football as a young man. One of the best of his time he played pro for about 2 years before deciding to give up the game in the name of living a long healthy life. He played with the NY Jets from 2001 to 2003. 

    Like many men who are leaders they are not able to see themselves working for someone else so after football, Moses joined a team of entreprenuers and started to help develop the third largest cookie company in the United States. After a successful term he has moved onto helping to develop Georgia communities through fundraising.

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