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  • Steve Ahnael Nobel: Shifts in Consciousness

    in Spirituality

    The former director of Alternatives in London, Steve Ahnael Nobel returns to the show to more deeply explore personal and global shifts in consciousness. Steve is the author of Personal Transitions: Beyond the Comfortable into the Real. 

    What three pathways lead to transition and awakening? What are some of the signs and symptoms of waking up into a new vibrational level of perception and consciousness? How does the true nature of the soul relate to multidimensionality? What spiritual help is available to us? And what can we expect to see on the other side?

    How can we come to understand the interplay of dark and light on the planet? We are experiencing a time of confluence, a time where the old paradigm of control, suppression and manipulation is ending and a new paradigm is slowly forming. These two paradigms are co-existing for a time before they part ways forever.

    Steve led Alternatives from 2000-2012, a not-for-profit organization with a profoundly powerful impact. Steve currently coaches and mentors authors, as well as assisting people going through major transitions.  At Alternatives, Steve helped organize over 1300 events in the domains of contemporary spirituality and personal development. 

    Steve's web site:  SteveNobel.com

    Program music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer (LarrySeyer.com), included in this podcast with his permission. Visit FrontierBeyondFear.com to learn about the inspirational outreach of this program, now in its 5th year.

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    Nobel Prize Nominee Mary Elizabeth Thunder - Peace Elder - Spiritual Leader-

    in Religion

    Mary Elizabeth Thunder (website)(facebook)

    -Peace Elder-Spiritual Leader-

    See Thunder's full bio here

    In 2005, Mary Elizabeth Thunder was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, as part of 1,000 Women of Peace. The nominated women commit themselves daily to the cause of peace and justice, often under the most difficult circumstances. They call for reconciliation and organize peace negotiations, they rebuild what has been destroyed in villages and cities, they fight against poverty and create new sources of income. They struggle for access to clean water, land and other resources. They care for those infected with HIV and give war orphans a home. They denounce violations of human rights and publicly condemn all forms of torture. They silently protest in public places and seek solutions to all forms of aggression.

    They work in their own villages and regions, in organizations and universities. Some are members of their governments or are active on the international scene. To be nominated they had to fulfill stringent criteria, such as: sustain ability of their work, integrity, the inclusion of all parties to a conflict, or being part of a wide network. The 1000 women are leaders, they are beacons of hope for all people, they are demanding and do not give up

  • Population Health and the Hearst Health Prize

    in Health

    On the Wednesday, September 16th 2015 broadcast at 10:30AM PT/1:30PM ET our special guests include David Nash, MD, MBA Dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health and Gregory Dorn, MD, President of Hearst Health @HearstHealth.

    Population health is essential to transforming from an illness-centered healthcare system to one focused on protecting and improving health.  We created this prize to help promote promising new ideas in the field that will help to improve health outcomes, and thus proliferate best practices more rapidly.  Our goal is to discover, support and showcase the work of an individual, group, organization or institution that has successfully implemented a population health program or intervention that has made a measurable difference.

    We'll discuss Population Health and the innovative Hearst Health Prize for Excellence in Population Health. For more information click here, and for an interview at the Jefferson College of Population Health, Population Health Colloquium 2015 with Dr. Greg Dorn, click here.

    The winner will receive a $100,000 cash prize in recognition of outstanding achievement in managing or improving population health. This award is a combined effort of Hearst Health and the Jefferson College of Population Health.

    Join us!

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    Let There Be Peace On Earth

    in Current Events

    Today on The Social Talk we are going to discuss Peace! Also entertainment news and announcements! Come join me today as we discuss the social events of the day

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    in Entertainment


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    Peace, Love and Poetry: PLP Radio Edition with Suite Franchon

    in Poetry

    From the stage and page to the radio mic... Artist, Promoter, Entrepreneur Suite Franchon brings light to Master Griot Radio as you and she manifest Peace, Love and Poetry on the radio. The PLP Radio Edition will focus on highlighting artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs whose work and artistic expression demonstrates values of love, peace, hope and positivity. CALL IN. Promote your art and business.

    Peace, Love and Poetry, affectionately called PLP, and the PLP Soul Opera Edition, are unique quarterly showcase concerts that have become favorites among the Wilmington, Delaware, Baltimore, and Philadelphia communities and beyond. The PLP production promises an organic and quality experience of live performances featuring the area’s uprising talent.

    The PLP: Soul Opera Edition is a hometown bragging rights favorite that features seasoned professional performers from the tri-state area. Soul Opera is Telling stories of Love and Life through poetry, music and song! Customized universal and unique themes at every show! SuiteFranchon is the Founder, Creative Director, and Host of Peace, Love & Poetry. PLP4Life!




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    PNN Peace Work

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN's News Director Rick Spisak brings together an amazing array of Progressive Journalists and writers to analyze issues of the day

    Our Journalists and Activists are Brook Hines of Progressive Democrats and Orange Squeeze,  Gwen Holden Barry Progressive Journalist and Producer of Here be Monsters, Luis Cuevas Executive Director of Progressive Push, Sue Thompson Globe trotting Photo-journalist from Global Peace Network, Renee Shaker - Writer/Essayist and Economic Researcher and  Lori Price - Co-Publisher/Editor of LegitGov.org

    TUNE IN Sunday 9/20/15 7-9pm (Eastern)  or Anytime

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    PEACE DAY Color and Crystals Meditation

    in Self Help

    Today is September 21, the day the United Nations General Assembly declared in 1981 as International Day of Peace.  This day is devoted to strengthening the ideals of Peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.


    The great Peacemaker Mahatma Gandhi once said: “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” 

    Do you want to share your Light to help bring peace to the planet? Do you want to learn how to achieve Inner Peace by heightening your vibrations of Love and Light?  Join host Eleyne-Mari for a half hour of Peaceful meditation with color and crystals! 


    Suggested Peace meditation tools

    1 white candle
    1 clear quartz crystal
    1 rose quartz
    1 amethyst


    About the host:  Eleyne-Mari is a Color Luminary, certified color therapist and the director of Aura House School of Color and Light.  She is the founder of Color Healing Radio, Color Therapy Month and the “Rainbow Writing” method.  www.colortherapyschool.com


  • The Consciousness Shift - Pope Francis Walking in Peace

    in Spirituality

    The timing of Pope Francis's East Coast tour is no coincidence. Sandwiched between two eclipses and a Full Red Moon in Aries, the message of peace instead of war is clear. Eclipses are about change, endings and beginnings.  How will we take the Pope's message of peace and apply it to our daily lives? 

    Join us for commentary on the shift of this age in Aquarius!  Authors, mentors, teachers... astrologers, practitioners, healers, yoga, metaphysics, eastern mysticism, we talk to the ever changing emotional body of our evolving planet.  We cover a lot of territory!  Nicole Tomassini and Gwendolyn H. Barry host an hour peaking into the new consciousness.  Every Saturday afternoon at 3pm eastern. 

    Gwendolyn H. Barry is the owner of Daughters of Isis, making essential oils and flower essense tools to aid you on your journey. Visit: Daughtersofisis.com

    Nicole Tomassini is the founder of Spirit Therapy, offering paths of alignment with Spirit.     Visit: spirittherapynyc.com

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    Dr. Gregory Tatum "Making a Difference at The Million Youth Peace March"

    in Education

    Join ASWIFTT RADIO Host, Brenda Johnson Padgitt On October 1, 2015 at 1 pm PST and 3 pm CST, on the show “Dr. Gregory Tatum: Making a Difference at The Million Youth Peace March.” Dr. Tatum,who is a baptist minister, visionary and founder of the National Unity Summit, will be among other key note speakers at the Million Youth Peace March in Washington, D.C. this Saturday, October 3, 2015. The 5th annual Million Youth Peace March was coordinated by Kitra Williams and Jayrah Gipson, who are both co-founders of this event and The Agape Gospel Academy. The march will begin at 12 noon and will end at the Lincoln Memorial. Scheduled events will also resume once the march ends. There will be speakers, a Greek Step Show, Line Dancing, a 500 Voice Capital Hill Choir, auditions for plays, films and more. Speakers will begin presentations at the Lincoln Memorial around 11 a.m.

    For more information about ASWIFTT RADIO programming you can contact us at: news@aswifttradio.net or call us direct at 1-866-302-0508 ext. 3060

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    The Current Ascension Wave: What does it mean and where is it taking us?

    in Spirituality

    Join me, Michelle Manders, as our discussion continues from our last broadcast: September 2015: A Gargantuan Ascension Window Opens. We'll be discussing the Palace of Peace project currently underway (Middle East Phase 2) in the Middle East, Jordan, and Israel, and the impact on humanity and Mother Earth during this most exciting time of massive change for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. Things may appear to be getting worse, but trust in the knowing this is an illusion. Things are getting BETTER! It's corruption, etc., is being exposed. It's extremely important to understand your fears so that you're not swayed by illusions of those abusing power any longer. Face your insecurities and have faith, as fear blocks humanity from evolving. Allow yourself to be reborn in a world like no other! Learn the importance and how to use your telepathic communication. How do you know what it is and if it's real? Join Faith and I as we discuss the incredible energies in store for us and what this means for you!  www.palaceofpeace.net and www.faithparent.net.