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    rehearsal edits 2014

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    SF #172 – Radio Edits – Guest Starring AM 1450 WGNC’s Scott (& Dawn) Neisler

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    Need a do-over?  Need to take a Mulligan?  Feel like you want to start over?  What if things aren’t as bad as they seem?  What if all those “wrongs” happening in your life are just part of the plan?  There’s nothing “bad” really.  You just need to do some Radio Edits to clean things up a […]

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    First Contact Radio1/22/15 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Apocryphon of John

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    First Contact Radio 1/22/15 Show #1300 hosted by Joshua Poet


    2015 Mercury Retrograde Calendar

    Mercury Retrograde ~ Meaning

    Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, January 16 – 24

    UFO News
    NASA Deletes UFO Out Of Photo and Then Edits Others, Jan 2015

    Soundless Cigar UFO Moves Over Maine

    More Incredible Footage of UFOs Over Western Massachusetts

    British Rail and The Great UFO Caper



    Daily Stories
    The Nag Hammadi Library

    The Apocryphon of John

    In Order To Incarnate To Earth You Had To Master Manifestations

    Lady Nada 

    Warrior of the Light (pg25)

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    Whitewashing: let's identify the problem before we sharpen our pitchforks.

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    Hello folks! 

    This week Dreamworks announced that they signed Scarlett Johansson to star in their upcoming Ghost in the Shell live action adaptation. 

    while the news was met with mostly positve reactions a few people immediately cried foul, citing Hollywood's notorious history of casting white actors in the roles of people of color. we're gonna talk about this issue and accurately Identify whitewashing and explain some of the realities of movie making. 


    Plus we'll also discuss the Ant-Man trailer and how awesome it was/is!! 


    listen in as you make those necessary edits to all those death threats you've been preparing! 



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    The My Big Girl Panties Show with Special Guest Indie Love

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    Michelle "Big Body" Cuttino and Stephanie "Big Sexy" Adkins bring you The My Big Girl Panties Show. A Show dedicated to embracing, enlightening and empowering the plus-size population. 

    Our spotlight guest is Indie Love. Love hails from Virginia Beach, VA but currently resides on the outskirts of Dallas, TX. She is a wife and the mother of five. Her family is her motivation and helping people is her passion in life. She is the author of the upcoming novel, Thirsty Chicks, and the novella, Marquise: Carlita’s Conte. Love is an entrepreneur, who helps brand and market others. She currently has a list of fifteen clients, including bestselling authors and music labels. She also edits, proofreads and assists new authors with self- publishing.

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    Thirsty Thursdays

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    Born in 1969, Dr. John DeGarmo has worn many hats throughout his life. Singing and dancing while touring around the world in the international super group, Up With People, serving as a D.J. at four different radio stations on two different continents, working in the professional wrestling industry, teaching English and Drama at the high school level, and working as a media specialist at two different schools, Dr. DeGarmo has had a variety of experiences.

    Joan is an award winning writer who has published 5 books and numerous stories, including her latest, The Clock Strikes Midnight. Joan has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember.  She reads all kinds of books, including women’s fiction, mysteries, biography, and nonfiction related to her work.  Her passion as a reader lies closer to literary writing with a commercial bent.

    Chris Hennessy is a full-time independent filmmaker based in San Jose, CA since 1990.

    He writes, produces, directs, edits, hosts, acts and has interviewed thousands on camera.   

    An admitted improv-aholic, Chris’s lightening-fast ad-lib comedy finds it's way into many of his films. 


    His recent clients include heavy hitters Google, Office Max, ebay, Deloitte, Four Seasons Hotel, Silver Creek Valley Country Club and many more.  His short films have generated more than Four(4) Million Internet Views.

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    Something's Brewing with Judy Beedle

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    Join  Casey and John at 11:30am on Monday, December 1st, as we speak with Judy Beedle Photography on Something's Brewing!

    We will be asking questions but would also love for you to send us questions to ask Judy. 
    You can email somethingsbrewingblogtalkradio@gmail.com with questions or suggestions. 

    Judy's bio:

    A 1994 graduate of Ithaca College, with a degree in Cinema & Photography (concentration in still photography), Judy Beedle was raised in Maine and calls Portland home. Following her time at Ithaca, Judy returned home to Maine and completed a three month program at the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies, which involved creating two stories published for Salt Magazine. It was at Salt that she learned the value of voice, vision, and story telling.

    After Salt, Judy worked on a cruise ship, traveled, waited on more tables than she cares to admit, and worked in various capacities for other photographers and custom photo labs. She currently lives and runs her business, Judy Beedle Photography, in Southern Maine, where she edits her images of people, life, and pretty stuff.

    In addition to her photography life, she plays roller derby, eats gluten free, and believes in always having her toes painted. She loves snacks, laughing at inappropriate times or things, and any chance to reference the 80’s. And in case you were wondering, Nikon not Canon.  Find her at www.beedlephotos.com 

    We want to thank you for your support!  Please spread the word of our show and support your local artists.  Thank you!  John & Casey



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    CBS busted edits out Ted Cruz defending Dinesh D'Souza

    in Politics Conservative

    CBS edits out Ted Cruz talking about the Obama scandals, and his defense of Dinesh D'Souza. Obama is leading a political purge in this coutnry!


    TWITTER @briancraigshow

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    Laurie Beth Jones interviews Derek Penwell, author, editor, speaker, activist

    in Spirituality

    Join Laurie Beth as she inverview Derek Penwell about his forthcoming book from Chalice Press, The Mainliner’s Survival Guide to the Post-Denominational World, about how mainline denominations can avoid despair in an emerging world.

    Derek is an author, editor, speaker, and activist. He is the senior minister of Douglass Boulevard Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Louisville, Kentucky and a lecturer at the University of Louisville in Religious Studies and Humanities. He has a Ph.D. in humanities from the University of Louisville. He is the author of articles ranging from church history to aesthetic theory and the tragic emotions. He currently edits a blog on emergence Christianity, dmergent.org, and blogs at his own site. You can also find him on Twitter & Facebook

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    Gems of Wisdom-Booze, Shoes and Blues

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Gems of Wisdom with Teresa Maron

    Helping You, So You Can Help Others!

    Join Teresa as she welcomes Sandra Murphy, author, publisher, and supporter of new authors!

    Sandra Murphy lives in the land of booze, shoes and blues, St Louis Missouri. On warm summer days, the smell of hops and yeast from the breweries awaken her imaginary friends who then tell tall tales for her to put into writing. In addition to short stories published by Untreed Reads, her story The Tater Tot Caper appears in the anthology, The Killer Wore Cranberry, A Fourth Meal of Mayhem, out this month.

    Get Sandra's book here www.untreedreads.com   or, Contact Sandra Murphy at www.spawn.org

    She writes non-fiction under her own name, as a ghost or under the pen name of Avery Mack. Her main topics include pets of all kinds, eco-friendly living and the weird and wacky. To get away from the computer, she does pet sitting as reseach. Clients have ranged from a three pound Pomeranian to a 225 pound Mastiff. There were cats, ferrets, turtles, mice, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas too.

    Sandra edits and writes for the SPAWNews, a monthly online newsletter for small publishers, artists and writers. At Kings River Life, she reviews mystery books and sometimes writes about authors and televistion shows.

    Contact Teresa

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    Lavender Hill #187 - Trans support from LPS & more

    in LGBT

    Lavender Hill is a production of KZUM-Lincoln.KZUM-HD in Lincoln, NE. Hosts Corwin and Phil bring listeners a variety of news, talk, interviews, and music of interest to the LGBTQIAA community with a focus on Nebraska. The Hill airs live every Sunday at 11am Central on 89.3FM in Lincoln and streams live on the web at www.kzum.org. Podcasts of the talk portion of the show are also available through the KZUM site. PMPChannel has graciously made the entire hour program available, with only minor (dead air) edits.

    On October 5, 2014, Corwin and Phil reported on a number of issues of interest to the local community. Namely the recent reports through local print media and TV that the Lincoln Public School system has established guidelines to assist teachers and staff in address issues that some students may have with gender indentity. In the October 12th edition of the Hill you will hear updates and a message from the LPS Superintendent Steve Joel.

    Music featured in this episode include a rare recording by Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury, a lullaby from Gay Panic, some classic folk rock by The Mama's and the Papa's, a live recording from Joe Stevens, and local heavy metal rock band The Clincher.

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