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    A Glove of Their Own

    in Health

    Bob Salomon is a driving force behind the success of the book, “A Glove of Their Own”. Written by three talented women, Debbie Moldovan, Keri Conkling, and Lisa Funari-Willever, and illustrated by Lauren Lambaise. Every so often you find a genuine person to support who is trying to making a difference without a hidden agenda. Bob Salomon is one such individual. Bob is a New Jersey father and proud of his two children. He wants to reach other children in a unique way through the book and to pass on the concept of giving back to all children.
    The story is about a group of youngsters playing a pick-up game of baseball on a local neighborhood lot. Unfortunately, not all have bats and gloves to properly play the game. But a retired gentleman comes across them playing, only to return another day with a duffle bag filled with used gloves, bats and balls from games gone by, used by his own children. He then donates them all to the group of children. It sets a good example for the children and serves to inspire them to keep on playing the game they love. This book is truly a treasure. Enjoy this easy read that adults and children are drawn to!
    The book drives home the message for children to be forthright, unselfish, giving and grateful. Equally important is that children are reminded to have fun while playing the game of baseball, and all sports, and to point out that just being a kid is okay, too. There’s an underlying theme that professional athletes, both active and now retired, start making more of an investment in their local communities in which they play or in which they reside.

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    Karen Lovik - Founder of Glove It LLC

    in Golf

    With a passion for fashion her entire life, Karen Lovcik took her idea from a girls, golf outing and createdGlove It, LLC, fulfilling the need for functional, yet fashionable, golf accessories. The Arizona State University Fashion Merchandising graduate has come full circle, basing Glove It headquarters in Tempe, AZ after living and working in New York City. Prior to creating Glove It Karen owned Regalia Accessory Co. for 18 years traveling worldwide buying and designing clothing and accessories.  Today, Glove It is the leading manufacturer for Women's golf accessories. Their collection includes quality leather golf gloves, visors, accessory bags, neoprene Woozies, club covers, shoe bags, headbands, Golf bags, Military Caps, towels, tote bags, duffle bags, tennis backpacks, and pickle ball bags.  Setting Glove It apart from other golf manufacturers is their well-coordinated product line in fun prints and styles from traditional argyles to animal prints. Glove It is a two-time award winner of the Best New Products at the PGA Merchandise Shows in 2005 and 2010.  Glove It products are carried by top golf courses, country clubs and golf specialty stores nationwide. International distribution includes Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia. 

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    Made my son walk home 5 miles for losing his baseball glove. Am I a bad father?

    in Comedy

    My son left his baseball glove at the indoor facility where he practices baseball.  He didn't tell me for a week b/c he thought I would get angry.  We went back to the facility and the glove was nowhere to be found.  I made him walk 5 miles home to think about what personal responsibility means.  The police stopped him on the side of a 2 lane road b/c OH MY GOD a 12 year old walking is so out of the ordinary in 2014!  Am I a bad father or has America become too bitchmade in 2014?

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    Businesses Around Golf on SDTM - Glove Caddie

    in Golf

    The GloveCaddie has been the best thing introduced to golf in a long time. It has been awesome for me! No more wet glove from sweating because when I put it on the GloveCaddie, my glove is out in the open air and stays dry, making it last longer too. Not to mention, I have room in my pockets now.  Bottom line, GloveCaddie is a cool new product, and I recommend it for all levels of golfers.   Joel Kribel PGA Pro Golfer 

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    Nintendo Peripherals - Put on your Power Glove!

    in Video Games

    Cyrus and Raven talk about some of the hilarious Nintendo peripherals, mostly with the original Nintendo.  Think Power Glove and R.O.B. the Robot.

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    I Can't Breath I Can't Breath I Can't Breath I Can't Breath I Can't Breath I Can

    in Culture

    'I can't breathe!'

    He was a 43-year-old married father of six. His alleged crime: Selling "loose," untaxed cigarettes on a Staten Island street corner. He was tackled by a gaggle of police officers, including one who subdued him for agonizing seconds with a chokehold, a move that the New York police department had outlawed because of its propensity for causing severe injury and death. The entire encounter was captured clearly on video. After Eric Garner did indeed perish in the takedown, a medical examiner classified his death "a homicide."

    Garner's last words were, "I can't breathe!"

    Today, a grand jury on Staten Island gave us the dull surprise of no indictment for the officer who killed Garner. It raises so many questions. Given the fact that a high-quality video of this killing did not yield an indictment, will the expected rise in the use of police body cameras (including in Philadelphia) make a difference? Can a grand jury process run by prosecutors who work hand-in-glove with the cops on the beat ever produce justice when those officers behave unlawfully? When will Americans accept there are two justice systems in the country -- one for the powerful, one for the powerless -- and when will something be done?

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    Beyond the Ropes :Warriors Past, Present & Future

    in MMA

    5RoundRadio is proud to present Beyond the Ropes with Don McGuire and Barry Frost
        Our first guest is An up and coming boxer out of Kansas city
      Edgar Javalera super featherweight 2-0 scheduled to fight only to have opponent back out,Jan 9 is looking promising for this up n coming pro at 2-0,coming off a win 10-11-2014
       Lavale Wilson .
    Second guest Justin Ridgway
    Pro fighter hailing from Missouri :with a win in last fight againts James Johnson by unaminous decision :cruiserweight taking boxing scene by storm...
    Third guest
    Born to be a boxer Chase kid dynamite Calloway currently trying out for Olympics in Milwaukee for 2016 in Rio. An accomplished ammy with multiple golden glove fights on his record.
       The Last guest is Rob 'the all American prize fighter' Calloway
      76-14-2 I've had the honor of shooting this World Champion in his tremendous career,Gold coast Australian champion in 2005 - 92 pro fights and 5 time world champion ...
       At beyond the Ropes :We strive to bring traditional stand up aspects of sport from boxing,k1 ,Muay Thai and Glory.
       Our ultimate goal in our programming will entail all aspects of Combat on all of our programming thru 5roundRadio bringing a 360 view of all aspects of sport and warriors of today,tomorrow and past ....

    Guests and listeners are welcome to Call In at (347) 850-8846

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    Computer America - Autodesk's Ralph Bond!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Both Hours: It's time for Bond...  Ralph Bond joins Craig and Ben with computer news and special topics.  For many years, Ralph was Intel's Consumer Education Director.  Ralph is now with Autodesk and he is an Official Computer America correspondent. Topics tonight include 4D printing, 3D printing's impact on Healthcare, an Exoskeleton glove that lets you feel virtual objects, a headset that uses sound to navigate blind people through cities, and a way Lockheed Martin thinks it can give the world unlimited clean energy in 20 years!

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    Andrew Fanelli: A Life of a Master

    in Motivation

    Our Host: 

    Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee,  Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), EFT, Consultant, and  Community Advocate. www.SvetlanaKim.com

    Our Guest: Our effective Training Program was Designed & Founded by World-Renowned Master Andrew Fanelli in April 28, 1997 who established All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio in Los Gatos, California. Master Andrew Fanelli a Los Gatos native is a 5th Degree Black Belt with 32 Years Training & 27 Years Teaching in Tae Kwon Do, Certified in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) & 37 Years Experience in Boxing. Started Boxing in Downtown San Jose at Garden City Boxing Club from 1977 to 1982 and became a Gold Glove Boxer. Started his Tae Kwon Do Training back in 1982 under Master George Chung and became Master George Chung's top Assistant in 1985. Earned 1st Degree Black Belt in 1987 and began Teaching Tae Kwon Do Classes. Currently Master Andrew Fanelli has been teaching for the past 27 years. In the spring of 2005, Master Andrew Fanelli was Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame and was Awarded 2005 Tae Kwon Do Instructor of the Year! Master Andrew Fanelli was honored by the Town of Los Gatos as 2008 Los Gatos Businessman of the Year. 

    CHECK OUT WEBSITE: www.allprotkd.com



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    Andrea 'KGB' Lee talks win in Invicta Debut and much more

    in MMA

    Andrea 'KGB' Lee joins the Funky Monkey MMA Radio to discuss her recent win over Shannon Sinn at Invicta Fighting Championship 9. Andrea currently sports an unblemised professional record of 2-0 and looks to continue her dominance towards the top of the rankings. Quickly making a name for herself 'KGB' has established that she is a force to be reckoned with inside and outside of the cage. Step behind closed doors and into the mind of Andrea 'KGB' Lee!


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    A Serial Inventor Speaks: When You Need It, Innovate! (Susan Bajaj)

    in Entrepreneur

    Join Susan Bajaj - inventor of the Handy Glove Sponge, Hide-A-Wire, the Christmas Tree bag, and the Corganizer (Cord Organizer) among other products - as she shares how she's taken ideas and innovated to create products we see on retail shelves, and tips on how you can too!

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