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    Eric Nolan of The O'Jays

    in Lifestyle

    I look at the music we love and enjoy like a quilt.  It is made up of many pieces that are part of an item worn in the past that has been remade to create more memories.  The group The O'Jays is as much a part of our music history as apple pie and hotdogs are to baseball.  Where would you be without good music.  What is so wonderful about the musicians that create this music is their passion and undying love for making more music.  Much like Eric Nolan. 

    Aside from touring with the O'Jays, Mr. Nolan has launched his 3rd solo single.

    Please join us as we chat with Mr. Nolan (347) 637-2319 at 8:00 pm.


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    Spit Game with Rosalyn Ross

    in Sports

    On this episode of Spit Game, we'll be joined by Rosalyn Ross, Lady Sings the Sports blog, to talk some playoff football, the state of the Tennessee Titans and Memphis Grizzlies, as well as everything else she's working on.  

    Ross captivated me many years ago the first time I came across her blog.  She is an amazing writer who manages to connect sports, music and culture in a way that leaves a lasting impression.  

    Ross founded Lady Sings the Sports, a blog exploring the intersection of sports, culture and music, in 2011. Since then, her work has also appeared at The Sports Fan Journal, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports and MSN. Additionally, Rosalyn is a model, actress and yoga instructor. She has been a featured fitness contributor for Rolling Out. 

    Follow Rosalyn Ross on Twitter/Instagram: @R_Trinity

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    RRBC RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio "BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT" with Rea Nolan Martin.

    in Books

    Welcome to Rave Reviews Book Club's BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES "BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT", where host, John Fioravanti is joined by special Spotlight guest, Rea Nolan Martin! We are discussing her metaphysical and visionary novel, "THE ANESTHESIA GAME". Join us as we explore this novel and become better acquainted the Visionary Fiction genre and this gifted author.

    This segment of Bring On The Spotlight is sponsored by Gwendolyn M. Plano, the very talented author of "LETTING GO INTO PERFECT LOVE".

    If you'd like to know how you can get your own commercial recorded or read live on one of our shows, please visit RaveReviewsByNonnieJules.wordpress.com.

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    Goddess BE~Beth Nolan, Supporting People to BE Naked & More!

    in Spirituality

    Join the show and meet this Exciting Goddess of Naked Yoga and begin to learn so much more about the immediate and long term positive benefits of Naked Yoga and so much more! Rev. Goddess will ask Goddess BE about the sexual uses of yoga and not just the naked parts. Lets sit back and relax and fall in love with our Naked Yoga Goddess! 

    Beth Nolan has been in the holistic health field for over 25 years. Starting at a young age, she was trained in applied kinesiology to assist a chiropractor. This experience led to knowledge about nutrition, as well as the body, mind and spirit connection.

    Enjoying her work and personal growth, Beth continued training as a massage therapist mastering: Shiatsu and Deep Tissue massage techniques, Reiki and Reflexology. In massage training yoga was encouraged for survival of the massage path. Now yoga is a way for Beth to repair and keep herself relaxed, strong and pain-free. Yoga became a way of life and a medium to teach people about their bodies and spiritual potential.

    Why practice naked?

    I personally enjoy the physical freedom of nudity in all my activities and seek out the safe places and spaces that allow that freedom to happen.

    Let’s recognize and celebrate the wholesomeness of the human body. 

    Our awareness and acceptance of our naked bodies, without self-consciousness and without erotic intentions, allows us to more fully share in, and benefit from, the yogic experience. Unlike other philosophies, practices or traditions that work to transcend the body, this practice celebrates the body, mind and spirit connection fully—grounding in joy and peace.

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    Ross Country Jamboree Celebration!

    in Current Events

    Join us every Wednesday night for the BEST in cutting edge entertainment and talk of what's happening at Ross Country Jamboree in America's Hometown of Scottsburg Indiana!

    From Classic Artists of the Grand Ole Opry to the beginning Stars of the Future this show is packed with the movers and shakers that bring Country Music to the forefront and keep it in the main frame of America.

    Wholesome and family oriented it produces the best in what is, fresh and what is appealing and what is the future of great upoming shows, be it Western Swing, Classical Country, Modern Country or Gospel or Salutes to the Stars.

    You can find it all at Ross Country Jamboree located in beautiful Scottsburg IN on the Square in the historic Scott Theater.

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    "Men's Drive and Health" With Dr. Gary Ross & Kathleen Ross!

    in Health

    Gary S. Ross, M.D., a pioneer in holistic health and medicine, combines the best of traditional western medicine with nutritional holistic medicine in helping his patients. He believes that the pursuit of better health, like life itself, is an individual process and encompasses all aspects of health. Through his higher health studies and his clinical experience, his work continues to evolve to include the best of what scientific research and natural wisdom have to offer. Dr. Ross has been in private, holistic medical practice since 1977, treating each person as an individual, helping them get to the root of a wide variety of problems. Patients seek his help from all over the world for his expertise in treating thyroid, fatigue and hormonal issues for women and men. He has lectured to other health practitioners internationally. He has a depth of knowledge,wisdom and understanding about health, and an exceptional ability to communicate clearly. He is the author of 3 books, most recently "Depression and Your Thyroid" (New Harbinger Publications 2006)

    Dr. Ross is on Journey into The Light radio show on Tuesdays at 10pm Pacific time throughout 2016, along with his wife, Kathleen Anderson Ross. Each week they discuss important and interesting health and wellness subjects to help listeners feel their best and and understand that there is always hope, always a way to feel better, to think like a healer®.
    Together, he and Kathleen write, record, and produce videos about health. Through Ross Health Institute, they offer a highly customized 8 week program that students take from their homes. This program is designed comprehensively to bring you to the next level in your well being -- knowledge, confidence, understanding -- to think like a healer®.

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    Hitting Rock Bottom

    in Parents

    Lots of territory covered on today's program, including some discussion of the age levels at which the CPS model is appropriate (we can't think of any at which it's not)...but we began by discussion whether letting kids "hit rock bottom" is the best way to solve the problems that are causing them to hit rock bottom in the first place. The answer won't surprise you...

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    Maria Ross: Owner of Red Slice

    in Business

    Maria Ross "returns" to chat about her recent successes as an entrepreneur.

    Maria is the founder of Red Slice, a marketing & branding consultancy, that helps companies to tell stories in order to become irresistible brands.

    She is the author of Branding Basics for Small Business, Rebooting My Brain and The Juicy Guide Series for Entrepreneurs.

    Maria has made appearance on various media outlets including ABC, MSNBC, the Los Angeles Times and Forbes.

    Website: www.red-slice.com

    Twitter: @redslice

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    Something's the Matter with this Picture

    in Education

    On today's program, our panel responded to an email from an anguished teacher who was looking for some guidance on what went wrong with one of her students and his parents.

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    What Does "Doing Well" Mean?

    in Parents

    Yes, Kids do well if they can is the most important theme of the CPS model...but what if your child's definition of "doing well" differs from yours? 

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