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    @TheCornerCypher Welcomes @JamesKessee To The Show!

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    Meet #TheCypher at the intersection of ARTISTRY & CULTURE #TheCorner. This week the crew welcomes musician James Kessee. DO NOT MISS IT! 818-495-6975


    James Kessee Bio

    Date of Birth: 8 December 1982, Houston Texas
    Proudly served in the United States Army, and fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom. A combat veteran, James Kessee is now devoting his time to making great music. His Music is dedicated to his father, James Clyde Kessee, and his Oldest brother Thor Williams (both now passed away). Through his music, he tells a story that everyone can relate too. James Kessee is a lover of all genres of music. He draws inspiration from artist such as Michael Jackson, Temptations, Joe, and Whitney Houston. James Kessee has the talent, drive, and passion needed to succeed in the music industry. On December 8th 2012 James Kessee self released Album made its Debut. His Album is hitting the Globe all over the world with lead single “All Over Your Body” leading the way. He has been featured in online magazines such as Industry All Access (August 22, 2011) at IndustryAllAccess.com and Hostile Magazine (front cover, January 2012 issue). He has also performed live at Dream World Music Complex, Arlington, Texas, in 2011 multiple times as well as a performances & competitions in Atlanta, Georgia 2012. His music has been featured on online radio stations such as Heat Radio, The NTUNED show, Wair Radio, and more. His music has spun on many local FM radio stations such as 103.3 FM The Certified show NC, 103.3 FM The Come Up NC, 89.5 The Wave St. Louis, Foxy 99.1 NC and more. His music has also been featured on Coast 2 Coast Mix Tape Mix Tape: DJNU Presents: The Indie Top 50 Vol. 107. He was also a feature artist on 97.9 The Beat DFW “Raising The Bar” with DJ J Kruz.

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    The NTUNED Afternoon Mix Up With Ms.P And Nikki G

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    Start your afternoon off informed and entertained each Sunday morning or afternoon with a comprehensive look at local, state and national news, along with local guests who will discuss topics and events of local interest. Ms.P and Nikki G Either puts the skill of the gift to gab to work by bringing in community leaders and interesting characters to discuss issues and events that are going on in our community and the world at large. Can't leave out our views on fashion, entertaintment, social media and life in general. Dial in 818-495-6975 LIVE 

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    Ms.P Chat With Cayce Guest

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    “At a young age of 5 years old Cayce Guest caught the acting bug”, Cayce’s mother states. He was auditions for such commercials as McDonald’s and Oscar Mayer. After studying acting and voice Cayce Guest got his first break when he auditions for American Idol Season 6. Even though he only made it to Hollywood that is all he needed to blossom and grab an agent. At the young age of 21 Cayce audition for a then TV Pilot “Teen Wolf” not thinking anything would come from it. He was cast as a lacrosse player from which it turned into a regular featured lacrosse player for 2 seasons when the team was killed. Cayce was now interested in the behind the scenes aspect of film when he started Q Lite Entertainment. His indy production company for Atlanta based films and pilots. Cayce Guest has worked on such projects as Vampire Diaries, The Lost Valentines, Teen Wolf, and starred in such pilots as Blaq Gold, OutLife and current TV Pilot “Canoa Heights” that he currently produces as well. Starring alongside friends and on screen romances as BET’s “Being Mary Jane’s” Blue Kimble and Edward Solis. In 2014 still on the high of his career Cayce took a job with a man claiming to be a Producer for CBS Atlanta, knew of Cayce’s work and wanted to hire his company to help produce a modeling show after “America’s Next Top Model” The Pain of finding out that it was all a scam wasn’t the only pain Cayce felt but it was broadcasted all over local Atlanta news. Sadly enough Cayce lost all financial investors and most of his long business connections.  

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    Phoenix Rising Chats With Ms.P

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     Ms.P's motto is take a brief moment to expand yourself, she loves to inspire others by letting them know that we all can make a difference. It's a simple yet powerful belief held firm by each and every dedicated person who are changing the world. She empowers by staying driven by the need to fix a problem or promote a cause that has deep personal meaning. "I'm a woman on a mission who isn't accepting no excuses or limitations. The theme behind what I do is to set aside race, sexual orientation, class, and gender as a interlocking systems of oppression."
    Her goal is to unite the individual experience of every beautiful shade of color—African Americans, Latino/Latinas, Native Americans, European and Asian Americans. Creating The N'Tuned Show helps us all contribute to discussions on social conditions that simultaneously oppress our everyday lives, our culture and lifestyle. Ms.P loves to take the time to learn from others through communication and a open-heart. Her belief as well as her team is to share our god given talents to empower others through their journey's on how to advance whether its through ones career and or skills. She encourages daily to work on self and focus on opening locked doors!

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    @TheCornerCypher Welcomes @K_Pimp615 to The Show!

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    Meet "The Cypher" at the intersection of ARTISTRY & CULTURE "The Corner", w/SPECIAL GUEST Pimp a.k.a. Karizma. DO NOT MISS IT! 818-495-6975

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    "LOVE IS LOVE" with Ms. P of the NTUNED SHOW

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    LIBK Radio takes the time to showcase the many talented people that are contributing their energy and gifts to our universe by giving them the spotlight. This week on our "Love is Love" segment we are spotlighting the diversely talented Ms. P of the "NTuned Show." She will be sharing with us all of the great things she has going on within her entrepreneurial ventures, her radio show, and other projects!

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    Ms.P Chat With The Lovely Ladies of ROCKit Convos

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     As women, we share in the same struggles no matter race, age, religious background or ethnicity.” Keishana, Jenna and Marvalis bring you inspired conversations where women can gather, learn and grow from each other. ROCKit Convo’s title derives from the idea that women grow the most from conversations had with other women they can relate to. Those conversations are what propel us into newer heights, “it give us the encouragement we need to try new things, to leave bad relationships and to simply trust our struggles” said Keishana. Although we’re targeting women aged 24-50, we realize the impact of this show will grasp the younger demographic of women audiences as well. Having said that, this show will not only be a brand or a community, it will be a force of power where being enlightened and inspired leads to action. Our mission is to explore life and to continually grow through the struggles that women can relate to. We aim to have an “at-home” feel for our audience. Having them feel a part of the conversation is vital as we provide insights, laughs and encouragement. 


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    Phoenix Rising And Ms.P Chat With Antares Nikki Davinci

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    Antares Nikki Davinci is the collective summation of New Orleans blood being bred in New York.   Author, poet and illustrator, her writing will spell you in a way that you begin to volunteer for and yet promises to keep you up all night. Like her raw breathing poetry it never sleeps.  A discreet and almost painfully tight weaver of metaphor she writes loopholes within the imagination that make it seize and rebuild again and again.  Her upcoming collection The Gloaming is her second book  and joint collection with Essence Renata of science fiction, erotica and poetry following her debut The Nikki DaVinci Code. She brings forth the same rawness to this sophomore effort that leaves mouths agape and spirits full and satisfied.   

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    The NTuned Show Welcomes Klasik and Pyrme New Segment CSoM

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    The Cholocate State of Mind (CSoM) is a liberation movement geared to help African Americans put the pieces of history back together and illuminate the road ahead. CSoM seeks to help bridge the gap between African Americans that have been engineered, by (un)engineering  the mental wars within their information to see the wars waged upon its own. CSoM is a race positive organization established to help nourish and nurture its many blossoming flowers within its culture.It is no secret that African American people are the highest in number, in all things negative within this today's society. This means that we are amongst the lowest level as it relates to anything positive within that same category. This is directly related to the number of individuals that are currently incarcerated amongst our people. Studies have shown how the rate of African Americans continues to grow at an alarming rate with regards to diseases, illiteracy, and high school dropouts. And the list goes on and on....

    The aspirations of CSoM, the Chocolate State of Mind movement, is to truly give back to its people, their "Information". Bridging the gap through unity for organizations and commonality!

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    Ms.P And Nikki G Chat With D'Chrome Foster And Yemimah

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    D’Chrome Foster strives to be a force for positive energy, using his music as his weapon. In August of 2014 D’Chrome released his single, MANHOOD, a track that showcases the struggles between a man and his woman. Following the release of MANHOOD, D’Chrome released CYANIDE in Dec of 2014. Both tracks and their accompanying videos tell varied and compelling stories of today’s social issues

    AMG/Universal RB recording artist ''Yemimah" is an Urban R&B/Pop singer/songwriter who resides in Canada. When Yemimah turned 10 years old she started to write music and learned to play hand bells, electric guitar, and the flute thru her after-school music class. After she had written all of her music her father had brought her to Calgary to record her music at Alchemy Studios. She was discouraged after hearing the recordings because she had never had any experience recording in a studio before. Taking that experience she kept on writing and recording music and coming back to the city every so often to record more music. 

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    Ms.P Chat With Taikein Cooper

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    Taikein Cooper has a deep affection and strong commitment to local politics and helping youth engage in the American political process.Born in historic Prince Edward County, one of the five counties in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case, Cooper is a 2006 graduate from both Southside Virginia Community College and Prince Edward County High School. He has lived in Virginia his entire life, except to attend college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Long before Taikein could drive, he was canvassing throughout Virginia’s communities as an 11 year old to help elect his D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) teacher, Travis Harris, as Prince Edward County’s Sheriff. During his college years, Taikein led various political action committees, served on the prestigious Chancellor’s Search Committee and even led a grassroots effort to Jena, LA, calling for justice for the infamous Jena Six. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2010, he returned to his true passion, fighting for the betterment of the people of Virginia. As a substance abuse counselor in Chesapeake, VA, he saw first-hand how political decisions affect the social welfare of constituents.

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