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    DAR 229 Deep Adventure Radio: Simon Sage

    in Spirituality

    EWTN's host Bear Woznick of Deep Adventure Radio talks about faith, life's ups and downs, and our breaking points with (pen name) Simon Sage, a U.S. Navy Seal whose been deployed four times. Join millions of listeners now!

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    A. Deep Live: Deep soul house!

    in Music

    Published poet, A. Deep Live plays the best in deep soul house, r&b, jazz, neo soul, smooth jazz, funk, rock, gospel spiritual, pop culture.  Any requests 929-477-2320  


    Sign up as a follower at the top and for sponsorship inquiries, or interview requests.  Understand there is a fee for publicity interviews, demos, and promos will be played with the agreement of following the guidelines.



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    DAR 218 Deep Adventure Radio: Rose Rea

    in Spirituality

    On Bear's show this week is Rose Rea, a dynamic woman who's calling includes challenging men to Go Deep! Bear and Rose talk about Rose's new Valiant Mag for men!

    Rose Rea is the founder and publisher of Radiant. After graduating from Franciscan University in 2005 with a degree in Communications TV/Radio, she went on to work for numerous regional and national publications. Feeling the need to share the Catholic Faith in an exciting and beautiful way through the avenue she loves most, magazines, fueled the creation of Radiant. Live out your unique calling with style elegance, beauty and grace! 

    Visit Rose's website: http://www.be-radiant.com/

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    A. Deep Live: Acid Jazz

    in Entertainment

    The best of Acid jazz, neo soul, smooth jazz, and timeless jazz on this 2 hour show.  The show to get you ready for your week.


    It's going to be liquideep, a secret garden and jazzy house party to unwind to, and so tune in.


    ~A. Deep Live

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    Deep Vein Thombosis

    in Travel

    Ja'Vonne Harley, Your Travel Pro is joined by Health Correspondent Yalanda Comeaux to look at Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot (thrombus) in a deep vein, usually in the legs. Clots can form in superficial veins and in deep veins. Blood clots with inflammation in superficial veins (called superficial thrombophlebitis or phlebitis) rarely cause serious problems. But clots in deep veins (deep vein thrombosis) require immediate medical care.

    Ja'Vonne and Yalanda will look at the causes, the symptoms, care and how it relates to travel. They will also look at precautions you can take to avoid issues on long flights. From exercises, to what to wear and do for a safe trip. Join them for this informative show and also get the latest travel news and Ja'Vonne's Travel Minute.

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    A. Deep Live: Luther

    in Music

    Luther Ronzoni Vandross born on April 20 and the balladeer discovered by the late David Bowie, you will hear all his greatest jams today!


    Celebrate in music with me  :)


    ~A. Deep Live

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    DPR Presents Deep Thought Thursdays

    in Entertainment

    DPR Presents Deep Thought  Thursdays - Tonight the discussion turns to THE FLAT EARTH and the TRUTH IS FINALLY REVEALED. Featuring the diabolical mind of a man known as Tha Coldest & Me your host: Drew Pillow. Politics, Science, Religion it's all fair game on Deep Thought Thgursdays. 

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    A. Deep Live: Alternative

    in Music

    A. Deep Live presents eclectic rock with some acid jazz hip hop  What does she know about that?


    She will tell you.


    Come rock with her!  

    From Soundgarden, to Corinne Bailey Rae to Tribe Called Quest and some from the man himself Prince


    Sponsorship inquiries   aprildeeparies@yahoo.com



    To call in 929-477-2320 

    Chat room monitored

    Positive energy is only what's allowed


    A. Deep Live Management team

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    A Deep Christmas

    in Entertainment

    Let's go into the new year with some beautiful upbeat, timeless songs. It's about your time off and whomever you share love with, whether you celebrate or not.   Everything from Eartha Kitt, Run DMC, Dave Koz, Cold Play, The Temptations, Donnie Hathaway, Frank Sinatra, Macy Gray, Luther Vandross, Destiny's Child and the list is endless!


    Let's make this your Sunday!


     ©  April Deep Aries

    A. Deep Aries Presents Team Wishing You a Happy New Beginning

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    Prophetic Soaking, "Deep Call To Deep!"

    in Religion

    Prophetic Soaking, "Deep Call To Deep!"

    T.K.O Prophetic Ministry presents...Prophetic soaking a blending of God's anointed instrumentation and His prophetic utterance directed to your heart in a very intimate way. We are surrounded every day with influences and messages that flow from the world through the tools of the enemy that tear us down and distract us from God's presence, purpose, will, plan, and destiny for our lives. Deep Calls to Deep is a powerful resource to draw you into the deep aquifers of God's presence. If you desire to go deeper in the things of God, Prophet Glenda Fields teams up with other prophets and prophetess prayer warriors and intercessors around the nation. Each session is our gift to you of prophetic soaking sessions...Deep Calls to Deep!

    Going into my 10th Year of Prophetic intercession, releasing God's will and word into existence through deep prophetic intercession, breaking down the walls of the enemy through travailing spiritual warfare prayers! This is an opportunity for you to join us in the Power of Prophetic Intercessory Prayer and access the Supernatural Realm. We believe Jesus Christ, Yeshua is our Lord and Savior, comes into agreement with us through declarations and decrees in order that you receive the Breakthrough, Deliverance, etc., you need, which only can be done through Christ Jesus!

    With A Desire To Minister Healing And Deliverance To The Whole Man/Woman, The Entire Body of Christ, Through Prayer, Praise, Worship, And The Fellowship In The Rhema Word of God and Prophetic Utterance. Host: Lead by an anointed Woman of God, Prophet Glenda Fields who will intercede and labor in the Spirit Realm until the will of God for our lives manifest. Do you desire to have a closer relationship with God, are you seeking a spiritual breakthrough in your finances, family, career, health, or life in general? Well get on the call! Help is on the way!

    Peace and Blessings...

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    DAR 217 Deep Adventure Radio: Gary Zimak

    in Spirituality

    EWTN's host Bear Woznick of Deep Adventure Radio talks about faith and story with Gary Zimak, a dynamic Catholic speaker who has led thousands to Jesus through his parish missions, retreats and talks at Catholic conferences and parishes. Join our millions of listeners free online now!

    Gary Zimak's Website: