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    Seize the Day with NSDF! A Celebration of Life

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    NSDF( National Seizure Disorders Foundation ) invites you to join us in this celebration of life! Yes, a celebration of life honoring one very close to NSDF having passed away no so long ago, my daughter Jesyka ( SUDEP 2012). 

    During this hour we will discuss:

    Personal memories of a seizure survivor stolen away by SUDEP
    Jesy's last wishes shared with me only days before that tragic day. 
    The reality of SUDEP and what you should/should not do 

    Brings a tissue or two, we may need them! The tears of healing and Joy may flow freely as we at NSDF and Seize the Day have nothing to hide. 

    Mark your calendar for every Tuesday and Thursday to take part in our conversations:

    Each week: Tuesday 7 PM (CST): Enjoy POWER in your week during NSDF Power Hour. http://tweetchat.com/room/nsdfpower 

    Each week: TH 7 PM(CST): Join NSDF right here & Seize the Day!  

    Gratitude 4 tonight's sponsor: The Advocate (Dickson TN)


    Tools of Letting Go

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    NSDF honors PTSD Awareness Day

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    Welcome again to another spectacular episode of NSDF Seize the Day! The only podcast sharing with the public the human expereince of seizure disorder. This week, we honor PTSD Awareness Day, June 27. Recently brought to our attention, PTSD Awareness Day is now a part of the NSDF calendar. 

    What is PTSD? A diagnosis of recurring issues expereinced by an individual as a result from a traumatic event. 

    During the show we will cover related questions including but not limited to:

    What type of specialist treats/diagnoses PTSD?
    What types of PTSD are there?
    Where can one go for more help?

    Join us for this spectacular hour as we discuss PTSD and PTSD Awareness. Tonights show is a continuation of the topic #ptsdawareness covered in our Tuesday night Power Hour through Twitter. For more details and weekly updates join NSDF Power Hour through Facebook. 

    Resources brought to you tonight:

    PTSD Help - http://www.ptsd.va.gov/public

    Our Sponsor - The Advocate Dickson TN

    About NSDF - http://nsdf.us 

    Tonights Partner - TG Bears, maker of Epilpesy Bear and Jesy Bear


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    NSDF honors Jesy's Wish

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    We pay tribute to Jesyka  Collins  on the eve of the first year of her passing from this life by SUDEP.

    Two weeks before she passed away by SUDEP ( SUdden Unexpected Death in Epileptic Patients) Jesy shared three wishes she had for her work through NSDF. One week later, we celebrated her accomplishments in creating plan for these wishes while we enjoyed the first Thanksgiving Dinner she cooked all by herself for the entire family. One week later she was found, dead and alone. after putting her 7 yr old daughter on the school bus and kissing her fiance goodbye as he left for work. SUDEP had taken her while she was alone.

    Tonight we honor her by sharing Jesy's Wish. Tonight is not about SUDEP or Awareness. Tonight is a personal hour shared with the public about my daughter, a young mother, and a good friend. Tonight is about Jesy and her Wish for National Seizure Disorders Foundation. Come along with me and share in honoring Jesyka Collins, 27 gone from the pain and stress of seizure disorder into the Peace and Freedom of Gods Love.

    What were her wishes for NSDF?

    To provide Hope and Love for the families left to gireve after SUDEP strikes
    To provide life saving seizure alert canines to seizure survivors
    To provide scolarships to young single adult seizure survivors or caregivers wanting to further thier education.

    I still see the Joy in her face and hear the excitement in her voice as she relives every moment of creating Thanksgiving dinner for the family and as she spills out plans for her future with National Seizure Disorders Foundation. Her life will forever be honored at National Seizure Disorders Foundation and twice a year, firneds, family, and members of National Seizure Disorders Foundation will pause in memory for Jesyka Collins and in honor of Jesys Wish.

    For more about Jesy's Wish, visit http://nationalseizuredisordersfoundation.org/jesys-wish

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    NSDF Seize the Day: Talk About Aphasia

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    NSDF invites you to Seize the Day as we talk about Aphasia. NSDF dedicates this episode of Seize the Day to create awareness of an issue seizure survivors expereince from time to time, some more than others, Aphasia.

    During this hour, we will cover these and more:

    What is Aphasia?
    Why does it occur?
    What can be done?
    Where can one go for more information and help?

    National Seizure Disorders Foundation is giving you this information today as a close to June. You see, June was National Aphasia Awareness Month and not many knew! Let do the right thing and together mark June on our calendars next year as National Aphasia Awareness Month to pay the medical issue better attention and draw awareness where it is due.. 


    Help and information on Aphasia: http://www.aphasia.org/

    Help and information on seizure disorders: http://nsdf.us


    Thank you to tonight's sponsor: The Advocate (Dickson TN)


    TG Bears  Maker of Jesy Bear, mascot of NSDF

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    NSDF talks about SUDEP Awareness

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    It's time once again to Seize the Day with NSDF!

    Join us as we discuss SUDEP Awareness. It's the belief of National Seizure Disorders Foundation that SUDEP be a part of National Epilepsy Awareness Month. 50,000 people a year pass from SUDEP, this qualifies as a subject needing awareness. Have you heard of SUDEP? Have you or someone you know been touched by the grief of SUDEP? Let's talk about it. Your questions, your fears, and your insight is welcome during the show. Just call in 1(646) 721-9207 and let Susan know you wish to be heard.

    Tonight we will honor the memory of loved ones lost to SUDEP&remembered through thier legacies.

    Jesyka Collins - National Seizure Disorders Foundation
    Carolina Miller - Candlelight Concerts for Epilepsy Awareness
    Chelsea Hutchison - Chelsea Hutchison Foundation
    Dany Did - Danny Did Foundation
    Alyssa O'Neill - #AJO Forever in Our Hearts

    Have you a question about NSDF, Epilepsy, seizures, or raising awareness? Please call in to speak with the host 1(646) 721-9207, email the host terrifictonya@nsdf.us or leave us a comment on this page our our FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/nsdf37029

    Remember, join us next week, same day - same time- same channel and be good to yourself throughout your week. The staff of National Seizure Disorders Foundation appreciates you!

    Should you want to discover more about NSDF at anytime, enjoy the following resources:





    SPONSOR: The Advocate



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    NSDF answers YOUR Questions

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     To serve you better, NSDF begins a monthly podcast at Seize the Day to answer your questions.  Throughout the month previous, I will be collecting questions from members and the general public through our many social connections. One podcast a month will be dedicated to finding the better solution for you to consider and bring to the right medical professional in your life. 

    You have the opportunity to take action by submitting your question through any of the following:

    Direct Email : terrifictonya@nsdf.us
    FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/NSDF37029
    Seize the Day Green Room: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NSDF.STD

     Gratitude 4 tonight's sponsor: The Advocate (Dickson TN)

    Celebrating:  Tools of Letting Go   Guardian of the Night K9   



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    NSDF Presents...Discussion:Seizure-Related Stigma

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    National Siezure Disorders Foundation bring you NSDF Presents...Discussion  This episode will be a discussion about seizure related stigma. This episode will include:
    difference between stigma and discrimination my thoughts for themotivation behind seizure-related stigma a bit of history of seizure-related stigma recent seizure-related stigma in the public spotlight. action you can take today to eradicate siezure-related stigma I encourage you to call in with questions (646)721-9207 related to this topic. Then pour yourself something delicious to drink, pull up a comfortable chair, and listen as we discuss seizure-related stigma.
    After the show, leave a comment on our FaceBook event page, connect with us through FaceBook, and visit our website http://nsdf.us Let us know what you want to hear in future shows. Let us know how this show affected YOU!
    Remember to tune in every Thursday  to enrich your mind with a different seizure related topic! Take a moment to follow us here and set up your reminders for future shows.

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    NSDF Presents...From Victim to Victorious!

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    Terrific Tonya Heathco's Seizure Journey.
    Join us as NSDF Secretary Kerri Croake interviews Terrific Tonya as she shares her story with you.
    Terrific Tonya's bio:
    Originally from California I’ve enjoyed most of my life in Tennessee. Believe it or not, our first home in Tennessee had no and no indoor bathroom, just an outhouse!! Life as a teen in Tennessee in the 70′s was a treat. I loved the experience.
    As a young adult, life changed. Not for better or worse, it just changed. A chronic brain abnormality, Periventricular Heterotopia, became active in my life producing up to 150 seizures a month. Now I have hope. The National Foundation raises awareness and support for all who live with seizure disorders, (patients and their caregivers). For all who wish to help, support, or are in need of information, please contact me.
    As a young adult I was blessed with three precious jewels, Jesyka, Cory, and Zack. Later in life , I married my life partner, Scott. We now enjoy the company of our dog, Tiny,our kids and our grand-babies, Ana and Colton. Life in Tennessee is good. I love who I am, where I am, and what I do

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    NSDF Presents…Published Author&Survivor,Cynthia Fabian

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    NSDF Presents Published Author and Seizure Survivor Cynthia Fabian.   Cynthia is an accomplished author of childrens books that relate to children of all ages to educate & empower them on topics such as seizure disorders and bullying and handiling diasbilities.   Cynthia writes from personal experience. Tonight she will share with our listeners her reasons for writing as well as her success over the challenges of seizure disorder.   A few of her books; Orchestra in Our Brain and Can't&Able can currently be found at the NSDF Library http://astore.a mazon.com/natioseizudis-20 and Cynthia's website http://sbpra.com/cynthiafabian/

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    NSDF Presents...Kerri Croake, Seizure Surgery Survivor

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    Join us as Terrific Tonya speaks with Kerri Croake! Kerri is a seizure survivor and experienced brain surgery survivor. She will open up about her life with seizures, brain surgery, and her connection with National Seizure Disorders Foundation.
    NSDF Presents...Kerri Croake, Seizure Surgery Survivor, Advocate-Warrior, and NSDF Board Leader.
    Learn more about Kerri's seizure journey by visiting: http://nationalseizuredisordersfoundation.org/kerri-croake

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    NSDF Presents...

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    Welcome to NSDF Presents... Terrific Tonya, our host, talks with Kerri Croake. Kerri is an active member of National Seizure Disorders Foundation Community. Listen in as she shares her story of her seizure disorder in order to educate and inspire seizure patients, caregivers, family members, professionals, and general public.    National Seizure Disorders Foundation empowers people currently living with all types of seizures and seizure disorders while enriching the minds of the unaffected public. NSDF Presents... is a forum used to bring information, education, inspiration, and support directly to you, our dedicated listener.    National Seizure Disorders Foundation "Bringing Order to Seizure Disorders" http://nationalseizuredisordersfoundation.org