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    C4L Patriot Rob Pepe of Pennsylvania

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    Rob Pepe is C4L Local Coordinator from southeastern Pennsylvania. As a family man, business owner, and concerned American, he devotes the majority of his waking hours spreading the message of freedom and the core principles of C4L. He confesses, it is a difficult task trying to strike a balance between family life, running a business, and full time activism. With the economic, and political climate in upheaval, Rob and his fellow Pennsylvanian patriots, like most of us in the freedom movement, have been working overtime. They have been sharing the principled message of the founding fathers by participating in countless meetup groups, tea parties, and local political campaigns, educating everyone they encounter on the Federal Reserve System and the need for the passage of HR1207.

    Rob will be sharing with us the success of Saturday's Philadelphia End the Fed rally, and Sunday's Constitution Class taught by Michael Badnarik. Additionally, we will discuss upcoming events that the energetic crew from Pennsylvania will be organizing,and participating in to spread the message of individual liberty, limited Constitutional government, free markets, sound money, and the vision of our founding fathers, a noninterventionist foreign policy.

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    Adam Sanacore- C4L Nevada

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    Disclaimer: Not all views mentioned by the host or guest on Patriot Pastors Radio are views held by Campaign for Liberty or Patriot Pastors Radio.

    Adam Sanacore is a college student currently going for his BA in psychology, and minor in English. Once a liberal democrat, Adam converted to the libertarian party and the C4L movement after listening to one of Dr. Ron Paul's speeches on Youtube. Since then, Adam has become deeply involved in spreading Ron Paul's message of individual liberty, sound money, free markets, a noninterventionist foreign policy, and a constitutional limited government. Adam is very active in standing up for the future of higher education for him and his friends. Adam just returned from a protest at the Nevada State capitol regarding fund cutting for higher education in his state by thirty-seven percent or more. Adam will be talking about his efforts to spread the message about H.R 1207 around his college, to the young democrats that meet there, and to motivate any college students at C4L to spread the word about auditing the Federal Reserve. Please visit www.campaignforliberty.com

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    PC Live

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    An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters, The Conservative Hollywood Underground, Amerikkka Hates Kids and of course no Thanksgiving is complete without the BUCGAW!