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  • 01:29

    Nuts And Bolts Football Show Week 16 Style

    in Sports

    Week 16 and the crew is here to lead you into it. We talk about the big games and Fantasy football playoffs moves.

    AFC North, NFC East and all the rest who do we think will show up and handle business? Tune in and take part in another fun and imformative show. If it is happening in the NFL we are all over it. JB3 and Cright along with the rest of the growing nuts and bolts team are all here.

    We are gearing up for the playoffs and for the cream to rise to the top.

    See you Thursday night it's time for FOOTBALL BABY!!

  • 01:28

    Football Friday!!! Nuts and Bolts Sports Is BACK!!

    in Sports

    Once agian it's on and popping!! We are back with another NFL/Fantasy show

    Cright and JB3 along with the rest of the Nuts and Bolts team talk Fantasy and NFL week 10

    Took a break last week for the tricks and treats but now its back to busniess 

    Who do you start who do you sit?

    What are we looking forward to seeing this week?

    Tune in and please take part we want to hear from YOU join us Friday Night.

    JB3 Vs Cright in two difffrent Fantasy leagues let the trash talk begin. Who has the better team? Should we have a side bet?

  • 01:01

    Nuts And Bolts Sports Presents: Buckets And Dimes

    in Sports

    Playoffs are in full swing and we cover it all, who has impressed and what adjustments need to be made? What players have stepped up to the plate and who has struggled under the lights? Legends are made in the playoffs! How is King James and the new look Cavs doing? IS this the year CP3 and James Harden show up? 

    Any Chance for the Brow and the Pelicans to steal a game? Are the RaptorsTHAT bad or the Wizards this good all that and more is on the table. Pat and Cright break it down and debate the first round so far. So brew that coffee and get the redbull on ice it's a late night of NBA talk on Buckets And Dimes!

  • 01:00

    Nuts And Bolts Sports NFL Draft Show

    in Sports

    We are rolling on with the NFL draft join L Bizzzy, Joe Cardoso, and the NBS family as we cover the 2015 Draft who goes who falls?

  • 02:09

    Nuts And Bolts Sports Presents: Buckets and Dimes

    in Sports

    Go Time in the NBA WHO"S READY!! PLAYOFF TIME all aboard the express train to the NBA Finals we breakdown each series and go over award winners for the season.

    Who makes it out the first round? Who is under the most pressure? What Team can shake up the whole thing and send the "experts" back to the drawing board? We go over it all Project Pat and Cright give a first class view along with Guest Monte Perez. Time for tehe stars to step up and make a name for themselves. Legends are made in the Playoffs

  • 01:36

    Nuts And Bolts Sports Presents: Buckets And Dimes

    in Sports

    All aboard the playoff express and Cright and Project Pat are sitting first class join us as we ride through the NBA and break down what is happening as the playoffs are almost here. Last week we did our Best of the Best segment and had a Russell Westbrook Vs Chef Curry battle. This week we ask who is the best center in the NBA and face off again. News, Debate, Power Rankings and some real fun all on deck on this eposide of Buckets And Dimes. Tune in and take part. Question, comment 347-989-1223. Before the Final Four talk a little NBA with us 11am BE THERE.

    They keep leaving us open and we will make them pay all net homie! 

  • 01:56

    Nuts And Bolts Sports Presents "The Football Show"

    in Sports

    BACK LIKE WE NEVER LEFT the NBS team breaks down the NFL off season so far and we take a look into the draft as well. Cright is joined by Ryan Crossingham and Caleb Luketic. Who has wasted money on unproven players or past there prime stars. We will debate and discuss all the movers and shakers. Who is hitting out the park with moves to put them in a spot to be a contender come the regualr season. No topic will be left on the table it's all football and we wouldn't have it any other way. So join us! Tune in and call in with what you have been impressed with or no so impressed with this off season.

    Monday Monday Monday!!


  • 02:00

    Buckets And Dimes Presented by Nuts And Bolts Sports

    in Sports

    March Madness is NOT just for the college kids, the NBA is cray cray this season. Cright and Project Pat talk about the movers and shakers Who will be the player of the week and why? Tune in and find out we also will have our NBA starting 5 which players do we want on OUR team and why. We also want to hear from you tweet us @nutsandboltssp with an questions or comments you have. If it happens in the NBA we got it covered. So step over the screen and always contest the shooters. Let's talk some hoops

  • 00:07

    eDiscovery Nuts and Bolts for Personal Injury

    in Legal

    For most types of injury cases, the injured party would be far better served by proceeding on their own or "pro se" in legal parlance.  In these cases where the injuries are NOT substantial and/or permanent or when there are NO complex issues related to liability and/or damages and the injured party believes he/she is capable of negotiating a satisfactory settlement, the injured party would be served by utilizing ediscovery to obtain the electronic data needed in order to facilitate a successful resolution.

    eDiscovery has been described as e-mails, spreadsheets, word processing documents, audio, video, database information, and anything metastasized in a digital content. 

    In our eDiscovery Nuts and Bolts for Personal Injury Training Webinar we will show you how to draft an effective "Demand Letter" to the claims adjuster, request electronic discovery, file a "Legal Hold" notice, and prepare for the all-important Rule 26(f) Conference and Joint Case Management Plan.

    Go to www.ediscoverynow.net, then, click on the Webinar of your choice.  Once you pay the entrance fee, an email will be forwarded to your email with the Password to enter the Webinar.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns at ajohnson@ediscoverynow.net or phone 888-502-0586.

  • 00:47

    Nuts and Bolts Week 17 Christmas Eve NFL Show

    in Sports

    Cright and JB3 bring the NFL show to you on Christmas Eve! We have the latest and greatest on who gets into the post season and which teams to look out for. We will wrap up a great Fantasy Football Season and give you our week 17 picks! Who will win the AFC North, NFC North and the NFC South? You gotta win to get in baby! Tune in to the winning team this Wednesday, December 23rd at 730 pm est. 

    “Pro football is like nuclear warfare. There are no winners, only survivors.”
    --Frank Gifford

  • 00:17

    E-Discovery Nuts and Bolts for Wrongful Termination

    in Legal

    Electronic evidence has been described as e-mails, spreadsheets, word processing documents, audio, video, or any other content that has metastasized in a digital format.  In a wrongful termination situation, the fact-finding process will require you to uncover electronic evidence, especially if you are engaged in an employment discrimination case involving a charge of racial or age discrimination.

    You may file a charge of employment discrmination with the EEOC office closest to where you live, or at any one of the EEOC's 53 field offices.  Your charge, however, may be investigated at the EEOC office closest to where the discrimination occurred.  If you are a U.S. citizen working for an American company overseas, you should file your charge with the EEOC field office closest to your employer's corporate headquarters.

    Usually, you only have 180 days to file your claim.  Once you file the claim, you should also send a "LEGAL HOLD" or LITIGATION HOLD" notice to the opposing party.  A legal hold is a directive and an ongoing process to preserve "electronically stored information" (ESI), documents or physical evidence pertaining to your situation.  Your employer would be required to save any ESI that may be relevant to your charge.

    Tune in to our E-Discovery Nuts and Bolts for Wrongful Termination Training Webinar on Wednesday, January 29, 2014, @ 12 Noon, by visiting www.ediscoverynow.net.  Click on the Webinar for Wrongful Termination and pay the entrance fee and you will receive the PASSWORD to gain access to the Webinar.  The Webinar will teach you how to draft a Legal Hold, Rule 26(f) Memorandum, and furnish you with the E-Discovery forms necessary to obtain responsive electronic evidence for your case.

    Visit our website at www.ediscoverynow.net for more information on E-Discovery Nuts and Bolts for whatever your situation may be.