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    Peace, Perfect Peace

    in Spirituality

    Is it really possible to find deep, inner, perfect peace in the midst of a world of chaos?  Come with me and search for the secrets of deep and inner spiritual peace.  There is a peace that passes understanding .. if we search for it with all of our heart in the right place.

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    Peace In Living with Mz Lyrik

    in Lifestyle

    Mz. Lyrik knew she was unique and soon felt a spiritual desire to change her way of living. She had no clue the Holy Spirit was moving in her life and that she was destined to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mz. Lyrik loved to rap so she invested in studio time and began making music with other Las Vegas artists. In 2004, she made and distributed 1500 copies of her freshman indie album entitled, “So Focuzed” which received rave reviews from both major and indie artist labels. Though opportunities were offered, Mz. Lyrik refused requests from major labels to change her image or lyrical content and chose to stay indie. 

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    Peace In Living Today with Dr. Eric Hawkins/Dorian Branch

    in Lifestyle

    Dr Eric Hawkins and Dorian Branch, motivational speakers, offer our youth successful methods to overcome daily challenges and obtain peace in their lives.

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    Hold on to Peace

    in Education

    Hold on to Peace. No matter where, no matter what, hold on to Peace.
    Hold on to Peace by making certain your conversations and behaviors are in order with Peace. Do this, both, in public and in private. Both, professionally and personally.
    It begins by being mindful of the things you say and how you say them; of the things you do and how you do them.
    Life is not perfect. Life can come with ups and downs, heartaches and happiness. Through it all, hold on to Peace. No matter where, no matter what, hold on to Peace.
    It's going to make a lovely difference in your mind, in your life.
    It is something that you have to experience for yourself. Love makes it happen. The energy, the power and presence of Love.
    Wishing you Peace on every level.
    Hold on to Peace
    Thanks Love.
    Hold on to Peace Radio
    The music of Hold on to Peace
    Living Like Love
    Make It 'Bout Love
    All Over Again
    Heaven (When I'm With You)
    Teach Me Love
    Hold On To Peace
    (This music is by the artist, Hold on to Peace.)
    Thanks for listening. Most importantly, hold on to Peace.
    Hold on to Peace

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    Peace of mind

    in Spirituality

    God does not give pieces like the world his peace surpasses all understanding

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    Inner Peace

    in Spirituality

    To honor the city and people of Paris hit by last Friday's terrorist attacks, we will start the show with a prayer for Paris and for the world, then discuss ways to create peace in our lives. We will also be talking about Del's recent trip to Belize and the medicinal plants she learned about while there. 

    Del is an exceptional psychic medium, life coach and Reiki Master from the Fort Worth, TX area. She is the host of Power Within Radio. Her website is: www.youhavethepowerwithin.com 

    Del broadcasts on Periscope via @delintuitive01

    Allison is an astrologer, Reiki Master and fine art photographer from the Boston, MA area. Her website is www.artastrohealing.com Periscope/Twitter/Instagram @artastrohealing

    With many years of study in alternative health and healing modalities, Del and Allison decided to start this show to provide helpful, practical tips on optimal health of mind-body-spirit. 


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    Cancer Peace Portal

    in Health

    On March 26th, 2014, Help4Cancer.net launched a crowdfunding campaign on the website Indiegogo for the Cancer Peace Portal. Today, Mark will explain how the Cancer Peace Portal works and how the money raised through the crowdfunding campaign will be used.

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    Animate Peace ~ Premier

    in Christianity

    What is Animate Peace? How do we become peace? How do we be peace in the midst of the storms of life?  This episode will attempt to answer those important questions plus give you six basic premises and a list of questions for you to sit with when you are moving towards a peace and justice issue. Visit http://animatepeace.blog.com.

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    Living in Peace

    in Spirituality

    Living as a peaceful person? If we are struggling internally then we are in a sense in conflict with our very own selves. We speak often of the idea of oneness and if all is one then we in a sense are adding to the idea of global conflict. Consdier for a moment if you are in conflict with what is going on in the Middle East then we are adding to the idea of conflict with the only difference being that we are not using weapons. But consider for a moment is it not so that a negative thought or mind is in a sense a weapon? If a negative thought is a weapon then we are not commanding or directing our own mind and thoughts. We the human do not live peacefully when in reality we could. The thing that interferes is what we term as the external world. Any time we allow the outer world or circumstance to influence us then we would never be able to find peace. Peace is not on the out side of us any more than happiness is, these are simple states of being. If we do not allow for these states of being then we are simply being more influenced by the outer world. If we live in this manner we are not going to have that peace peace is not something that we look for it is something that we all have but do not allow for it. We not only can be influenced by the outer world but also with how we see ourselves> Join Liara and Steven for another great conversation. 718-664-9735