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    Part 2: CUTV News Radio spotlights Lisa Tahir of Nola Therapy

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    Los Angeles, CA – In recovering from trauma “hope” is an essential element for recovery and healing. But when we experience trauma, our cognitive functioning is disrupted. Our brain is focused on survival. It can’t process abstract thoughts like “hope.”

    Lisa Tahir is a counselor, coach, life change expert and the founder of Nola Therapy, a New Orleans-originated therapy and coaching practice that has opened an office to serve the greater Los Angeles area. Lisa is the author of Surrender, A Psycho-Spiritual Healing Guide For Treating Anxiety and Depression, an autobiography of her struggle to cope with the depression and anxiety associated with trauma.

    “I know firsthand that embracing hope can be inaccessible in a personal crisis regardless of what caused the crisis,” says Lisa. “I wanted to be transparent and vulnerable by sharing my story to help others know they are not alone and they can move through traumatic experiences and come out feeling healed and whole."

    Lisa says Surrender was birthed out of the trauma of being drugged, robbed, and left lying on the ground in downtown New Orleans in November of 2014. Using the techniques outlined in her book gave her the strength to process the trauma one piece at a time.

    “I chose “Surrender” because the first step toward healing is allowing ourselves to accept that we didn’t know what to do to feel better,” says Lisa. “My clients have found it very helpful to take emotions that have been overwhelming and giving themselves the permission to set it aside. It’s about handing over your anxiety and depression in a loving way to someone or something else.”

    For more information on Lisa Tahir, visit http://www.nolatherapy.com


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    Climbing the Grid: NOLA Winterfest 2015

    in Sports

    Christopher DeHarde (Motorsport.com) and Joey Barnes (Tribute Racing) kick-off the 2015 Mazda Road to Indy show "Climbing the Grid" with USF2000 contender and Pabst Racing driver Jake Eidson, who took two of three races at NOLA Motorsports Park for the start of Winterfest.

    The guys also look into the Pro Mazda Championship from Winterfest as well as Indy Lights testing. The Mazda Road to Indy gears up for three more races at Barber Motorsports Park to complete the Winterfest campaign, with hopeful's eager to prove they belong when they hit the road course in Alabama, they also give a preview of what they expect at one of the more beloved tracks on the circuit.

  • CUTV News Radio spotlights Lisa Tahir of Nola Therapy

    in Psychology

    Los Angeles, CA – Have you felt stuck, wanting to shift out of unhealthy or self-defeating patterns into a more expanded life? Have you felt destined to achieve something great but don't know where to start? Are ready to make a change?

    Lisa Tahir is a Counselor, Coach, Life Change Expert and founder of Nola Therapy, a New Orleans-originated therapy and coaching practice that has opened an office to serve the greater Los Angeles area. With more than 17 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy and social work, Lisa has helped thousands of individuals heal and they now live richer, fuller and healthier lives.  

    “I want to get the message out to promote emotional well-being and happiness to more people,” says Lisa. “I really love to listen and hear people’s stories. I intuitively understand what people have been through, where they’ve been and where they want to go.”

    Lisa is also the author of the recently published SURRENDER: A Psycho-Spiritual Healing Guide For Depression And Anxiety. The book serves as an autobiography of her struggle and details a two-step visualization technique for coping with depression and anxiety.

    "I am what happens when an everyday person becomes divinely inspired.  I've chosen to re-create what life gave me and Surrender, A Psycho-Spiritual Healing Guide For Treating Anxiety and Depression was birthed out of the trauma of being drugged and robbed in November of 2014,” says Lisa. “Using these techniques gave me the strength to feel better and handle the trauma one piece at a time. It was a struggle and I wanted to be vulnerable and share my story to help others know they are not alone and they can move through this."

    For more information on Lisa Tahir, visit http://www.nolatherapy.com

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    Author Nola Hennessy discusses #ThePeaceAngel on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Motivation

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Nola Hennessy to #ConversationsLIVE to discsus how she has been able to find peace in her own life and is helping others along their journey to the same. Her book THE PEACE ANGEL is out now.

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    in Entertainment

    Yup, you are reading this right....The Hammer will be LIVE, in the great state of Louisiana, as he hosts the 3rd Annual NOLA Voice Talent Awards show. It will be a great time had by all, as we honor the local entertainment industry in New Orleans and the state, in Broadcasting, Acting, Voice-over and Theatre.

    You won't want to miss this special episode of Hammer 96.7; Brian, myself---Executive Producer, Ellen Johnson---and the rest of the morning crew, will be coming to you, LIVE, from the Cresent City. Not only are we honoring the local entertainment industry, but guests and listeners, alike, will get a taste of a scene from the 7th annual production of the radio-stage play, "It's A Wonderful Life".

     The ceremony will also feature Louisiana acting coach and former Hollywood actress Veleka Gray as keynote speaker. New Orleans celebrity comedian Johnny Rock is the guest performer; while the Awards will be presented by Stephen James, Founder and Executive Director of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation.

    We welcome and invite all of you to call into the show, 646-595-3032; and you can also see us LIVE, via skype and/or Google Hangouts. Call in and join the party, no matter where you are in the world!!!

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    Keri Nola and Lloyd Burnett on How Fear can Be Used as a Tool for Growth

    in Entrepreneur

    Keri Nola is a licensed psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, entrepreneur, radio host and author of two self-help titles. She helps therapists and healers build profitable and rewarding practices so they can make a living doing the work they love through business coaching, clinical consultation, and supervision. www.kerinola.com

    Lloyd Burnett is a life coach, spiritual teacher, writer, and the self-proclaimed “David Copperfield of getting you unstuck!” He is the author of The Voice Inside Your Head: How to Use Your Mind to Instantly Create Financial Security & Attract Money.

    Lloyd shows people how to get out of their head and get in the flow of abundance, peace, and prosperity. He helps people go from hoping they will be able to realize their dreams one day to living their dream today.

    Lloyd can be found at www.lloydburnett.com

    Join Keri and Lloyd at their LIVE retreat this Oct. 23 -25, 2015 in san Diego CA. TheAwakenedHealer.com

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    Mickey Fulp & Daniel Ameduri Live at NOLA Investment Conference #2845

    in Finance

    Dan Ameduri and I sat down with the Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp. Mickey gave us his views on Uranium and precious metals. He gives three uranium companies to watch and believes there are opportunities there. On the precious metals front he believes the recent run up is technical/seasonal and not a sign of a turn around. There's more treading water ahead. 

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    The End of the World NOLA Radio Show

    in Sports

    The guys talk the End of the World (Mayan calendar ends the 22nd) as it relates to the sports world, especially New Orleans-related. 
    And the group discusses the Cowboys' game. 

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    America Meditating-Keri Nola

    in Self Help

    Keri Nola is a highly regarded Psychotherapist, Author, and Founder of Path to Growth, LLC, an integrative healing center based in Central Florida. She combines traditional and holistic modalities to create products and experiences that help people reconnect with their authenticity, reclaim their power, and live the lives they deserve and desire.  She has authored two books, “A Year on Your Path to Growth:  Daily Inspirations to Reconnect with Your Soul” and “44 Holistic Tips for Peaceful Sleep.”  Visit Keri’s website at http://www.pathtogrowth.com
    Meditation Center

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    Shots Fired #10 | WTXG Sports

    in Sports

    Shots Fired is a show dedicated to giving you a different brand of sports talk. It's the chance to hear the real, raw & uncut truth about your favorite sports teams; not the watered down version sports talk you get anywhere else. This is the most interactive sports show on radio. You have an opinion,you want it to be heard, & most importantly,you want to hear it from a person not afraid to tell it,like it is! Welcome,you have now found your new home for sports talk. On Shots Fired,you'll get the absolute truth on sports, entertainment,& whatever other topics I take aim at. . To call in during the show, Call 619.393.6479 ~ www.wtxgtalkradio.com

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    The Musiq Lounge #207

    in Indie Music

    The Musiq Lounge, Presented By ManoCo Inc. Is a music show that features music from unsigned/indie artist from all over the world, Plus Artist Interviews And Much More. With Host Thomas "Big T"(@Da1ThomasG). To Call In Live Call: 1.619.393.6479... www.wtxgtalkradio.com