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    Are You Trusting Your Intuition? Plus, Free Mediumship Mini-Readings.

    in Spirituality

    Air date: April 18, 2015

    Description: Join Lisa as she talks about trusting your intuition when making decisions or interpreting signs and messages from your loved one(s) or guides. She'll also be taking one or two callers for free mediumship mini-readings today! Please call in at (646) 929-0732.*

    *Please know this is a mediumship reading and Lisa cannot foresee your future. For more information or to schedule a full 60-minute reading, please visit: http://messagesfromtheotherside.net 


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    Robyn Hessinger, Trusting Your Intuition

    in Spirituality

    Do you trust your inner wisdom? How can you tell if it’s your ego mind or your higher self doing the talking? Join Robyn Hessinger for this week’s Inspired Guidance: Trusting Your Intuition

    We all have an inner wise self – an internal compass, if you will - but sometimes we find it challenging to listen to and trust this inner guidance. We doubt our gut feelings and instincts, and allow our minds to lead the way rather than trust our heart and soul to lead us on our true path. In this episode, we’ll be talking about how to trust our intuition and follow our inner wisdom. And Robyn will answer caller questions about trusting their internal guidance to make decisions in their lives.

    Call 646-200-3448 for FREE Inspired Guidance

    Robyn Hessinger is a gifted Intuitive, Medium, Angel Communicator, and Healer. She is also an Author, Speaker, Teacher and the founder of Inspired Guidance®. www.inspiredguidance.com

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    Trusting your intuition

    in Lifestyle

    Coach Tony Ussery will talk about 'Tuning into your intuitive power'.

    Today we are going to learn to trust ourselves.

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    Tuning In to Your Soul and Trusting Your Intuition: How to Manifest Abundance

    in Self Help

    Abundance - it's the hottest catch phrase as of late circulating in the world of self-help, personal growth, and modern spirituality. What exactly does it mean, though, to live abundantly? Better yet, how does one go about manifesting it? In this powerful episode hosted by Lisa Marie Pepe, Antonia Romano-Bongiovanni, and Erica Weiderlight, you'll learn how to define abundance as it pertains to you and explore two key ways in which you can go about bringing more of it into your life today! After all, who doesn't want to live more abundantly?

    Lisa Marie Pepe is The Confidence Coach for Heart-Centered Women Entrepreneurs, a Business Mentor, Inspirational Author, and Motivational Speaker. As the Owner and Founder of Positive Transformation Life Coaching, Lisa Marie empowers heart-centered women entrepreneurs to fully embrace their unique gifts and talents by providing them with the tools they need to have self-confidence, attract abundance, and thrive in the life and business they most desire. For more information or to contact Lisa Marie, please visit www.positivetransformation.net or call 203-671-0139.

    Antonina Romano-Bongiovanni is a Life & Business Coach. She helps young and aspiring entrepreneurs raise awareness and consciousness to their own true potential and infuse who they are into their business with soul, purpose, passion and profit. To connect with Antonina or learn more about living your #LifeWellMade, visit www.lifewellmade.com.

    Erica Wiederlight is the owner and CEO of We The Light, LLC, a company that focuses on how to help women find their strength, joy, inner voice and happy place to live a more fulfilling and prosperous life! You can find Erica at www.wethelight.org or on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @wethelight_llc ... Because life is brighter when we shine!


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    Trusting that trust won't hurt

    in Religion

    Living to finally put that guard down and learning to trust without thinking someone will hurt you. In life you will get hurt by people you may have trusted but that doesn't mean you can no longer trust others if you go down that path everything you do you will struggle with it. Example relationships,marriages,friendships trusting co workers or even associates it will be as hard as you make it but learning to trust others regardless of what happened in your past will allow you to finally heal that hurting womb.

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    Trusting and Following the Voice of Intuition

    in Self Help

    Each one of us has a built in inner guidance system that is a roadmap for our divine path in life; however we are often programmed to listen to the voice of fear, logic and reasoning instead.  This leads us down a path that is most often in opposition to the path of the true self. 

    In this episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah talks about Intuition and how to listen and follow this internal guidance system in order to rise above old programs and live a truly authentic life.

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    Intuition: Opening and Trusting Your Inner Voice

    in Spirituality

    Join us for our episode on intuition. We will discuss what intuition is, how to know when it's your intuition guiding you, and how to tap into it and listen to it.  Learn to follow your inner voice for personal growth, success, relationships, health and well being. Guests and listeners share their personal intuitive experiences and stories.

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    in Prayer

    It's easy to flippantly say that we would never do this or that if we have never faced "this or that" situation. But, what might desperation make us do? One king in the Bible unfortunately found out.

    God had given a clear command in scripture not to engage in the practice of necromancy (inquiring of the dead). Everyone knew about it but the people of Israel periodically fell back into this sin.

    Saul, Israel's first king agreed with God and banned the practice. "Saul had expelled the mediums and spiritists from the land." (1 Samuel 28:3) Yet, when he got in a severe crunch, would he stick to his own policy? No. The Philistines had gathered at Gilboa and when Saul saw their army he was deeply afraid. He inquired of the Lord and the Bible says; "the Lord did not answer him." (Verse 6)

    So desperate to get information about the battle's outcome, Saul had his servants find a medium and required her to bring up Samuel from the dead. But Samuel had nothing good to say to Saul. In fact, he told Saul that by the next day he and his sons would also be dead. So it was.

    We can learn from Saul so that desperation never clouds our ability to make right decisions during crunch time. Saul became desperate because he was not trusting in God anymore. He had stopped that a long time before and now he was running on empty.

    Cultivate trust in God in the easy and the hard times. Then when desperation lurks around you will be able to counter it and boldly say: "When I am afraid, I will put my trust in Thee." (Psalm 56:3)

    Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.


    in Self Help

    Where in your life do you notice yourself  TRUSTING or not?  Angels the more Clearer I become the more I understand and KNOW that TRUST is key!  And in truth the only person you need TRUST is yourself.

    Do you?  If not why not?  Whoever told you that you are not one to be TRUSTED? Every Child of God is TRUSTWORTHY!  Receive great inspiration, and affirmations that you can begin using TODAY!

    BUZZWORD OF THE DAY......TRUSTING......where in your life are you TRUSTING?

    http://www.buzzardskorner.com Receive a FREE Consultation TODAY! Sign up for our Email LIst and receive a FREE Abundance Podcast


    bringing people back to themselves

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    Heal Yourself and others with your intuition

    in Spirituality

    Guest: Sherrie Dillard

    Featured book: Develop your Medical Intuition

    Website: www.sherriedillard.com

    Bio: Sherrie Dillard has been a professional intuitive, medium, medical intuitive and teacher for over thirty years. Among her international clientele are spiritual leaders, celebrities and business executives. Sherrie's love of service combined with her intuitive ability has catapulted her intuitive practice around the globe. She has given over 50,000 readings worldwide.

    Sherrie has taught intuition development, how to communicate with the other side and medical intuitive development classes in such diverse places at Duke University  and Miraval Resort and across the US, Europe, Costa Rica and Mexico. Her passion for the fusion of intuition, health, spirituality and conscious self-growth has made her a popular speaker and teacher at retreats and conferences.  She has been featured on radio and television for her innovative books and her work as a psychic detective, medical intuitive and medium.

    Sherrie holds a B.S. in Psychology and a M.Div. in New Thought pastoral counseling. Originally from Massachusetts, Sherrie has made Durham, North Carolina her home for the past twenty-five years and can often be found walking along the river with her dogs.

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    TC 279: Cafe Book Club - Trusting the Trickster

    in Self Help

    Join us for a lively conversation on our trickster!  Yes, the Bugs Bunny of Creativity. We are chatting about Big Magic in our Cafe Book Club about Trusting our creative process. We've saved you a seat...here at the Transformation Cafe.  A fun place to nourish your creativity and your Soul!