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    Interview With Wuyli/ Neighborhood Nightmare Radio

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    Neighborhood Nightmare Interviews Wuyli, Of Tokyo Empire.Call in to talk and ask questions!

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    John Carver - If Jesus Lived in my Neighborhood (Dave Stone)

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    Back in the 1990's I heard a talk given by Dave Stone on Jesus living in a modern neighborhood.  

    Mark 10:35–45 offers several reasons why we should be servants in our community, in our work environment, and in the neighborhood in which God has placed us. Jesus said that he did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. But what took place before Jesus said those words? Why did Jesus break into a seemingly impromptu speech on servanthood?

    A few verses before, in Mark 10:32–34, the disciples and Jesus are walking to Jesus' neighborhood in Jerusalem. He's explaining what is going to happen to him there: I've got some news for you. The religious leaders are going to arrest me; they're going to mock me; they're going to spit upon me; they're going to kill me. Three days later I'm going to come back from the dead.

    This is the opposite of a smooth segue. Jesus tells them he is going to be put to death.

    In verse 35, James and John, the sons of Zebedee, ask Jesus to let them have whatever they ask for. Just like a little kid says, "Hey, Mom! Just say yes, just say yes," these disciples asked for permission ahead of time. "What do you want me to do for you?" he asked. They replied, "Let one of us sit at your right and the other at your left in your glory."

    Talk about being presumptuous. James and John felt they deserved seats of honor. I'm so glad none of us ever worry about things like that. We never worry about the corner office. We never ask to be first. We never want our favorite choice for dinner. Actually, we're just like these two guys. Jesus looks back at them and says: You guys don't know what you're asking. Do you drink the cup that I drink?

    To get more information on Dave Stone go to https://www.southeastchristian.org/

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    Neighborhood Jacked via Ethnic Cleansing Gentrification

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss how entire neighborhoods can be displaced via "Neighborhood Jacking".  Gentrification can and IS used to "ethnic cleanse" neighborhoods and communities. We shall discuss how to recognize it in it's early stages and how to reverse it.  In addtion, we shall discuss how to prevent "ethnic cleansing via gentrification".

    Feel free to call in with any questions or comments and please have pen and paper ready to take plenty of notes.

    The information on todays podcast can save your home and neighborhood.




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    Goddess Alive Radio w/ DeAnna L'am from Red Tents in Every Neighborhood

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    The Red Tent movement is one that is very close to our hearts at The MotherHouse of the Goddess, so it is with great delight that we welcome DeAnna L'am of Red Tents in Every Neighborhood to Goddess Alive Radio on Tuesday, January 27 at 8pm eastern.  DeAnna has some exciting events going on, including the 2nd Annual Red Tents in Every Neighborhood Online Global Summit - Our Daughters, Ourselves!

    The online Summit will include a video per day from a powerful Worldwide Womb-Wise Circle and starts February 1, 2015 and runs through the whole month of February.  Sign up here for free!

    Join us in the Red Tent on Goddess Alive Radio on Tuesday 1/27 at 8pm easternwith Founder and Womb Visionary DeAnna L'am to hear about how Red Tents in Every Neighborhood got started and what will be shared during the upcoming summit, plus how you can get involved!

    Goddess Alive Radio is the weekly MotherHouse of the Goddess Blogtalk Radio show hosted by Kimberly F. Moore (Foudner) and Tracey Paradiso of the MotherHouse of the Goddess. We focus on topics about Women’s Empowerment and Goddess Mythology with guests who are Priestesses, Authors, Healers, and Shamans. Every month, we host Goddess Moon Meditations to connect with Goddess energy just prior to the Full Moon and the New Moon. See our Goddess Alive Radio page for our upcoming schedule and archived programs.

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    Neighborhood T

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    Comedy,Economy,Education,Entertainment,Making Money From Home,Making Money Online,Music Promotion,Politics,Relationships And More...

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    Notorious B.I.G Music Friday!

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    Join Kitty Elavase for another hot music mix Friday! Listen in as she plays music from the late Notorious B.I.G. Tune in for  the live broadcast Friday August 22  at 12Pm Pst, 2PM Central and 3PM Eastern. Listen online www.blogtalkradio.com/elavase or via your phone 347-426-3673. Check out http://www.kittykattkloset.com Don't forget to listen and  download all our archive shows!

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    Cleveland Inspirations feat. Neighborhood Leadership Institute

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    Are you a leader in your community or would like to learn how to be a leader? Do you have the desire to make positive changes in your community and beyond? Do you like the idea of working with other community leaders, activists and professionals to create programs and initiatives that the community could benefit from? If your answer to these questions is yes, then tune in as Mr. Yancey speaks with Don Slocum, Executive Director of Neighborhood Leadership Institute(NLI). They will talk about how NLI develops grassroots leaders who help rebuild the bonds of community and improve the quality of life for neighborhood residents throughout Greater Cleveland. You can call in with your questions and comments at (914)338-0665.

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    I'm A Stand Up Guy / The Notorious Drug Gangs in America - by Oladele Ngozi

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    Topic; Black Brothers Incorporated- Philadelphia's First Black Mafia & its predecessor Junior Black Mafia and the destruction of The City of Brotherly Love 1968-1990 join us for our 485th episode of BevNat

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    Steve Zimmer is On the Record with Neighborhood Youth Association

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    Join us this week when the Youth Leaders interview LAUSD Board Member from DIstrict 4, Steve Zimmer. We look forward to hearing about his teaching experience which led him to becoming a board member. 

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    Searcher's Road Map with guest Ladamira, Shamaness of Siberia

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    THe Searcher's Road Map is excited to have Ladamira with us today to share in meditation and conversation.

    In the past 30 years, there have been many great advances in approaches and techniques geared towards the development of “The Self”. It has given many the confidence needed to “be themselves”, “accept themselves”, “trust and forgive themselves”… “be who they really are”.
    However the past 10 years have seen a total revolution in the way we communicate and interact with our world. It has become very apparent – and the Internet and the Social Networks are mirroring that phenomenon – that we live as a connected organism. “The Self” is no longer enough; it is the collective that prevails, the connections, the flow and speed of information that determine our existence. “The cloud” will increasingly be where the information resides, and we tend towards being able to access it at will, with intelligence and speed, anytime, anywhere.
    What a powerful metaphor… but the existential question “Who am I?” that people have asked since the beginning of time and which is nowadays acutely thrown in this modern collective context, remains a constant mystery.


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    The Even Flow Show

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    DJ Premier special featuring a remix of a 2Pac song plus Biggie and G.U.R.U.

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