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    Live: Happy Hour Jamaica Style with Princess Zambia and Friends

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    There is no shortage of hot Jamaican spot on radio on a friday night, but crsradio.com/caribbeanradioshow.com with Princess Zambia , Princess Grace and friends is unique in offering great laughter, every friday night from 5pm -8pm . Yes, it's typically pure jamaica memories, and a selection of  vintage music . A no-frills  just down right Jamaica chat . Introducing some great reggae Artist from all corners of the world. . The casual vibe is as refreshing as the ice-cold redstripe beer. call in to join the excitement on 661-467-2407 press 1 to chat with us

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    The Maya Akai Show UNPLUGGED Featuring Comedian Nikki Brayden ( Feb 10th)

    in Radio

    Some of the TALK on Tap...

    WHAT'S TRENDING:  Anti-Beyonce Protest by Police Supporters Set Outside NFL HQ

    THE MASHUP: Black lives matter activist commits suicide in public

    WHAT???: Michigan Senate Passes Bill Outlawing Oral and Anal Sex — Violators Will Face 15 Years in Prison

    The Fringe: 2 Bedrooms In Cabrini-Green's New High Rise  Srat at $3200 A Month

    What Would Nikki's SAY???: Nikki goes toe to toe with Dear Abby…trying to help wayward souls seeking Real Honest Advice...

    The WIND DOWN: 'Saved By the Bell'-Themed Pop-Up Bar and Diner Coming to Chicago


    Chat via the BTR Chatroom
    Call/Comment @ 310.807.5211

    Get SOCIAL with the Show!!!

    Facebook/Twitter: @TheMayaAkaiShow @NikkiBrayden

    Instagram: @MayaAkai @TheNikkiBrayden

    Website: MayaAkai.com

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    Kevin Lear and Motorbike Adventures of Britain

    in Lifestyle

    MotorBike Adventures Of Britain is a FREE digital, interactive motorbike touring guide created by two-wheel adventurer and entrepreneur Kevin Lear. Complete with video and audio, MotorBike Adventures Of Britain brings you suggestions of where to ride, tour, go, stay, discover and explore. MotorBike Adventures Of Britain takes you further than any other FREE digital motorbike touring guide for adventures in Britain with its stunning coastlines, mountains, valleys, lakes and views to take your breath away.

    Learn more and follow Kevin Lear at:

    Motorbike Adventures of Britain website

    Also on the show: Listen to Garrison's interview with Mike Giberson, owner of the A-1 Diner

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    The Big D Show Friday Night Lights-Ver 1.18

    in Sports

    Live from Dom's Diner in the Negdog.com Studio's:

    Its The Big D Show for Friday January 22, 2016 The Fanduel Question of the Day

    The DraftKings #DFS plays of the day! Get another winning lineup from Big D!

    This Day in Sports brought to you by Bovada Sign up @negdog   Negdog.com

    Twitter: @BigD813

    FaceBook Page: The Big D Show



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    The Big D Show Mid Week Winners Version 1.16

    in Sports

    On tonights Big D Show he breaks down the ice once again with more #DFS #Draftkings winners and question of the day. Plus our Negdog.com lock of the night! Its rivalry night! Who do you kick ice with? Call into Dom's Diner and hang out with the Dog Pound!! (657)383-1868 Artist supporting Artists! Indie music #BTF Before The Fame!! Songs from Capital STEEZ & RayRay Da 90zBaby! Tune in now!!





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    We Still Booze #8: #StormsAreBrewing

    in Sports

    The podcast is finally back after a short hiatus and is even more average than ever!

    This episode features the site's 'B-' squad as Matt, Al and Sean join Tom to break down the first third of the Big 12 basketball season for the Cyclones.

    The crew also talks about the Big Monday win over the Oklahoma Sooners, the Ashton/Hallice lineup conundrum, the 3-3 start to conference play, and Prohm's team takeover.

    This is a no frills podcast where we strip all the production and just get right to the meat of things like the always entertaining twitter questions about radio personality flip cup partners, projected record for the next five games, and the best Ames drinking establishments which inevitably leads to some interesting story time with Uncle Al.

    Josh joins the conversation toward the end to discuss some football recruiting and the staff that never sleeps.

    You won't want to miss this week's episode where we compare the Rose Bowl to World War II, settle the best type of pasta debate and learn about the time Al got date raped. All in a week's work for the podcrew.

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    Motorcycle guide Eytan Magen and Boomer Consumer author Matt Thornhill

    in Lifestyle

    After a career spanning 16 years in various executive roles, Eytan Magen decided to pursue his passion for motorcycle touring and set up TAMAR, the first Israel-based guided motorcycle tour company running unique, professionally-guided two-wheel adventures in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Check out the TAMAR website

    Matt Thornhill is considered the nation’s top authority on marketing to today’s Boomer Consumer. His opinions are sought by major corporations and major media including NBC, CBS, BusinessWeek, TIME, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and many others. Matt is Founder of the Boomer Project which advises marketers how to best communicate with Boomers and he’s author of Boomer Consumer: Ten New Rules for Marketing to America’s Largest, Wealthiest and Most Important Demographic Group. Order Boomer Consumer and check out The Boomer Project

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    Outrageously Talented Transmedia Artist and Performer Phoebe Legere

    in Entertainment

    The New York Times raved: “Legere plays the piano with enormous authority in a style that encompasses Chopin, blues, ragtime, bebop and beyond." Legere has recorded for Mercury Records in England and Epic, Island, Rizzoli, Funtone, ESP Disk and Einstein records in the United States and has appeared on NPR, CBS Sunday Morning, PBS’s City Arts, Soundcheck and Charlie Rose. Check out Phoebe’s website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook

    We'll also be talking with Richard Henry, owner of Phoebe Legere's favorite diner: the Maine Diner

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    The Authors Corner a book review of the 6 vol City of Prophesy Collection Vol 4

    in Books


    This adaptation of the Kings James Version of the ‘Book of Isaiah’; is the third in the authors six book series entitled ‘The City of Prophesy’ series featuring U.S. Marshal Harry Bailey.

    Life in the big city can be good when you are a young, educated, and gainfully employed black American princess but evil is always lurking in the city’s underbelly waiting to strike. This was the tragic reality Ebony Alexander experienced the night she left her cellphone at her favorite diner. Ebony a beautiful and strong young black woman’s life was taken in a life and death struggle that ended with her being sexually violated, brutally murdered and left in the doorway of her favorite diner by a travelling serial rapist.

    When her sisters learned of what had happened they each went into mourning in their own way, one decided to take the law into her own hands and just lashed out and before she knew it she had killed to innocent men. The older sister attempted to allow the justice system take it course but quickly became the systems worst freelance advocate and found herself not only covering up her middle sisters murders but plunging herself into the same ugly sinful life she wanted to avoid. The saving grace was she only killed the one who unleashed this series of tragic events on her family in self defense or was it?

    Follow this intense crime and investigative thriller to find out the answer to the question is revenge is as sweet a sin when it is justified or just a lie? 


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    Author and Biker Marc Teatum

    in Lifestyle

    Marc Teatum is an author of contemporary motorcycle fiction. In 2011, Marc co-authored his first novel, One Light Coming with Edward Winterhalder. He’s just released his latest novel with Ed, The Blue & Silver Shark, Book 5 in A Biker Story series available through Amazon, Barnes&Noble as well as retail outlets and as eBooks. An avid motorcycle enthusiast for more than twenty-five years, Marc is active in motorcycle rights organizations in the Boston area, having served on the Board of Directors of both the Massachusetts Motorcyclist Association and the Massachusetts Motorcyclists Survivors Fund.

    Check out Marc Teatum's website

    Also on the show:  "It is the mission of Hoagy's Heroes, Inc. to organize and operate exclusively to sponsor motorcycle events for the purpose of raising money for the benefit of selected charitable causes. It's work is guided by the common desire of its members and supporters to help the afflicted or less fortunate so they may enjoy the generosity of all who care. It's also their goal to promote safe motorcycle riding activities while participating in what they enjoy most ......motorcycle riding." "How often do you get to do something in life that you love and at the same time, go for a world's record while raising monies for worthwhile charities?" - Robert "Hoagy" Carmichael

    Check out Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys

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    The K-N-O-W Show/ Laws Of Material Wealth

    in Spirituality

    The K-N-O-W Show   12/16/15 Gail’s Diner – or Russ Jackman  


    Laws Of Material Wealth