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    (#31) Tools For Cosmic Level Surrender

    in Spirituality

    Cosmic level surrender regards the multi-level multi-layered aspects of your whole self

    This segment explains ...

    Letting Go Of Moving On

    Ambiguous Loss: The Experience Of Loss Without Closure

    Feng Shui Your Mind

    The Soul Path Clarity Option

    Tonight I share some treasures that can be utilized to assist one's own self to recognize that without clarity on the divisions of the self ...

    Immortal Essence - Is A Unique (Spiritual) Offspring Of Prime Source Creator

    Soul - Is A Possession Of Immortal Essence That Regards Human/Earthly Life

    Mortal Form - Is A Unique (Physical/Body) Product Of (2) Bloodline Histories ...

    women, men, children inhabiting this toxic planet are doomed to stumble around in the darkness and forego access to their spiritual inheritance, deep knowledge of their one of a kind gifts, talents, skills, savvy, mastery, etc that await their REDISCOVERY for the purpose of transforming whatever is that holds no appeal into whatever is desired that reflects their sovereignty.

    Tune in, with pen and pad, listen with your heart and share this link generously so that those who still feel disconnected from Spirit Within may find their way back to memory of self as Immortal.

    If you resonate with Prime Source Creator's offerings through me, nothing speaks louder than donating what's comfy which starts a cycle of abundance for you, believe it or not.  You can use this link to express your appreciation:


    Thank you very much.

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    Release and Surrender

    in Spirituality

    Have you noticed that in life we are always being asked to release and surrender? It is important to understand that surrender in this context is the opposite of giving up. It is freeing ourselves from the desire to be in control, letting go of how we think things should be. Surrender is freedom. Tune in this week as Nancy and I invite you to release yourself from the bondage of preconceived action, to let everything be all right as it is, so that you can live a more inspired life in the moment! This show encourages the listeners to surrender and release. You are asked to die a symbolic death, to surrender your limiting beliefs. Symbolic death unveils the self by cutting away the outgrown parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. In such death, ego structures fall away to reveal the garden of the true self. In this new way of being, new people, new ideas, and new directions will move into the vacuum created by your surrender and release.  Tonight’s show reminds that holding on to past patterns and grievances only limits our possibilities.

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    What will you Surrender for our Cause?

    in Politics

    Tonight, join an Observer for a short program where we ask each-other this important question: "What will you Surrender for our Cause?". Your calls are always welcome.

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    You--The Best Invention Ever

    in Lifestyle

    You The Best Invention Ever, hosted by Valencia Lyles-Saunders and Suzanne Rust, a dynamic duo.  This segment is about all that is right in the world.  The topics are targeted to show you all the amazing people in the world just like You.  

    Join them (347) 637-2319 and press 1.

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    Episode 9 of The Goddess Diaries Radio, In Which I Surrender!

    in Spirituality

    In this episode I SURRENDER!

    Surrender is a word we hear often in spiritual circles and yet, have no real intimacy with this word as an embodied perspective --that is, until we find ourselves teetering on the brink.... 

    What is your experience with letting go? Are you able to just do it? 

    The Goddess Diaries Radio empowers women to remember their/they're magic! Listen in to hear messages of moon magic, Goddess lore and occasional tips for getting in touch with your womanly instincts! To sign up for the newsletter: http://eepurl.com/XW6hX 

    Find us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/TheGoddessDiaries.


  • Lori Shemek - The Inflammation Terminator

    in Health

    The Best Ever You Show is honored to welcome Lori Shemek to the show!

    DR. LORI SHEMEK, the best-selling author of “Fire-Up Your Fat Burn! and leading health and weight loss expert, is also known as “The Inflammation Terminator” She has made it her mission to educate the public on the toxic effects of certain foods and lifestyle choices and how they create inflammation in the body. She is a leading authority on inflammation and its role in weight loss, preventing disease and optimizing health.

    The Huffington Post has recognized Dr. Shemek twice as one of the Top 16 Health and Fitness Experts alongside such names as Dr. Oz and David Zinczenko author of ‘Eat This, Not That’ and the Huffington Post has also recognized her as one of the Top 35 Diet and Nutrition Experts. Lori is a regular health contributor to Fox News; she is also a health expert for the ABC TV show, Good Morning Texas.

    Dr. Shemek holds a Doctorate in Psychology; she is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and a Certified Life Coach.

    She has appeared on numerous radio talk shows as well as TV; she has been featured in Ladies Home Journal, Shape Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, Health Magazine, I-Village, Yahoo, Livestrong, CNN, Fox News, The Ricki Lake Show – Friends of Ricki and many others. Lori has authored numerous articles and is actively doing speaking engagements for events, organizations, large and small.

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    The Greatest Story Ever Told

    in Education

    This is the place where real people have real life conversation. We call it Silent WordsUnleashed please join us. I promise you will walk away thinking different. We do radio the way we do radio. #silentWordsUnleashed


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    Surrender, Trauma, Transformation, Recovery-The Key to Healing , Peace and Power

    in Spirituality

    Join in the fun, as we Chapter 10 -  The Meaning of Surrender    This Wednesday November 19, 2014 at 7:00 PM, Rodney Gittens, RScP, Rev. Hajara Rahim and guest contributors continue to open the airways to discuss, divulge, dissect and disseminate information from your favorite and meaningful chapters, sections,paragraphs and quotes.

    Joining us again is Rivka Edery, M.S.W., L.C.S. local NYC author of the book: "Trauma and Transformation: A 12-Step Guide"  (2013) 

    E-Mail: rebecca.edery@gmail.com Website: www.rivkaedery.com   We seek to cite other authors whose works are in alignment with Tolle's meanings and sometimes those who seemingly contradict his statements. 

    Guest Call in phone # 347-996-5991 and/or online at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onelovecenter 

    We'll continue to examine and discuss 'The Power of Now', by Eckhart Tolle, reviewing and continuing Chapter 10 'The Meaning of Surrender'. 

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Elizabeth Jones of Healthiest Day Ever

    in Health

    Overland Park, KS – According to the American Diabetes Association, each year nearly two million people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Upon receiving this diagnosis, it’s natural for people to want to blame their genetics, or their doctors or their parents or their wife. But your genetic makeup is not in control. Your doctor and your partner are not in control. You’re in control. Each individual has the responsibility to take ownership of improving his or her physical health. Only you have the power to bring your body back into wellness.

    Wellness expert Elizabeth Jones is the founder of Healthiest Day Ever, a health and wellness coaching practice focused primarily on supporting individuals who suffer from symptoms of type 2 diabetes to make empowering health decisions and take control of their lives.

    “Just like the name says, I’m trying to help bring people to their healthiest day ever,” says Elizabeth. “My mission is to help my clients understand that type 2 diabetes is reversible, that they can get off their prescription drugs with permission from their doctor and live a life that is healthy and delicious.”

    While it is true that diabetes is reversible, restoring your body to its optimal health requires that you change your habits. Through her easy to follow health programs, Elizabeth helps put you back in control of your health.

    “People come to me confused and overwhelmed,” says Elizabeth. “As we partner together, I will help you stay focused, maintain your motivation and give you the tools to track your progress. I believe our bodies are miraculous. We can do anything we want with them. Nature has given us all the tools for healing and preventing disease.”

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    Keys to Your B.Y.E. (Best Year Ever) in 2015: VISION

    in Training

    One of the most pathetic things inthe world is to have sight and no vision.  As we get ready to turn the corner and enter a NEW YEAR one of the keys to having your best year and maximizing the time you have to fulfill destiny will be VISION.  A clear and accurate Vision from God is the optimal reality for your future.  Join me tonight as we discuss how to begin now envisioning your Best Year Ever and actions steps to actually experiencing it.  Don't miss tonight! Your New Year begins NOW!!!!!!

    Time:  9:00 PM (EST) // 8:00 PM (CST) //  6:00 PM (PST)

    www.drmikewoods.com, www.facebook.com/drmikewoods, www.dwellingplaceatl.org

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    Biggest Lies Ever Told

    in Self Help

    Tonight Host Odelia Tegan with be joining with a few others to discuss thier stories of test, trials and the supernatural. We will also be discussing the "Biggest Lies ever told" and about manipultion at it finest. Tonight a guest joins us named Hervin Balfour who has an astounding testimony to share of his life in the occult . Make sure you when you call in you push the button to speak to host if you would like to be aired. Shalom!

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