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    Nobamacare - sebelius - Pepper spray - NSA Google Yahoo

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    Tonite (10.30.2013) we covered:
    The moronic Nobamacare scandal with the incompatent sebelius witch saying she is responsible, but she refuses to resign. She should be FIRED and prosecuted for gross INCOMPETENCE!
    Nobamacare was designed to fail to anger the American people preparing them for Jebush.
    The DHS bought $500,000 worth of fully automatic pepper spray assault rifles.
    The NSA has backdoor access to Google and Yahoo servers. Google and Facebook are front companies of the NSA/CIA. MicroJunk is a subsidiary of IBM.
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    911 recap - TSA failure - NObamacare - Walmart - McDeath

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    Tonite (11.13.2013) we talked about
    911 again giving a brief review of the terrorist attack by the ROTTENshield/ROTTENfeller BUSH CRIME family cartel.
    The TSA behavior detection flop in which it spent $900 million for nothing.
    NObamacare has 106,000 customers with 27,000 signing up on the federal website.
    Welfare Queens Walmart and McDeath. They get more federal subsidies than other corps.
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    XBox - Direct TV - NObamacare - Terrorists come to America - Sutherland

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    Tonite (11.21.2013) we talked about:

    XBox and Direct TV is spying on you.

    Smartphone and other cell phone spy technology.

    NObamacare is a total flop and the Rottendems and Rottenpubs are threatening war over it.

    Terrorist from Iraq have immigrated to USA according to the FBI and ABC. Big Brother plans to launch several terrorist attacks in America and blame it on Iraqi terrorists.

    Donald Sutherland said the youth should revolt and throw off the tyrannical dictatorship in America!

    The murder of JFK!

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    NObamacare - BS poll - DNA samples - Airport exit pods- Nicola Tesla

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    Tonite (11.20.2013) we talked about:

    The Moron sebellius tried to enroll someone into NObamacare at a big media event and the site crashed. The latest CBS poll shows that only 31% approve of NObamacare. The same poll saw barry soetoro's approval rating drop to 37%. Only 7% want to keep NObamacare and 43% want to kill it.

    Texas terrorists (police) are now randomly taking DNA samples from motorists.

    The DHS conned the Syracuse Int. Airport to install exit pods which take a picture of all passengers as they leave the airport and a thumb print. These pods will be used to catch Patriots who are on Big Brother's "Enemies List."

    Do not go to college.

    Nicola Tesla the greatest inventor of the 20th century and of all time along with DaVinci.

    Albert Pike

    JFK 50th anniversary.

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    Seal Team 6 - NObamacare - Spy street lights - Fox JFK

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    Tonite (11.09.2013) we covered:
    The murder of Seal Team 6 by the Kenya Mafia reported by Huckabee. BS had them murdered to keep them from talking about the FAKE raid in which Usama Bin Goldstein Laden was killed. He died in December 2001 of kidney failure in Saudi Arabia.
    NObamacare criminal conspiracy. BS signed EOs mandating mental health. Eventually everyone will be required to take a mental health exam and be designated sane or insane. Patriots will be designated insane and put in FEMA labor/concentration camps.
    Las Vegas has started installing street lights that can record what people say and video-tape them. Vegas bureaucrats claim they have no intention of using the audio and video recording capabilities. They just want to use the loudspeaker capabilities to warn people not to commit a crime.
    Red Chinese soldiers will participate in a "humanitarian" exercise in Hawaii.
    Fox covered the murder of JFK.Geraldo had vincent bugliosi on who LIED saying Oswald acted alone.
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    Xbox X-ray spycam - NObamacare - WiFi spy network in Los Angeles

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    Tonite (11.15.2013) we talked about:

    The new X-ray vision of Xbox. Its cameras can X-ray you just as the TSA pervs' cameras do. If you get the new Xbox the pervs at Microcrap will be watching you naked.

    Do NOT sign up for NObamacare. Let the U.S. Corp. steal the penalty money from you and then file a class-action lawsuit.

    Los Angeles has followed Seattle in creating the Big Brother WiFi spy network.

    The NWO Gangsters think they will live forever by having their mind downloaded into a computer and put in a robot. Satan is LYING to them. They will die like everyone else and go straight to Hell. They will be judged and eventually cast into the Lake of Fire

    DARPA is working on technology that will allow soldiers to operate weapons directly with their mind, including tanks, ships planes, etc.

    CIA has been collecting financial data on money transfers.

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    Election 2014, #NObamaCARE! DEMS Total Collapse: Foreign & Domestic

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Conservative Report for the 2014 Wave Election Run-Up with Patrick Read.

    Main Topics of 2014:

    CBO: Tsunami of Debt

    Cruz & Sessions Block OBAMNESTY

    ISIS Could Storm US Border

    US Braces for Post-Election Health Care Chaos

    ACA RAISES Cost, CUTS Jobs, EXEMPTS Biz & Politicians

    DEMS Attack Christians as ISIS Beheads Them

    Blue Bloods: CBS's Public Anti-Catholic Bigotry

    Nuke, Bio & Chem: Iraq's History of WMD & Terrorism

    James Clapper, DIA Report: DEMS New ISIS & al-Qaeda Axis

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    FBI & NSA peeping Toms - Michael Moore & NObamacare - Snowden

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    Tonite (1.02.2014) we covered:

    The perverts at the FBI who activate webcams in computers and watch people in the privacy of their own homes. The pervs at the NSA and CIA also peep on people.

    Michael Moore admits NObamacare is no good and is pushing for a single-payer system. NObama care was designed to fail so the U.S. Corp. can ram through a total monopoly by the U.S. Corp. over the Health Non-care industry.

    James Woolsey calls for the hanging of Patriot Snowden.

    Doctors murdered millions of mothers because they did not know about bacteria. Millions of women have died of Puerperal Fever (Childbed Fever) because doctors did not bother washing their hands when they helped women give birth. Bacteria on their hands infected the uterus and then killed the mothers. Ignaz Semmelweis discovered this back in 1847

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    Election 2014 Wrap: ANON'S Daze in Court; the Conservative R3v0lut10n

    in Internet

    Join Conservative Report Radio tonight w/ founder, Pat Read.

    Special guest & hacker extraordinaire, Sanguinarious on the self-professed "Leader of Anonymous" Neal Rauhauser, and his daze in court.

    Background data: Twittergate in 2010, Stop Rush in 2012 & Targetting Conservatives all along.

    Election 2012 - The people don't want NObamaCARE. Conservative Report makes a splash in 2014:  Obama's America Rejected & GOP Caving with Cromnibus.

    CIA - Clapper, Illegal Wars: DEMS New ISIS & al-Qai'da Axis.

    Rep Mike Roger's wife is Ex-CEO of AEGIS, who was providing *security in Libya during the 9/11 attack. What did the Rogers know & when?

    Benghazi Looming: What military response??

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    The Veterans Show: Hands Up, Don't Shoot; I Can't Breathe, 47K Dead Vets

    in Politics Conservative

    Open Mic Night!! Join the host of the Veterans Show tonight, as Keith talks openly about the Ferguson, MO verdict, charges of racism, cultural change, and the current events in New York. 

    The Police are to be respected, not fought against when they arrest a criminal.

    You wanna talk about it, so bring it to the show...

    Ferguson Missouri: Will Justice Prevail?

    Perfect Storm: Executive Storm, Ferguson & NObamaCARE


    VA Scandal: Govt Corruption, Health Care Rationing and 47K Dead Veterans

    Code Blue: Veterans OPT-OUT Choice, STAT


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    Amazon drones - Tylenol danger - Black Friday - Good health

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    Tonite (12.02.2013) we dug into:

    The revelation that Amazon plans to make some deliveries with drones.

    Tylenol raises the risk of autism.

    Black Weekend was down 2.7% from last year.

    Kukashima will cause havoc in America when the big trash load hits the West Coast.

    Taking Tylenol while pregnant raises the risk of having autistic children.

    How to get healthy and stay healthy by NOT taking legal or illegal drugs, but by using herbs to remedy an ailment and eating a good diet of natural/organic foods.

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