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    Voices welcomes Eco-pioneers Jim Conroy, Basia Alexander: Tree-Whispering plus!

    in Spirituality

    It is with great delight that I welcome two amazing Earth-lovers and environmental pioneers, Dr. Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander, Co-founders of the Institute of Cooperative Bio-balance.  Jim is famously known as The Tree Whisperer. With Basia as co-teacher they offer Tree-Whispering workshops and courses all over the US and annually at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  There is now a series of Tree-Whispering books in addition to several other titles that include Live and Let Live: Collaboration with Nature to Heal Ecosystems. They are both sought for their marvelous keynotes and are freqeunt guests of various media outlets.   During Hurricane Sandy they led a totally unique and cutting edge mission to help people save their trees. A book detailing these stories is available at their website.  http://www.treewhispering.com/

    This summary barely does justice to their inspired and inspiring work!  I regard them both as visionary experts of nature-based communications, and am deeply honored to have them join me on April 15th, a week before Earth Day.  It will be a lively and lovely hour listening to their story and welcoming your phone calls. We look forward to your joining us!




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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Gwen Pettit of Spiral Coaching

    in Self Help

    Gunnison, CO – Have you ever been in charge of an entire work staff? Have you ever been placed at the helm of an organization? While maintaining numbers, sales, data, or theory may be your forte, your work could be suffering from something as simple as a lack of communication. Often overlooked, this facet of business could be impeding you and your company from achieving the highest of goals and individual dreams. From massive corporations to small entrepreneurs, Gwen Pettit of Spiral Coaching is here to show you exactly how to take charge and move forward with your decisions. Now try running a company while balancing your personal life. Well, Gwen Pettit has that covered too.

    Professionally, Gwen Pettit had achieved everything that most strive for in their career. For over 30 years, Pettit worked as a physical therapist, manager and eventually interim hospital CEO. Many would feel that they’ve reached the top. But for Pettit, she saw the flaws in the system and was able to isolate them to the most basic forms of interaction and communication.

    The proactive Pettit decided to reevaluate her own life and her future by earning certifications in Evidenced-Based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University and the International Coaching Federation. Pettit also holds Master’s degrees in Organizational Development and Health Science Education.

    Utilizing her incredible educational and professional background, Pettit is able to work with women to overcome a wide array of issues including stress management, team management, and work/life balance to name a few.

    For more information about Gwen Pettit and all that Spiral Coaching has to offer visit gpspiralcoaching.com, email gpspiral@gmail.com, or call 970-275-0323.



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    School of Sonship pt 2

    in Christianity


    Fufiling the Romans 8:19 mandate

    An Army , a Body, a Family  called the manifested sons of God is rising up out of Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark that will push back the powers of darkness, establish the kingdom rule of the lord Jesus, and the Government of heaven in their nations.

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    The Unstoppable Confidence Summit

    in Education

    If you are looking for a guaranteed way to be successful in all areas of your life then you must first begin with Unstoppable Confidence. Confidence is the foundation of success and without it you will most likely fail at any endeavor. So, are you ready to learn how to have Unstoppable Confidence?

    If the answer is yes, then I invite you to tune in and listen to Estela Rodriguez talk about her upcoming Unstoppable Confidence Summit. In this summit she will be revealing strategies and insights on how to grow your confidence and become Unstoppable.

    In this summit she will feature several leading experts and coaches that are committed to providing you with the tools to develop your confidence and live a spectacular and rewarding life.

    Don't miss it!

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    Voices of the Earth welcomes Donna Russin, Angelic Therapies & Teaching

    in Spirituality

    I am so pleased to welcome Donna Russin to this week's Voices of the Earth show.  Donna's extensive work experience as a holisitc healer includes her study with Doreen Virtue in Hawaii through which she became an Angel Therapy Practicioner. She is also a Reiki Master and Sound Healer with Solfeggio Tuning Forks. The list of her accomplishments also includes Reflexology and she is a retired RN.  She teaches Angel classes, Kabballah, Sacred Geometry, and how to communicate with Angels. She is intimately familiar with many wonderful Angelic Beings including Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Chamuel, and St. Germain.

    It will be a very full and lively hour!  Donna looks forward to taking your calls.


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    Radio: PI 4/8/15 with Mike Colligan

    in Hockey

    The roller coaster ride that has been this Pittsburgh Penguins regular season is a coming to an end. How the season ends is still up in the air. Mike Asti gets insight from one of hockey's most respected journalists: NHL analyst at Forbes SportsMoney and Penguins corospondent with the The Hockey Writers, Mike Colligan. Mike and Mike discuss what has caused this epic downward spiral and if there are any signs of optimism. What does the future of the Pens leadership, management, and coacing staff look like? Is there a possible scenario that could see an entire overhaul to this roster? 

    WARNING: Penguins fans may find parts of this broadcast depressing. 

    Radio: PI on the Pens Initiative airwaves and the Radio: PI Podcast Network. 

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    Night Search with guest Jonas Ogland

    in Spirituality

    The show on Tuesday

    night is a friend from Norway who

    is speaking about the "Flying Saucers" of

    the German NAZI Luftwaffe during WWII.  His name is Jonas Ogland. 

    Much evidence is showing they made a good amount of flying discs. 

    He has researched the different crafts and their removal to the Antarctica after the war, 

    where many of the the high ranking German officers escaped to, and where they still may be.

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    First Contact Radio 4/7/15 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Ezekiel's UFO

    in News

    First Contact Radio 4/7/15 Show #1336 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, April 3 – 11

    UFO News
    Cigar UFO Over Lake Tahoe On March 17, 2015

    Massive UFO On Mars, Near Two Gold Faces! March 28, 2015

    UFO activity over El Paso, Texas 1-Apr-2015

    Blue UFO Over Taiwan Caught By Wedding Photographer, April 2, 2015

    UFO Wheel Over Hessdalen, Norway Caught On Live Cam, April 2, 2015

    UFO sighting over Alma, Nebraska on 2nd April 2015

    Ring-shaped UFO over Kazakhstan 3-Apr-2015

    Red UFO sighting over Menisa, Turkey on 4th April 2015

    Did Dogon Tribe Get Their Detailed Knowledge of The Sirius From Ancient Aliens?

    Daily Stories
    UFOs in the Bible: Ezekiel's Wheel, 593 BC

    The Spaceships of Prophet Ezekiel

    25 Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide


    Warrior of the Light -pg 58

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet Dr. Duane Lindbergh. He will be joining me on the show to discuss his book, The Kingdom of the Rings. 

    About the book:

    In his saga (historical fiction), The Kingdom of the Rings, author and historian Dr. Duane Lindberg poses the mystery “where are the golden rings?  . . . the gold gifts given to the Christ Child by the Magi.

    Throughout the centuries three mysterious golden rings make their way from the Coptic Church in Egypt to Norway in the 13th century and finally to modern-day America. What powerful secrets do they hold? Who carries those rings and why? What is to become of them? The Saga follows each of the rings through historic events in Europe and the Near East until they are carried by families from Norway and from Egypt by way of Germany in the great wave of immigration to the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    About the author:

    In addition to his 50 years of pastoral ministry, Rev. Lindberg has served as the Presiding Pastor (Bishop) of the American Association of Lutheran Churches from 1987 until his retirement in 1999. As Presiding Pastor, he was instrumental in founding the American Lutheran Theological Seminary and served as adjunct professor in areas of church history and systematics. He also taught medieval history at Upper Iowa University. Duane and his wife Mardell reside in Waterloo, Iowa. 

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    School of Sonship

    in Christianity

    Equip members of the Body of Christ in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland in the revelation of  functioning in their identity as sons of God

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    HO HO HOEY!!!

    in Rock Music

    In our continued effort to bring you the best in both Sports and Music talk each week, this week we have Musician / Sol Artist Gary Hoey live on the air. Gary as you might or might not know (if you live in a cave) is an amazing Guitar Player / songwriter whos 18 solo albums would be enough all by itself, but the man has worked with some of the best in the business (Joe Bonnamassa, Lita Ford, etc) We will discuss everything from "Heavy Bones" to his connection to Christmas Music. This great guitar player will not nore you thats for sure.

    In the Sports world, Chris Mullin has accepted the Head Coaching job at his Alma Mater, ST. Johns, we will certainly discuss wether or not this is a smart move for each party. The Rangers are in a mini slide since the return of the King, is this an aberration or the start of a downward spiral for the team.

    The Mets are trying to take over the town and the Yanks are trying to stay Healthy and get back on the winning track so theres lots to talk about in the baseball world. We havent had a chance to discuss the continuing Pete Rose saga and I would love your take on whether Pete should be allowed in the HALL of Fame or back into Baseball in general.

    We have a bunch of special guests coming up so I will lay-out the upcoming schedule so you won't miss a minute of this exciting time in the shows progress.

    Log onto blogtalkradio.com and search for Hard Rck n' sports this coming Thursday @ 6:30 p.m. est for all of this and much much more! I am sure show producer Joe Gansas has a few tricks up his sleeve so I would tune in if I were you and be a part of history.

    Remember The call in line is (347) 826-9934 to phone in and give me your side of the story (whatever story you want to tell that is.

    See you Thursday!!

    and Keep on Rockin!!!

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