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    CUTV News spotlights Dr. Sabina DeVita of the DeVita Energy Wellness Clinic

    in Health

    Brampton, ON – What we do to the environment, we do to ourselves. We are interconnected. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat is impacting us. It stands to reason if our environment is healthier, our bodies will be healthier and our minds will be healthier, too.

    For more than 30 years, Dr. Sabina DeVita has positioned herself on the vanguard of the intersection between our environment and our physical and emotional wellbeing. The founder of The DeVita Energy Wellness Clinic, Dr. DeVita is an eclectic energy psychotherapist, registered nutritionist and doctor of natural medicine.

    “All the work I do is ultimately to help people break patterns,” says Dr. DeVita. “Energy wellness was the initiation to my own healing and it really works.”

    A long-time environmentalist, educator, humanitarian and practitioner, Dr. DeVita has dedicated the last six years to publishing her books and lecturing internationally. Dr. DeVita is also an established author, having published six books, including her most recent book Vibrational Cleaning, which teaches readers how to make easy, nontoxic, affordable choices to create a clean, safe environment.

    “Vibrational Cleaning is the result of my life’s work. It is a statement about the environment and empowering women,” says Dr. DeVita. “I realized I could be sharing this information with thousands of people, not just one-on-one.”

    For more information on DeVita Energy Wellness Clinic, visit http://devitawellnessclinic.weebly.com

    To learn more about Vibrational Cleaning, visit http://www.vibrationalcleaning.com

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    Kids' Cannabis Hour - Sep 6 - Show 1

    in Family

    Kids' Cannabis Hour hosted by 9 yr old Alexis Bortell brings you real pediatric medical marijuana patients and we talk about life, school, family, friends and their cannabis medicine.

    The show will air on Sundays from 2:00p-3:00p MST starting September 6th!

    A look at the youngest of the cannabis patients and the lives they lead. Interviews with other pediatric medical marijuana patients, parents, caregivers, growers, politicians, doctors, neighbors, advocates and opponents - every child wants to ask "why" and Alexis and friends get the answers.

    Discussions on research and the impact of the type of medicine that works for them on the way they are treated, where they live, what they feel. An emotional look and talk with the children living in the midst of controversy over a treatment that is all natural, nontoxic and working.

    Feel free to email your questions or information to the show's Executive Producer and host Alexis Bortell's dad, Dean.Bortell@MillenniumGrown.com

    MGBN broadcasts shows 7 days a week!
    Follow us on Twitter @MillenniumGrown
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    ClearHeartLife w Godis ShaniAsantewaa: Dream Communities>Book of Self>Business

    in Self Help

    ClearHeartLife w Godis ShaniAsantewaa: Dream Communities>Book of Self>Business
    When we look at locations that have been inhabited for millenia, we find that they had income generators. Businesses & Activites that draw people. and/or Businesses that export goods and services. Based upon Natural Resources, Valued Added Processes, Skills, Location, Facilites, etc....

    Apart from looking at which business activities are HOT for the area, we also must KNOW OURSELVES for our work to be play and our play to be our work, for us to challenge ourslves to greater heights of excellence, we mus KNOW OURSELVES.  Schedule your organic ClearHeartLifeStyle retreat now to compile your personal Book of Self w Godis Shani Asantewaa. 215.253.2134

    Rennaisance Woman Godis Shani Asantewaa Sheryl Strothers is the Mother of 4 mostly grown folks; a Civil Engineer,Transportation Planning, MIT; a Metaphysician; Psychic Surgeon, Buddhist; Practitioner of Religious Science; Environmental Activist, Organic Co-op Co-founder; Educator; Athlete; Belly Dance Instructor; Permaculturist; Cyclist, Yoga Instructor, Artist and Culture Doyenne. Schedule her NOW for your event 215.253.2134

    #blacklivesmatter #ferguson #icantbreathe

  • Does Our Brain Hold the Key to Our Emotional & Physical Well-Being? PLUS!!

    in Health

    We are excited about you joining us for this interview with Cowboy Don Tolman & to have the opportunity to learn more about what he calls BaseCamp for Health!  He will be sharing the numerous pieces of Knowledge that make up the BaseCamp For Health Program!

    *Remembering the forgotten Alchemy of Nature & how it relates to our Health & Vitallity!

    *Why Knowledge is our Greatest insurance from falling into the canyon of Sientific Ignorance!

    *Anatomy, Epicures & the top 13 foods that heal & regenerate!

    *The Da Vincian Principles of 7

    *Vibrational Medicine: Sound waves for mental emotional & physical restoration!

    *Understanding Cancer & Disease.

    *Identifying toxicity in foods & personal care products.

    *How to make non-toxic products & wholefood recipes at home with east!

    *Sharing, Reflection, Questions & Self Care Forum 13 Elevations.

    Relationships, the Timeless Wisdom of marriage & being the Best You!

    Don has been a Return guest on CBS News, Good Morning America, USA Today, The N.Y. Times, Tripple 105.& todaytonight!   www.dontolman.com/about-don.html    www.dontolman.com

    Thank you for listening and sharing the information you hear on MindYourBodyandSpirit !  Knowledge IS  Power ~ which leads to TRUTH!!  With much love > marchia & tom/co-producers since 1989  www.HealthyReferral.com

    Call to inquire abt promoting your natural health/personal growth business in our upcoming issue of the Healthy Referral & on MindYourBodyandSpirit radio   216-533-2273






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    1143 Nails & Clutched Bags Founder Hasani Taylor

    in Entertainment


    1143 H20 Nail Polish is a breathable healthy innovative water based nail polish that has bold colors that not only look good but also nourishes the nail. 

    The typical solvent based nail polish and lacquer contains a large amount of chemical solvents such as toluene, acetates, alcohol, ethylo biotin, dibutyl phthalate etc (to many to describe)! When solvent based nail polish is painted onto the nail it generates toxic chemical fumes and a horrible "chemical smell." The vapors from the nail polish can get into the lungs and blood stream and cause major problems in the body. Even most "five free" nail polishes have a horrible chemical smell. 

    1143 H20  Nail Polish replaces chemical solvents with water and when applied, it is only water that evaporates in the air not chemical fumes. Water is also able to permeate through to the nail bed after applied.

    1143 H20 Nail Polish is safe for children, pregnant women, basically everyone!

    1143 H20  Nail Polish is the breathable, no smell, nontoxic, water based, vegan nail polish



    Clutched is an bag and accessories line that brings you unique and fun pieces that make you stand out! Clutched has items that you will not typically see in the store and is for the girl who doesn't necessary follow trends. Clutched is for the girl or guy who dares to to be different! 


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    #ChatAutism with Non-Toxic Expert Elizabeth Wasserman

    in Caregiving

    Did You Know…

    Research has revealed that toxic chemicals in our daily lives may play a role in the development of many serious health issues, including autism.

    September 16th, LIVE Q&A with Elizabeth Wasserman. A chat about the importance of detoxing your products for health and recovery! 

    About Elizabeth Wasserman:

    Elizabeth Wasserman is Founder & CEO of TrueGoods.com, an honest online shop offering truly toxin-free products for the whole family. With degrees in psychology and clinical social work and graduate studies in business and organizational psychology, Liz is the consummate problem solver, believing we all have the right to know what’s in the products we bring into our homes.

    Fueled by a passion for preventive health, a commitment to clean living, and a strong belief in informed wellness care, she started True Goods with a mission to help customers harness their purchasing power to create healthier lives and a more sustainable environment. True Goods’ Consciously Curated ® selection of household goods and personal care products have been rigorously investigated and held to unparalleled safety standards.

    This means only perfectly pure, truly toxin-free products are sold. And the best part is, her safety standards are non-negotiable, period. “If I wouldn't use something with my own family, in my own home, it's not going in my store.” Liz is proud to offer True Goods to people craving solutions for healthier, safer, cleaner living.

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    Marion M. Pyle & "Healed, Healthy, & Whole: How We Beat Cancer"

    in Politics Conservative

    Author, Marion M. Pyle stops by The REALLY, Real, Deal to share her compelling testimony of faith in God’s healing with her newly released book, Healed, Healthy & Whole, How We Beat Cancer with Integrative Therapies & Essential Healing Strategies (June 2014).  Marion will recount the race against time in believing God for her husband’s healing of a deadly form of cancer and offers a transparent, step-by-step account which included developing hope-filled life strategies for her husband’s complete healing from a virulent form of bladder cancer that doctors diagnosed as untreatable.  This true story is a profound journey of faith that ultimately leads to healing and wholeness and offers hope, practical advice born of personal experience, proven resources, and essential wisdom for anyone at a crossroads with a life-threatening condition.  Learn more about Marion’s journey of faith and her husband’s miraculous healing by visiting http://healedhealthyandwhole.com/about-marion-pyle/.  Marion M. Pyle is a media and communications professional and has lived and worked in the U.S., Australia and Latin America. She’s also an award-winning scriptwriter, producer, director and television host. A Los Angeles resident, Marion is also a noted seminar leader and university professor of public relations and public speaking.

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    #ChatAutism with Our Non-toxic Sleep Expert, Bob Rasmussen

    in Caregiving

    Robert (Bob) Rasmussen is taking your non-toxic sleep questions live! Bob will be taking over the Generation Rescue Facebook page, answering all of your questions on optimizing your sleep, toxin-free with intelliBED! 

    Whether you want advice on how to reach the healing levels of sleep or you're looking for a great non-toxic mattress, Bob Rasmussen is here to #ChatAutism with you! 

    Bob Rasmussen is the CEO of IntelliBED. IntelliBED is a gel foam designed for mattresses. They are made to withold the body weitght and structure of the human form, alllowing for a lengthier use of time concernig wear and tear of a regular matress. Such matresses are designed for those who have back pain, fibromyalgia, and other sleeping disorders. IntelliBED is one of the most durable and non toxic cushions ever intvented. 

    Just head over to our Facebook page on June 19th, at 2:00 PM pacific / 5:00 PM eastern and leave your question in a comment for Bob to answer. 

    Can't wait to #ChatAutism with you! 

    To learn more about Bob Rasmussen and IntelliBED, visit intellibed.com or our event's page. 

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    "Repurposing" on The Other Side of a A Preppers Path

    in Education

    The Other Side...A Preppers Path!
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Sundays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Are you kidding me? Really, you can do that with that? Yep true story! This Sunday on the Other Side of a Preppers Path we’ve got the answers from how to store cleaning supplies, to uses for garlic, coffee, vinegar and more. We are even gonna talk about how to squeeze more out of what you’ve got, along with common sense solutions to those annoying things like untying that knot in the plastic bag, opening a blister pack and closet organizing. Then we are gonna go green with nontoxic kitchen cleaners you already have.  It’s a prepper’s smorgasbord.  Be sure to tune in because there is sure to be something you had never thought of before.

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting, A Preppers Path

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    Power Strip Progression 2

    in Health

    Adding to the explination of the Power Strip ingredients and why it's working so well for pian relief, sports performance, sleep quality, and overall better wellness. This time we are going to dive into the ingredients Korean Red Ginseng, and Ionic silver. Should be another fun topic. Corps Progressssion style Semper 

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    A Solution to Toxic Chemicals Everywhere? – Green Chemistry

    in Health

    The realization has slowly been dawning on increasing numbers in the past few years that we’re living in a soup of toxic chemicals.  Toxic chemicals are sadly omnipresent in our modern world – in our water, air, food, clothing, carpeting, furniture, the soil, etc.  Report after report comes out these days on new health impacts of these toxicants.  Is there any change on the horizon?  Diane Brandon, your Host and author of Intuition for Beginners, is joined this week by John Warner, Ph. D., Founder and President of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, founder of University of Massachusetts - Boston's first Green Chemistry Ph.D. program,  and co-Author of Green Chemistry:  Theory and Practice.  Mr. Warner is an award-winning leader in Green Chemistry and has worked to incorporate it into semiconductor design, biodegradable plastics, personal care products, solar energy, and other materials.  He’ll be sharing the ins and outs of Green Chemistry with us, where we are in the process of replacing toxic chemicals, and what he envisions for the future.