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    "LOVE IS LOVE" with Ms. P of the NTUNED SHOW

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    LIBK Radio takes the time to showcase the many talented people that are contributing their energy and gifts to our universe by giving them the spotlight. This week on our "Love is Love" segment we are spotlighting the diversely talented Ms. P of the "NTuned Show." She will be sharing with us all of the great things she has going on within her entrepreneurial ventures, her radio show, and other projects!

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    The NTuned Show Welcomes Klasik and Pyrme New Segment CSoM

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    The Cholocate State of Mind (CSoM) is a liberation movement geared to help African Americans put the pieces of history back together and illuminate the road ahead. CSoM seeks to help bridge the gap between African Americans that have been engineered, by (un)engineering  the mental wars within their information to see the wars waged upon its own. CSoM is a race positive organization established to help nourish and nurture its many blossoming flowers within its culture.It is no secret that African American people are the highest in number, in all things negative within this today's society. This means that we are amongst the lowest level as it relates to anything positive within that same category. This is directly related to the number of individuals that are currently incarcerated amongst our people. Studies have shown how the rate of African Americans continues to grow at an alarming rate with regards to diseases, illiteracy, and high school dropouts. And the list goes on and on....

    The aspirations of CSoM, the Chocolate State of Mind movement, is to truly give back to its people, their "Information". Bridging the gap through unity for organizations and commonality!

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    A LiL More Spice Christmas Show

    in Women

    ?On the 17th at 9pm Est tune in with our host Natty-Lady Twinkles Tammy Johnson Phoenix Rising Shenatta Lashay and yours truly discussing ways for you and your love one to enjoy the holidays after hours! Chatting it up about:

    ?Ways to thank Santa with a lil more spice! ?Reindeer Games in the bedroom! 
    ?Santa's lil helper!
    ?All I want for Christmas!

    ?Which will all evolve around sex. Tips and tricks! Dial in 818-495-6975 let's make the approaching holiday festivities hot & steamy!!!

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    Ms.P Chat With Entrepreneur Agnieszka Dobosz

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    European-born (Poland) spent some of childhood in Europe. Grew up in Chicago, later moved to Wisconsin, 13 years in Boston, moved to Seattle 3 years ago to continue graduate education Professional life: scientist/materials engineer working in nanotechnology R&D group in Seattle Business: too many hobbies. I live to make/create things. Interests developed in early childhood in my dad’s (engineer/carpenter) workshop. Soap love came from grandmother’s/mom’s love of all that’s simple and all that’s natural. Best soap recipes I have are from my grandma Greatest passions: woodworking, sewing, soap making, knitting How did the business started: search for perfect soap making aids. I didn’t own a house previously and I had no room for workshop setup. Since its purchase I have been remodeling it building furniture for it and working on other projects. I also had a space for a soap room. From there I came to realize that I needed molds easy to work with and ones in which I could create prettiest designs possible. My molds received such great feedback from fellow soapers that I decided to share them with others. When I became a vendor for Bramble Berry I realized that I have created something unique. It’s only beginning but we’ll see

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    Ms.P And Lady Twinkles Chat With Irene Bremis On A Little More Spice

    in Health

    Irene Bremis is a veteran, NYC comedienne. She seizes the stage intrepidly, with intelligence, humor, high heels & cleavage. She knows a thing or two about "sex sells", and she ain't afraid to use it to her advantage! In addition to her career as a comedian, she is a veteran trainer. She has won 2 awards for BEST BODY TONING CLASSES, in NYC, by the late Lucille Roberts, herself. She often expresses that training will enhance not only your confidence, health & work; but your SEX LIFE! Yes, working out is a natural antidepressant & libido booster! After a few of her sessions, you won't be able to keep your hands off yourself! She's bringing SEXY BACK!

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    Ms.P Chat With The Editor-in-chief Of Hype Magazine Jerry Doby

    in Culture

    Currently I am Editor-in-chief of The Hype Magazine. Established in 2002, The H.Y.P.E. Magazine is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. H.Y.P.E. stands for "How You Perceive Everything." It is designed to provide its patrons with relevant entertainment, music news, eye-catching consumer ads, and music reviews of their favorite established entertainers; while spotlighting independent artists seeking to gain greater exposure. Our magazine reaches a unique group of consumers who view The H.Y.P.E. Magazine as their source for music, new trends, new products, services, entertainment, events and topics relevant to their daily lives; both personal and professional. Our mission is to tap into new technologies and digital media innovations to support the continued growth of The H.Y.P.E. Magazine.


    The H.Y.P.E. Magazine operates as a web portal with only 4 limited print editions and a monthly mixtape magazine and has developed a strong online presence over the years with the help of our monthly digital issues. The H.Y.P.E. Magazine provides digital content that is delivered electronically and we are able to reach international markets; at the same time, we are able to preserve our environment with a revolutionary eco-friendly distribution method called Digeprint. These factors make us the #1 digital magazine in the world.


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    Ms.P And Phoenix Rising Chat With Force MDS Stevie D On Floetic Sessions

    in Music

    The group is most known for the overwhelming commercial success from the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis-penned classic "Tender Love.” The song proved to be a huge success, peaking at #10 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, remaining there for 19 weeks, and helping Jam & Lewis garner a Grammy Award for Producer of the Year. Incredibly, the group would follow this success in 1987 with their first #1 R&B hit "Love is a House.” But the Force MD’s deep catalog of classic R and B/ Hip-Hop staples including “Tears,” “Here I go Again,” “Let me Love You,” and their continued release of new anthems for all occasions has allowed them to maintain a consistent presence at radio and in the hearts of their fans.

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    Ms.P And Phoenix Rising Chat With Jasmine Shari On Floetic Sessions.

    in Poetry

    Jasmine Shari, formerly Charlie B., is the author of Ambiguity:Life in Free Verse, Surviving Love, Shooters and her most recent collection of poems, From the Inside Out. She grew up in Southern California and moved to Texas after high school where she began her career as an author. Aside from writing urban literature, she participates in spoken word and consults on and ghost writes for other literary projects as well as made a contribution to the anthology Life, Lust and Love published by Lesbian Memoirs in 2010. Jasmine started an independent publishing company, Literary Couture Publishing, in 2010 but has since taken a back seat in publishing to focus more on her individual writing. Her work can be found on amazon.com as well as createspace.com in both print and ebook format. 

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    Ms.P Chat With Legendary R&B Singer Horace Brown

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    Horace Brown was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the son of a Baptist minister. Despite singing in the church as a child, Horace Brown never believed he would sing for a career. Instead, he dreamed of one day being a professional basketball player. However, a knee injury ruined these plans. 

    Horace Brown played a variety of instruments in his school's marching band and managed to score a break when DeVante Swing of Jodeci heard one of Brown's demos. Brown earned spots doing backup for Christopher Williams and did some writing. He finally scored a break when he managed to get a contract with Uptown after Andre Harrell saw him in a recording session. 

    In 1994, while on Uptown Records, Horace Brown spurred controversy with his single 'Taste Your Love' was released. The single was an ode to oral sex and was banned in parts of the south. Despite the press around the single, it failed to perform well on the charts and caused Horace Brown's album to be put on the shelves for the remainder of the time he was at Uptown. 

    When Andre Harrell of Uptown moved to Motown, he brought Horace Brown with him. Motown promoted the album by releasing two more singles and in 1996, released his self-titled debut album. The album featured Sean 'Puffy' Combs and Faith Evans.

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    Ms.P Chat With Jadagrace

    in Entertainment

     In the rise of every unforgettable star, there is a precise moment when the world seems a bit more magical, because she’s in it. This moment will be remembered as the time the world fell in love with Jadagrace. Jadagrace is a fifteen-year old force that can’t be contained. She is always on the move. She sings, she dances, she acts. Her music, including her new single “Boom Boom, Boom,” is a fun upbeat pop song that shows off her splashy spirit. It incorporates her infectious essence.To those who know her, she is already a vocal sensation, who has the rare talent, poise, and dazzling stage presence of the world’s greatest entertainers. Motown’s founder Berry Gordy, who happens to be Jadagrace’s mentor, once said, “I have this ability to find this hidden talent in people that sometimes even they didn't know they had.” Gordy has signed Jadagrace to his label WestGate, home to “Boom Boom Boom.” It’s clear what Gordy, the man who signed a young Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, recognizes in Jadagrace — a special kind of magic. Jadagrace doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t want to make the world better through music. She witnessed the impact that great artists can have first hand, when at age nine, she attended Michael Jackson’s funeral. The moment made an indelible impact on Jadagrace, who was inspired to write the moving song “Mr. Magic Gone Too Soon.” “We left the funeral and I was saying how he was gone too soon and from there we went straight to the studio,” she says. “I really love that song; it still makes me cry.” Michael’s “Heal the World” became her mantra.


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    Ms.P Chats It Up With Comdian Kyle Ocasio

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    The days when people thought of stand-up comedy as being a “man’s world” are long gone. Kyle Ocasio is quickly rising as one of the top women in the comedy scene. She performs at most major clubs in the Tri State area and across the country. Her style is autobiographical with hilarious takes on marriage and the challenge of raising three kids in New York City.Her brutal honesty about the illusions of marriage make her both relateable and entertaining. She has appeared on MTV and is the host of Parent Society TV's "What'd you call My Baby?!" In her stand up, she has the ability to take ordinary mundane topics and turn them into insightful comedic revelations. From being afraid of her daughters "creepy dolls" to asking why a loving God would put toe hair on women, Kyle leaves nothing off limits. She keeps her fire burning by keeping it relative, her act is all about the everyday struggles of a wife, mother and business woman. This is something many of today's women can relate to. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and three children but if you have a better offer let her know. Learn more about Kyle here and stay up to date on her shows: 


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