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    Josh Zuckerman: Musician, Singer, Songwriter

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    I love speaking to musicians because creative people typically have a unique journey and a good story to share. If music be the food of love, play on, wrote Shakespeare in his play Twelfth Night. Musician Josh Zuckerman is a performer, singer, songwriter and recording artist with a motto that would certainly garner approval from Shakespeare: “Be who you are, Be Real, it’s all about love...” Love and music have always gone hand in hand. Raised in St. Louis, MO, a musical town in its own right, Josh developed his love for music. At the age of eight, he was introduced to violin and studied that for the next five years. Eventually Josh's musical interest drifted to rock and roll. After gigs in several cover bands, he decided to write his own music, and inspired by the musical sounds of the east coast, Josh relocated to NJ where he continued to compose melodies and lyrics. He performed extensively with his former band China White from 1990 to 1996 and went solo in 1996. He toured extensively while he also performed with the group Up With People from 1996 through 1998. Josh has 5 albums and 11 music videos; in some of his early work, he fiddles with the violin fusing country music and rock/pop. Josh has performed alongside musical artists; such as, Macy Gray, The Indigo Girls, and Joan Jett. He’s performed in many local venues from Asbury Park to New Hope, PA as well as the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta supporting Peabo Bryson, the 1998 World Expo in Lisbon, and the 2005 World Expo in Japan. He has traveled to perform in over 15 countries including, Bermuda, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, and Thailand. This is one very busy musician! After the interview check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown

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    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown On Blog Talk Radio On Wednesday 24th June 3.00pm Eastern 12.00pm Pacific 8.00pm Uk The call in number is 347-539-5367 from the uk 001-347-539-5367 My Special Today is Debbie Edwards International Spiritual Medium, Author, Radio Host, Jewelty Designer, Photographer. Debbie is the Founder and creater of Meta Visionaries Radio with 5 terrific seasons on Blog talk Radio She has appeared as a featured guest on Radio Networks such as BBS Europe BBS Radio, The Maria Shaw Show,  Rainbow Visions and many more Debbie has been a featured writer in newspapers and print publications such as spirit connections and Hedra News in the US.The Sentinella Magazine in Spain, Zodiac Magazine in Norway, She also writes for Knoji.com specializing with content Physics , Psychology ,Spirituality and DIY Projects, Debbie is the Author of Voices Speak--A Beginners Guide to Spirit Communications,a mediumship workshop book published in 2007. She is contrbuting Author for the book, Convergence, Writen by Astrologer Jason Doud published in 2013 Debbie is a contributing author for this book, Experiences from the light, published by Keidi Keating in January 2015  She is currenty working on her second Book , Voices Speak A Compendium of Spirit Communications Due to be Published  in 2015 On Today Show we will be talking all things to do with spirit and if we have time we will  do some mini Readings Thank you for joining me today for my show

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    PASTOR CALVIN BRIDGES: https://www.facebook.com/calvin.bridges.58?fref=ts FRIEND HIM ON FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: http://www.calvinbridges.org/

    With a passion for the Gospel and compassion for people of all walks of life, God has appointed Calvin to minister in twelve countries including crusades in Antigua, Jamaica, Ghana, Kenya, Germany, and concerts in England, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. In addition to numerous recordings, television and radio appearances, his honors also include composing Gospel music favorites, “Chosen”, “I Can Go To God In Prayer”, and “Spread The Word” (Grammy nominated).  Bridges is also the recipient of two of Gospel music’s most coveted Stellar Awards.

    PASTOR REESE: https://www.facebook.com/warren.hudgins?fref=ts FRIEND HIM ON FACEBOOK; WEBSITE: http://reesemusiccompany.com/index/

            Reese, an up and coming gospel singer, hailing from Carrollton, Alabama, has an anointed voice that has been touched by God himself.  His ability to be versatile in his singing allows him to reach all age groups with spiritual praise and uplift.  His music ministers to the heart and souls of those who stand in need of prayer, or who simply love the words of God.  His gift is amplified by his devotion to Christ, and his love for music.     - See more at: http://reesemusiccompany.com/bio/#sthash.bP23Xzrj.dpuf

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    Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, Kentucky, New York Community Garden "Shout Out"

    in Gardening


    How about a GREAT "Shout Out" for these Community Gardens:

    1)  Westport, Connecticut

         Westport Community Garden

    2)  Norway, Maine

         Alan Day Community Garden

    3)  Delaware

         The Delaware Center for Horticulture

    4)  Louisville, Kentucky

         Blackacre's Community Garden of the Blackacre Conservancy

    5)  New York City

         New York City Community Garden Coalition



    Congrats! to all these Groups and what they have done in sustaining, creating, and education to folks about Community Gardens.

    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenrevolution@gmail.com

    www.natesamericanstore.com  Put promo code "comgar15" at ONLINE checkout and receive 10% OFF on Garden Equipment and Tools. 

    www.tropiflora.com Great Tropical plants.  Order ONLINE ask at checkout for 10% OFF first order.  They ship Worldwide.

    www.aerogarden.com  Put in Promo Code "community20" and receive ONLINE 20% OFF your order.

    www.gardentowerproject.com  Put in Promo Code "Revolution" and receive $50 OFF your ONLINE order.  

    #  #  #  

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    Cynde Meyer Interviews Michael Roads, Author, Spiritual Teacher/Speaker

    in Spirituality

    Born in England in 1937, Michael Roads discovered at an early age he had the natural ability to communicate with nature and go beyond linear time and space. After becoming spiritually awakened in 1986, Michael wrote about his metaphysical experiences and has since published 16 books, translated into several languages. 2014 marks his 23rd year of traveling around the world giving profound and hugely popular talks and 5-day Intensives on unconditional Love and emotional balance. He offers clear metaphysical insights and relates his unique, experiential truth in a powerful, no-nonsense format, offering pathways to our deep spiritual connection with Nature, with Self, and with awakening to our Divine potential.

    In 1986, after months of suffering from debilitating physical pain with no recovery in sight, Michael Roads experienced a profound transformation of consciousness. His chronic disabilities were healed within twenty minutes, as a door to higher consciousness, mystical cognition, and a holistic state of Oneness opened into his awareness.  www.michaelroads.com

    Michael’s public speaking tours have included invitations to Australia, New Zealand, Norfolk Island, South Africa, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, West Indies, U.S.A., Canada, Singapore, Romaina and Japan.  

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    Don't Hand Me Any of Your Shift with The Magic Happens Crew

    in Culture

    Give two women and only one man only half an hour to share wahtever comes to mind with the topic of the day and there has got to be some form of shift going on here. So tune into the LIVE program and find out how the "crew" handles this particular topic. From Norway, we have Kathleen Anne McCarthy, hailing from Alabama, is the lone wolf here, Jonathan Ojanpera and keeping it all inher hip pocket in the great State of Michigan, is Annette Rochelle Aben. Each of these fine folks writes for the digital magazine The Magic Happens which is available here http://www.themagichappens.com with a fresh issue every month.  Don't worry, the archives are also availble there...  Catch up on everything after the show is over and let us know what you think. Thanks!!

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    Night Search with guest Jonas Ogland

    in Spirituality

    The show on Tuesday

    night is a friend from Norway who

    is speaking about the "Flying Saucers" of

    the German NAZI Luftwaffe during WWII.  His name is Jonas Ogland. 

    Much evidence is showing they made a good amount of flying discs. 

    He has researched the different crafts and their removal to the Antarctica after the war, 

    where many of the the high ranking German officers escaped to, and where they still may be.

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    If You Were Me and Lived in Norway

    in Books

    Join Lady Selah SuJuris and Award Wining Author and Educator, Carole P. Roman for our Culture Education Series.

    This series is a way of introducing children to different cultures around the world, through storytelling, adventure and enlightenment.


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    Women of Golf - Symetra Tour's - Caroline Westrup & Fitness Guru - Bob Forman

    in Golf

    Welcome to the Women of Golf Show!

    This week Cindy & I speak with Symetra Tour's - Caroline Westrup, and Certified Golf Fitness Instructor - Bob Forman.

    Here's more about Caroline: Six career top 10 finishes on the Symetra Tour, Played college golf at Florida State, Played for Swedish National Team – but now represents Norway, She also played on the LPGA Tour (11 starts in 2013/2014).

    Later in the show Bob Forman joins us to discuss golf fitness. Bob holds a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, and is certified as a Golf Fitness Instructor through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). He's also a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine.

    Join Cindy & I Tuesday Morning at 9:00 AM EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/womenofgolf

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    New York Hip Hop in Norway: Live from the SPKRBOX Festival in Oslo

    in Music

    Following up to our preview coverage of the SPKRBOX Hip Hop Theater Festival on Birthplace Magazine, and our interview with festival organizer Cici Henriksen on Episode 080, we are pleased to be reporting live from Oslo, Norway for Episode 082 of The NY Hip Hop Report.

    We'll be recapping the events taking place at SPKRBOX, including theater shows from folks like Baba Brinkman (who we spoke to last year), Craig "mumS" Grant ("Poet" from Oz), and festival hosts Zeps (who we spoke to) and Dama Nilz (who we've featured).

    With so much New York representation, we were glad to be invited to cover the Oslo leg of the festival, and our show host Manny Faces will be conducting this episode live.

    Tune in, call in and find out more about how NY hip hop is received outside of the country, and about these amazing performers and their unique theatrical take on hip hop.

    The NY Hip Hop Report is a weekly talk show, featuring discussion regarding relevant New York hip hop topics, interviews with artists and other industry professionals and invites live caller participation. The program, started in 2012 by Birthplace Magazine founder Manny Faces, has included interviews with iconic figures such as Big Daddy Kane and Video Music Box’s Ralph McDaniels, as well as special shows, including an April, 2013 broadcast live from the 10th annual L’Original Festival, a yearly international hip hop festival in Lyon, France.

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    Olaf Tryggvesson

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    Olaf Tryggvesson - (born c. 964—died c. 1000), Viking king of Norway (995–c. 1000), much celebrated in Scandinavian literature, who made the first effective effort to Christianize Norway.

    Already a Christian, Olaf was confirmed at Andover (in modern Hampshire) in 994, with Ethelred, with whom he had been reconciled, as his godfather. Learning of the growing revolt against the Norwegian king Haakon the Great, Olaf returned to Norway and was accepted as king on Haakon’s death in 995. He forcefully imposed Christianity on the areas under his control, the coast and the western islands, but had little influence elsewhere. By commissioning missionaries and baptizing visiting dignitaries, Olaf was able to introduce Christianity to the Shetland, Faroe, and Orkney islands and to Iceland and Greenland. (Christianity was adopted by the Icelandic parliament [Althing] about 1000). 

    Olaf met his death in the Battle of Svolder (c. 1000) at the hands of the Danish king Sweyn I, the Swedish king Olaf Skötkonung, and Eric the Norwegian, earl of Lade. 

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