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    Hair Conditioner

    in Health

    The Hair Doctor, Trichologist Lisa Akbari and Tracy Bethea host "Ask the Hair Dr." On this week's show, the ladies discuss Hair Conditioner. The Hair Doctor gives a history of conditioner, discusses the different types of conditioners, gives tips on how to select the proper conditioner, and the importance of using a conditioner. Hair Conditioner strengthens and stabilizes hair after shampooing. The Hair Doctor answers listeners' emailed questions, gives tips on conditioning techniques, and dispels myths about 2-in 1 conditioning shampoos.

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    Loving Your Enemies is Hard, But it's Always Right

    in Religion

    Episode: #20150321

    On this edition of Cross Encounters Radio:

    1. A man's house burns to the ground. Sometime later, he catches two men trying to steal the air conditioner from the roof of his destroyed home. What would you do?

    2. What's a "cairn?" Tony and Rich will pick a winner of this week's Cross Encounters Radio Facebook Page "Caption This" contest.

    3. This week's Romans 3:10-18 Award goes to.....the PCUSA.

    4. "Always Ready" Rich will present Tony with a scenario and Tony will try to transition from the given circumstances to an opportunity to share the gospel.

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    Know Your Soil! on Lil' Suburban Homestead

    in Education

    Know Your Soil!
    Lil' Suburban Homestead
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Karen Lynn is so excited to have guest Annie Haven owner of Manure Tea  or “Moo Poo Tea” and blogger at Manure Tea.com they have a full line of all natural premium-soil conditioner teas for the home gardener, landscape, and farmer.  Karen Lynn actually refers to Annie affectionately as the “Compost Queen” and Annie is an extremely knowledgeable about gardening as well.    You can’t know compost without knowing the soil so this will be a great show to call in and ask Annie your compost, gardening, and soil questions.   Do you know what it takes to create a good healthy compost?  Annie knows her roses as well and she knows just what you need to do to really make your roses come alive.

    Read More HERE!

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    Live:Bmichelle talks about the many ways to love the Mandingo Man in the bedroom

    in Women

    Part 1 (Dr. Jamal Bryant)
    Four C’s On How to Love a Black Man.
    Every woman involved with a black man has to learn how to be a cheerleader. A cheerleader is of no consequence when the team is winning. When the team has scored a touch down, you can’t hear the cheerleaders because the whole stadium is ecstatic and excited. Cheerleaders are necessary after a tackle,a hit or an injury.Every black man yearns to have some body on the sidelines who will cheer for him when he’s not making progress.
    a)Hair Conditioner.A.conditioner is something that improves the quality of
    another matter. Every woman is supposed to condition, or improve a man’s
    quality of life. Most heterosexual men only use shampoo, while most women
    who take care of their hair use shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is incomplete by itself. The conditioner is the sealant. Women need to understand that they are incomplete without men, and vice versa. When we connect, we seal and complement each other.The conditioner does several things

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    Let's Talk ~ Natural Hair ~ Special Edition

    in Women

    Welcome to  Let's Talk. Your Host Malachi and Co-Host Miss KoKo. Today we look at our Hair Naturally and Treatment

    *Tashara M. Harris is a South Mississippi native who attened Jackson State Univ and also attended & graduated from the Georgia Career Institute as a Licensed Master Cosmetologist. 

    *Tashara is the Owner & Master Stylist of GrapeSeed Styles & Virgin Hair Brokers located in the Metro Atlanta.

    *And has now extended her services here in the Hattiesburg.

    *GrapeSeed Styles Salon specializes in natural hair growth, restoration, color, protective styles such as Virgin Hair sew Ins with her own exclusive hair line.

    *Padrica Norfleet is the Owner and Founder of Naturalista Cosmetics, popular for The "Juicy System" a specialty Natural Hair Care Product created for women of color.

    *Padrica has a Bachelor's degree in Business & is a Professional Licencesd Electrologist, specializing in the development of hair follicles. Moving from the Northwest to Washington DC, Padrica began managing the development of a Laser Hair Removal company.

    *Padrica successfully established it as an Institute with the Higher Education Council in Virginia. Having help other companies excel in the Beauty industry Padrica launched her own groundbreaking business and branded Naturalista Cosmetics.

    *Padrica soley created an award-winning non-chemical based products for naturals, the most popular Juicy Leave In Conditioner & Elixir, known as the Juicy System.

    *Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy System has been mentioned in Essence Magazine, Naturally Curly.com, featured in Curlkit and is also sold within the U.S & is a hot item in Jamaica Trinidad, Africa & Europe salons & boutiques.

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    Deepertruth: Seth D Ball, The Converted Catholic Story

    in Religion

    Tonight we have another great story of a young teenager who is making the decision to follow Christ in His Catholic Church.  Seth D Ball (16 years old) is a young man who is on fire for the Lord.  He has recently joined the Rosary Patrol here at Deepertruth, and he also leads an internet Rosary on Sunday evenings.  His faith is already making a huge difference.

    Romans 8:37, St. Paul writes, "No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."  2 Corinthians 2:14 states, "But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumph, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.

    Tonight, 1/10/2015, Seth D. Ball will appear on Deepertruth to give his story coming home to the Catholic Faith.  When we are talking about the great people today making a difference, the most important are those who choose to follow the Lord.  St. Jude writes, "keep yourselves in the love of God; wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life."

    In history we read about great men and women who made a difference in their lives shaping and improving the world. I can think of many here in America. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner, and Henry Ford invented the moving assembly line just to name some examples. We basically have hundreds of such conveniences that we enjoy today. Al Gore claims to have invented the internet? I’m not sure about that one, but here we are and what a great opportunity we have using the internet.  There is no greater reward that to be given the gift of faith in Jesus Christ Our Lord.

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    Is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water Like This?

    in Education

    There are typicaly a few reasons why your hvac unit may be leaking water inside your home. Lean more about why this may be happening.
    If you have AC or Heating questions or needs, and you live in the greater Phoenix area give On Time Air Conditining & Heating a call at 623-334-3555 or visit: http://www.ontimeairaz.com/

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    Revolutionary HairMaxLaserComb®-The Science of Hair Growth with Cindy Ramunno

    in Health

    Don't let hair loss ruin your day or appearance! Learn how the breakthrough technology of the HairMaxLaserComb® can work for you.

    Enjoy breakthrough beauty and health news on today's show. Cindy will educate us about how the HairMaxLaserComb® can help increase blood flow to the scalp, help take away harmful waste products, create an enhanced environment within the hair follicle for growth and how the HairMaxLaserComb® can work for you!

    HairMaxLaserComb® stimules the hair follicles. The HairMaxLaserComb® delivers gentle, nourishing laser light directly to your hair follicles, infusing them with the energy needed to stimulate growth factors, extend the growth phase and help restore a healthy hair cycle. 

    THINNING HAIR & SCALP TREATMENTS will also be discussed.

    HairMax® for density is the perfect complement to the revolutionary HairMaxLaserComb®.
    The collection fortifies and revitalizes hair and includes the HairMax for density Shampoo, Revitalizer, Conditioner and Activator.

    Join us for this educational show.
    To schedule an appointment with Cindy go to alpinelasereagle.com/ 
    or order your HairMaxLaserComb® Call (970) 328-7546
    205 East Chambers Ave
    Eagle, Colorado 81631

    OR to order your HairMaxLaserComb® and HairMax® for density products go to: 
    ** Mention our Radio show and save 15% NOW! **


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    Glenda's Favorite Hair Care Products for Red Hair

    in Entertainment

    Hey, natural redheads and red hair color fans!!!  Does your red hair color look dull?  If color your hair red, did the red color fade and last for less than 6 weeks?  On this episode of The Glenda Ramos Radio Show, Glenda talks about her favorite hair care products for red hair. 

    Check out Glenda's favorite and recommended hair care products online if you'd like to color your hair red, maintain, or enhance the beauty of your color-treated hair in red shades or your natural red hair:

    Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Permanent Color in 5RR Merlot Vibrant Red


    Aveda Madder Root Shampoo


    Aveda Madder Root Conditioner



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    in Sports

    We will be talking sports and having fun doing it. We will be talking all things NBA Finals. What happened to Lebron James. How much better are the spurs this time around? What happened in game 1? Can the Heat respond in Game 2? Also, talking all things NFL Is Coling Kapernick really worth it?, NBA, MLB and so much more. Listen @ blogtakradio.com/pgant or call 646-727-3070


    Follow on Twitter @goforitgant

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    Can We Take the Heat for Walking our Talk?

    in Spirituality

    Patti's air conditioner breaks down days after summer begins and it inspires the question: Can we take the heat for the reality we are creating? For walking our talk? For stepping away from the 'matrix' and creating our own path? For looking odd or crazy to others? For making decisions based on intuition and heart which appear to bear no logic? For living an authentic life which may make no sense to the people closest to us? There are countless stories about those who 'braved the fire' and were purified and strengthened by it in the end. There are those who "walk on coals" to demonstrate the power of their beliefs and manifestations. As we move to the end of Mercury Retrograde, the Sisters take a look at the hot stones we have walkd upon in the last month, put our feet in some cool water and ponder how well we are navigating. So, pour yourself a glass of lemonaid or iced tea and join the conversation!